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Binding Cry is annoying as it can cause party wide paralysis and at this point, you don't have a skill that removes it quickly. Happy Genes should be removed with dark attacks before they can cause Panic or instant death. E1: Inspect the closet to get a Hellish Pacifier. Light the torch from fire 9, then go to the right and light torch 10, then light torch 11. Once you’re there, locate and go to the highlighted room in the screenshot of the labyrinth’s map below (red rectangle shows you the area to go to) : Note: Remember to click the “N” icon if you’re having difficulty finding the highlighted area.

A sample strategy is available below. Go right and pass under square 3. Tying them together does nothing. Berith is useful for getting Silence Circle and has Mamudo, but low SP means you might want to fuse it to move the skills to a Persona with better SP.

Recommended Level: Level 24+ (you could probably win at lower levels, but you'd have trouble with the enemies on the last floor). Binds are still useful, and you should keep one or two characters for inflicting status ailments or binds, but generally parties will be more focused on physical attack strategies, such as using Links to deal consistent damage. This contains all normal enemy data from the first 7 floors of the Clock Tower, in the order in which they first can be encountered. First Available: Inaba Pride Exhibit Night 1 - inspect the dead end in D3, Task: I wish to take Koro-chan for a walk in Inaba Pride Exhibit. Shaded arches represent locked doors. The whole party can move before any enemies this turn. Generally this is Koromaru, Akihiko or Yosuke.

The blue arrow represents your character. Its support abilities are also useful. Attack skills have a moderate chance of executing twice. Labyrinth 4: A large change. Absorb/Resist Element passive skills can help against magic heavy FOEs. Made important changes to the way users are able to contact me directly. How to complete: Go to the marked room on 8F. You do NOT have to defeat the FOE to find the buried item. Go towards the stairs in A5. The easiest way to do this is to fuse Samael and Hanuman, two Personas that can be dropped in this labyrinth, or easily fused with what you have. Assault Shot can pose a significant threat due to piercing to the back line though, so it might be worth upgrading armour on the back line or running more durable characters. Rare chance to gather multiple times. Salome's Kiss is a good follow up skill to use to help restrict the enemy when Panic wears off. Having a party wide ice spell is appealing early on, but loses its potential due to its high SP cost. Kanji specialises at hitting hard, and can overcome the speed problem with the Dragon Cry series.

For your convenience a list of decisions is provided, in case you want to experience something different. Typically instant KO skills such as Mahamaon, Mamudoon, Samsara and Die for Me (with Impure Reach) are used to quickly finish battles - both light and dark skills are necessary, as some enemies are immune to either one. Now go left, step off the platform, go down, then right.

It does require a large amount of HP and SP management though. This has a complete list of all skills that Personas can use, as well as some additional details to help you plan out particular fusions. Therefore you can use items such as Segaki Rice, or skills such as Hamaon/Mahamon to get rid of it. If you had to eat one or the other, which would it be? What are the differences between each character? Go back to floor 1, and go back to the first fire you found. Now that you have access to all characters, you have more options. If you can magic bind, or cause sleep or panic in this boss, you'll have an easier time. The way to do it is to use sidesteps (use L/R to sidestep left and right respectively). Poison: Does about 5-10% HP damage per turn on FOEs (note that if poison is inflicted by a weapon, it's not as effective). Red boxes represent the fires. His first owned Nintendo console was the NES, and he currently owns a blue 3DS XL. Metatron gets Mediarahan inherently, but not much else. by Fabian Röling. C3: Spot you need to examine for the request above. In the list, the combinations give the required Arcana of the highest level Persona and the required group that the other Personas need to be in, as per normal fusion. This Persona has some of the most useful status inducing skills you can get - including Lullaby Song, Salome's Kiss, Impure Reach and Stagnant Air. Mainly the aim is to overwhelm enemies with status effects to prevent them from making effective choices. Go right to light fire 3 (take two steps right, one step down, one step right, one step up and then go right. Remember it later for an event. Once you've cleared a labyrinth, you may want to go back to fight some of the FOEs. This FOE is fairly powerful, but is one of two not immune to light attacks. Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Go right again, then down through the passage, then take the passage in the centre up. Moves twice normally, once if running the above setup. Kept using Poison, Panic, Sleep. Debuffing moves such as Tarunda/Fang Smash and Sukunda are useful to cut down the damage.

Go into the room with the loop (F1/F2), and lure the FOE near the door. Arrows between floor tiles represent hidden passages. Poison can be used to wear down the FOE over several turns, although it's not enough on its own for later battles. Go left on the first platform, then go to the platform one space down and go right, then down, then left, then up. Go straight ahead to the stairs to the final floor. To get its conditional drop, you are best off using Myriad Arrows (with Panic/Agility Bind) and trying to raise critical hit rate, as critical hits bypass resistances. – Persona 4 protagonist

The FOE can move up to 2 spaces at a time, but can't move through lights. They are weak to both Light and Dark attacks though, so using Ken, Koromaru or Naoto can take them down fairly quickly, and all three are fairly fast.

