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He started learning his first foreign language at age 19, when he bought a one-way ticket to Paris… With no exposure to languages growing up, and no special talent to speak of, he had to figure out how to learn a foreign language from scratch. As we are particularly interested in Spanish, you can get a series of 3 emails from Olly about how 90% of Spanish learners make three specific mistakes that stop them speaking Spanish with confidence. Learn Italian On YouTube: The 12 Best Italian YouTube Channels For Learners, With the help of YouTube, you can learn Italian or any other language you can think of. Situational dialogues from typical daily circumstances, so you can prepare yourself to survive realistic Mexican Spanish encounters, in shops, cafés, and on the street, making meeting people second nature, Conversations that are carefully written to be accessible for intermediate learners (B1-B2 on the CEFR), so you can learn from real, spoken conversations, without having to go through the rollercoaster of difficult conversations with strangers, Each conversation is limited to around 15 lines of dialogue (150 words), so you can get that crucial sense of achievement and motivation when you finish each conversation, and say “I actually understood all of that!”. You’ll learn real spoken Spanish without getting lost or overwhelmed. Fifteen years later, Olly has studied ten languages and has produced a number of courses and books revealing how he accomplished his goal of learning foreign languages quickly. How many times have you said it? Select the department you want to search in. How can I work language learning around my busy family life? ), 101 Conversations in Simple French: Short Natural Dialogues to Boost Your Confidence & Improve Your Spoken French (101 Conversations in French t. 1) (French Edition), (

In this free educational series, Olly Richards will reveal these mistakes, and teach you the urgent techniques you can use to become conversational in Spanish as quickly as possible.Use this link to register for the free emails. You'll follow the drama as it unfolds, as the friends communicate both face-to-face and on their their smartphones! ), Short Stories in French for Beginners: Read for pleasure at your level, expand your vocabulary and learn French the fun way! Situational dialogues from typical daily circumstances, so you can prepare yourself to survive realistic German encounters, in shops, cafés, and on the street, making meeting people second nature, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Real, daily spoken German throughout - it’s as if we held up a microphone and recorded the exact words coming out of people’s mouths - so you can learn the expressions that real people use on the street (not in textbooks).

Summaries of each conversation which contextualise each dialogue, so you can easily follow the plot and enjoy the story without getting lost, 101 conversations in simple Spanish, so you can learn the real Spanish spoken in the street, understand spoken Spanish with ease, and have Spanish roll off your tongue more fluently, Over 15,000 words of dialogue - an unparalleled resource that will immerse you in Spanish, at a level you can understand, so you can learn real spoken Spanish without getting lost or overwhelmed. This book fixes that. He started learning languages at the age of nineteen, and has since produced a number of language learning products and articles teach other learners the techniques he’s developed along the way. You’ll be better prepared for using German in the real world, speak with more confidence, and take a giant leap towards fluency in German! He started learning his first foreign language at age 19, when he bought a one-way ticket to Paris. As a result, you will be able to focus on enjoying reading, delighting in your improved range of vocabulary and grasp of the language, without ever feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Or if you just have a passion for learning a foreign language but don’t know how…. If you’re studying French, Spanish,... Read More, 6 Things Every Extrovert Needs To Know About Language Learning, Extroverts! In this review, I'll... Read More, Japanese Potential Form: How To Say “Can” And “Can’t” In Japanese, Once you’ve dipped your toes into the waters of learning Japanese, you may find that a lot of new grammatical... Read More, For many people, K-pop wasn’t on their radar until Gangnam Style.

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