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These are numerous low value companies that have low impact on returns, At 0.09% IWLD’s management fee is half that of VGS’, IVV only invests in the S&P 500 whereas VGS invests in a diversified portfolio of international shares, IVV charges a much lower ongoing management fee than VGS, VGS has fewer dollars invested in it than IVV, Both VGS and IVV pay dividends quarterly and both ETFs have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) available, IOO invests in the top 100 blue chip international companies and VGS invests in 1,500+ globally diversified companies, VGS charges a 0.18% management fee but IOO charges more than double that at 0.40% per year, IOO pays dividends twice per year whereas VGS pays dividends every quarter, Both IOO and VGS have a dividend reinvestment plan available, Both VGS and VGAD track the MSCI World Ex-Australia Index, although VGAD tracks this Index hedged into AUD, VGS issues dividends quarterly whereas VGAD only pays out twice per year, VGAD is a hedged ETF and will be unaffected by international foreign exchange movements, however VGS is an unhedged ETF and will move with global money markets, VGS has a slightly lower management fee than VGAD, reflecting the increased costs of hedging required for VGAD investors, VGS is an internationally diversified ETF, VDHG is an all-in-one ETF portfolio that includes investments in International shares, Australian shares, Australian bonds and International bonds, IVV invests in the top 500 stocks in the USA via the S&P 500 whereas VTS invests in more than 3,500 international shares, VTS is domiciled in the USA which leaves Australian investors open to US taxation issues. Our clients are global and know we are property tax professionals. You only lose your money if you take your money out before it has recovered, because you are watching everyone else freak out and taking their money out and you copy them. VGS pays dividends on a quarterly distribution.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'etfbloke_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',108,'0','0'])); Vanguard offers a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) for VGS that you can enroll in after purchasing your shares. What do you think? For advice, please complete and return our, VAS beats VDHG- Returns over 30yrs : AusFinance, What the 2020s Will Look Like For the Markets - A Wealth of Common Sense, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. • Putting that to one side for a moment, let’s review IWLD: The IWLD Dividend Yield is 2.31% as of 30 November 2019. iShares does not break down the performance of their ETFs into Capital Gains and Dividend distributions so the historical dividend yield of IWLD is not readily available. While this distinction may sound pointy-headed, it has consequences for dividends and tax. IOO was previously a US domiciled ETF until late 2018 when iShares converted several of their ETFs to become Australian Domiciled. It is for educational purposes only and does not constitute formal financial advice. This strategy makes VTS the most perfect example of a purely passive ETF. IWLD has a very competitive annual management fee of 0.09%eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'etfbloke_com-leader-3','ezslot_9',116,'0','0'])); Investing in IWLD you will pay Blackrock $0.90 for every $1,000 you invest in IWLD, $9 for every $10,000 you invest or $90 for every $100,000 you invest in IWLD. Famous names (like Tesla until very recently) can be excluded at the committee’s discretion. VGS invests in 1,500+ international shares, This ETF currently has over $2.1 billion dollars invested in it so you know it is trusted industry wide, VGS is bench marked against the MSCI World Ex-Australia Index, VGS is not hedged and will fluctuate in value as foreign currencies move, IWLD invests in 4 ETFs listed on the US & Canadian stock exchanges, The underlying holdings of IWLD are invested in 3,800+ shares, IWLD tracks the MSCI World Investible Market Index, IWLD is unhedged and is affected by moves in international money markets, VTS invests in 3,500+ international shares, This ETF tracks the CRSP US Total Market Index, VTS has over $1.8 billion dollars invested in it, VTS is not hedged and its value will change based on movement in the AUD/USD exchange rate, IVV invests in the top 500 stocks in the USA, This ETF tracks the S&P 500, the world’s most well known stock market index, There is over $3.4 billion dollars invested in the IVV ETF, The IVV ETF is unhedged and will change in value when the AUD/USD exchange rate changes, IOO invests in 100 of the largest stocks from around the world, The ETF tracks the S&P Global 100 Index which is designed to measure the performance of blue chip international companies, IOO has over $1.8 billion dollars invested in the ETF, IOO is not hedged and its price will fluctuate with changes in global currencies, The ETF currently has just over $730 million invested, VGAD is also bench marked against the MSCI World Ex-Australia Index, however this index is hedged in AUD. This is a difference of $1 for every $10,000 invested. Keep in mind that VTS and VEU aren’t aus domiciled. VGS is 'developed world plus a few choice developing companies' and tracks, like, 3000+. Discussion in 'Shares & Funds' started by William W, 14th Jan, 2020. You need to invest in both VTS & VEU to get a similar level of diversification that VGS provides, VTS charges a lower annual management fee than VGS, VGS is Australian Domiciled but VTS is American Domiciled, VTS exposes you to the US Tax system, death duties and the W-8BEN form whereas VGS operates under Australian Tax law, VGS has more funds under management than VTS, VTS holds 3,500+ shares vs VGS which holds 1,500+ shares, VGS invests directly in shares whereas IWLD is a fund of funds that invests in other ETFs, Both ETFs have very similar dividend yields because both invest in a similar range of international companies, IWLD invests in 3,800+ shares compared with 1,500+ for VGS. For the latest information check out the IWLD Fact Sheet on Blackrock Australia’s website. The landlord insurance specialist works to equip property investors with the tools and knowledge needed to reduce tenant-related risks. Join Australia's most dynamic and respected property investment community. Being domiciled in Australia reduces the risk of exposure to changes in the US taxation system. The VTS Dividend Yield is 1.8% as of 30 September 2019.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'etfbloke_com-leader-4','ezslot_10',120,'0','0'])); This yield remained steady for a number of years but has been trending down lately. Investors receiving dividends from VTS have no choice but to take cash distributions.

p { Please read the sidebar and observe sub rules when posting. Personally in your position I'd favour one of the ready-built funds, as rebalancing with that amount of money is going to mean you spend more on brokerage than I'd like. VGS Vanguard International Shares Index Fund MSCI World ex-Australia (with net dividends reinvested) in Australian dollars Index management fee for the ETF is 0.18%, VTS Vanguard US Total Market Shares Index ETF CRSP US Total Market Index management fee for the ETF is 0.03% (! To stay up to date with any changes read the VTS Fact Sheet available on the Vanguard Australia website. Let’s compare VGS and VGAD to see which is the best international ETF:eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'etfbloke_com-portrait-1','ezslot_18',131,'0','0'])); Compare the Vanguard VGS Review with the Vanguard VGAD Review. The IVV Dividend Yield is 1.69% as of 30 November 2019. iShares does not break down the performance of their ETFs into Capital Gains and Dividend distributions so the historical dividend yield of IVVis not readily available. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Is VDHG and VDGR a little like VGS + VAS? but I noticed there's also. VGS is more broad; while it is fairly heavy on US stocks it covers plenty of other developed markets as well. So they do track different … Index funds are a fantastic long term investment that are hard to screw up since nobody is "picking" stocks and instead you let the market determine the proportions, so the only worry left after that is whether you are psychologically able to remain with your desired asset allocation when the market drops. Archive View Return to standard view. As only oligarchs and institutions have that kind of money, and as they tend to negotiate rebates with ETF providers anyway, the difference for Aussie retail investors and their advisors is basically zilch.

Reviewing the facts and figures for IVV we see that:eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'etfbloke_com-netboard-1','ezslot_15',123,'0','0'])); IVV is not the best international ETF because it only invests in the USA. The VGS Dividend Yield is 2.3% as of 30 November 2019. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'etfbloke_com-leader-1','ezslot_4',107,'0','0'])); This yield is trending down more recently.

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