Go back to the same square you received the quest at. Pick up a key from 1F. Ride on the moving platforms and enter the door in E7. Mediarama with Healing Hand heals about 250 HP which is enough to offset HP loss from skills and attacks, and costs less than Mediarahan. Enter the correct answer to the schedule question as provided below. On your way to the locked door, you'll pick up the Lab Storage Key. This FOE is problematic because it hits quite hard, and carries many problematic status effects. Go to the Darkness Key and use it on the door. Can act twice per turn. Open the shortcut in E4 on the way. For Sub-Personas, skills in italics indicate a skill that can be extracted through a skill card. Does a difference in age or sex not matter as long as there is love? If you can, use Disarm on them (which you should have kept from the last dungeon). Stepping on the creaky floorboards causes the FOEs to become active again. If you choose to ignore this advice, you only have yourself to blame.

You might want to save beforehand. While a standard link can do about 100 damage on the first hit, boosts from Power Charge, Shura Tensei and passive abilities can easily increase it to over 1000. First Available: Clearing Group Date Cafe (timed task), Task: Tour the Culture Festival together (P3) / I'm so booored! For example: Scallop, Mushrooms, Deep-Fried Tofu or Pork Belly, Green Onion, Vermicelli Noodles. First Available: Inspect the stack of boxes in Evil Spirit Club 3rd story, in B2. However, you still need to be wary at higher difficulties, as the skills you have are generally more important than your actual level. Open the shortcut in A3. Then go to the other platform in C4 and keep going left. These occur throughout the labyrinth and occur when the detector is at red for some time. Unlock shortcuts in E2 and E3, then turn off the lights in F3. Mazio hits all enemies with lightning damage. It has weaknesses to both Light and Dark attacks, making instant death spells a good option (and really, they're good throughout this labyrinth). (See Stop 2 for a full list of stats). Mighty Swing (hits 1 enemy with splash effect), Silent Song (chance of inflicting Magic Bind to all enemies). Bringing Fire attacks/Silence Circle/Sleep Circle is recommended. Getting to the spot is impossible unless you get shot, but confusion only lasts 2 steps, so get as far as you can before the FOE turns back. The puzzles here require you to step through statues in the correct order. The FOE stops moving when next to a door to the music room (D5), B3: Floorboard trap + Shadow Battle against Protective Lexy, Trance Twins, Phantom Mage (1 turn advantage by choosing to go with P3/P4 Hero), E4: Schedule Question (obtain Practice Building Key, unlocks door in D4), E6: Obtain North Building Key (face upwards to get it) - unlocks door in B5, The FOE stops moving when next to a door to the music room (E2). Navigating past the FOEs in E1 will be covered in the request Obtain a Hellish Pacifier. Fusing Mothman and Mezuki will allow you to pass on Poison Breath. Browse other questions tagged persona-q or ask your own question. Mitsuru: Best used for magic, but needs to rely on other Personas for more skills. Inflicting Poison is a good idea to take out a fair amount of damage per turn. They keep respawning for several turns until other characters intervene (these characters are from the game that your main character is not from). This has a reference of all usable skills. Slaughter Drive: Have a range of attack which are not too threatening on their own. Fuuka is better for this battle due to being able to provide consistent healing. Once you beat all the Card Soldiers, you have about 2 turns to inflict damage.

Light fire 4 and 5 by following the path. This can be done by having 4 male party members and approaching the FOE in F3 on the side. Open the shortcut in B3, then go up the stairs to 9F. Chances are you won't get much use out of the rest of the moves though, meaning you'll be relying on fusion a lot. For accessories, Chakra Ring helps manage SP for support characters, while attackers could use a Festival Drum / Almighty Badge. This floor is fairly straightforward with no real traps. Use this to light fire 7, which will help you get 100% map completion by allowing you to map E7 safely. If you still have the flame from the last floor, use it to light the fire in the entrance area. Summon Soldiers (summons 4 card soldiers, hit them with elemental attacks for boosts), Garula (moderate strength Wind spell), Agilao (moderate strength fire spell), Bufula (moderate strength ice spell), Zionga (moderate strength electric spell). An alternative is to try and inflict Sleep or Panic on it. Sleep Circle: Costs 18 SP, but has the advantage of being able to trigger Sleep at the end of the turn, allowing your party to set up. Your controls are restricted to moving until you hit an obstacle (wall or FOE), then choosing whether to turn left, right or go backward. Link strategies are a popular choice due to Deadly Vanguard and high speed. Set up Panic first, then attempt binding.

Includes both physical attacks and spells. Agility Binds are also somewhat useful. Also available immediately on entering Stop 4. You could also use Game Notes on your 3DS for this. (Interestingly, the P4 Hero is a good choice late game due to numerous resistances).

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