lost primarchs theories

Maybe there is even a version of the Heresy where this is true. They’ve likely played out far more than that during their time together. That’s kind of a cool thought. The theory takes this to a logical extreme, that the Emperor and Malcador haven’t just been playing out the Heresy in game form, but have also been fighting out the Heresy in real time over and over again, but how could the Emperor do this you ask? No line Astartes were informed of the fates of the missing primarchs. The Emperor of Man created twenty Primarchs and created a legion for each. The Emperor of Man created twenty Primarchs and created a legion for each. The remainder were either killed in the fighting (like Horus) or fled with their [Legions] into the, It is currently accepted that 3 Primarchs died during the Heresy (. Подписаться . Hell, the push of Abaddon in general, who has undergone enormous ‘character development’ long before he’s supposed to in the Black Legion books. All throughout the history of Warhammer 40,000 there has been one mystery that has remained since the beginning.

Let’s assume – perhaps rightly – that the Emperor has done the same. Oculus Imperia. Additionally, I think GW would be taking a huge risk by having this not be THE Horus Heresy and a lot of people would feel cheated. • Cloudflare monitors for these errors and automatically investigates the cause. Warhammer 40K Lore: The Forgotten & The Purged – The II & XI Primarchs, The 20 incubation capsules drifted through the, The only exception to this is the Primarch, In the listings of the 20 Legions in Imperial records, Legions II and XI are stated as having “all records expunged from the library”. it posits that there may even be some slippage between timeline and that a certain version of Primarchs may have swap universes. He’s not the character we know, or what he should be. Loremasters, today we take a look at what we know about The Forgotten and The Purged – the II and the XI Primarchs. This is going to be a thread, as the header says, about the Primarchs of the 2nd and 11th legions. it posits that there may even be some slippage between timeline and that a certain version of Primarchs may have swap universes. We think we have a pretty clear idea of where it is all going, so here it is more about the joinery than the destination, but what if we get thrown a curveball at the end? Subscribe to BoLS Prime. • This is gonna be a discussion of your favorite lost Primarch theories, fannon lost Primarchs, or maybe you have your own lost Primarch you want to share. The remaining primarchs occasionally mention this, and give the impression that there is some deep shame associated with the missing primarchs, and that they feel great sorrow for what happened. As a result, the web page can not be displayed. The Emperor met each Primarch in turn, and each Primarch had risen to a position of authority within the cultures in which they had found themselves. They have played out the Heresy uncountable times. Dorn? What would bring him closer to that distant shore, and what would see him smashed on unseen rocks hidden below the waves. There’s no way half their Legion appearing at the battle would have just been ‘forgotten’. Also there are two missing Space Marine Legions in the 40k universe meaning there are also two missing Primarchs. This secret goes so deep that not even the Traitor Primarchs speak the names of their lost brothers. Alpharius was known to be the last Primarch to be found, a fact which even earned him the nickname “The Last”. It’s paracausal. Lastly, the theory goes on to discuss the Primarchs a bit, in particular both Russ’ and Horus’ travels in the Warp and the fact that both at different times see visions or alternate reality versions of themselves. A Total Theory of Lost. Loremasters, this rabbit trail runs deep.

Subscribe to BoLS Prime. Advert: Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. They are divining the actions of men and daemons. This thought, that the inconsistencies could be on purpose, leads Legio Tempestus to only one conclusion: This isn’t ‘our’ Siege, nor is it ‘our’ Heresy. I posit that he walked the infinite paths of the Warp. Additional troubleshooting resources. There are conflicting reports as to whether the two unknown Legions met their fate prior to or after the Horus Heresy and which side they joined in the Heresy, if they participated in it.

Well what if they aren’t the theory says, what if they are deliberate clues left by the authors and purposeful “errors”? Go AD FREE today! And that’s (not) saying something! Could we see an ending where Horus is redeemed somehow? By game-playing. However, nothing is known for sure about the names of the Legions, their Primarchs, homeworlds and their ultimate fate. Any inconsistency, perceived or otherwise, often leads to some kind of theory to explain it. There is an issue between Cloudflare's cache and your origin web server. For a very long time, the Dark Angels have endured suspicion and shame for not being present at the Siege. SPOILERS FROM SIEGE OF TERRA NOVELS AND VARIOUS HORUS HERESY BOOKS. It could also pave over any inconsistencies, it is a different timeline after all. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore. Things that never happened. Sigmar by any comparison was no normal human being, and had many traits befitting a Primarch. So the realist in me doesn’t really buy the theory at all. But something happened that cause the Emperor to order that the II and the XI Legions be completely expunged from Imperial Record.

Maybe all this is just in the Emperor’s mind. Loremasters, today we take a look at what we know about The Forgotten and The Purged – the II and the XI Primarchs.

Thoughts On the Theory. AD BLOCK 4 LIFE 17 часов назад . So from a practical standpoint, I don’t really buy this theory. Today let’s talk about a really crazy theory on the true nature of the Horus Heresy.

In Master of Mankind, the Emperor talks about the nature of foresight. Dorn fighting Fulgrim is great, but it feels off. What would fit his design and what would not. an entire video about nothing. Excepting, of course, that he can. 40K Grimdark Theories: The Emperor Fought Countless Horus Heresies. He knows what awaits him there. It is, in the strictest sense, multiversal. Every action has a reaction. The theory starts out with going over some of the major inconsistencies we’ve seen in both the Horus Heresy Books and in particular the Siege of Terra books, and how some events don’t line up to what we “knew” happened. Maybe He does really love them after all, as they are His sons, it’s just that He’s witnessed each of them die over and over again, and seen all of them at one point or another, betray Him, making Him more distant from them. OK so some things don’t quite add up, but those are just errors, right? He tells us that it would take forever to chart every possibility, every eventuality. For instance, the novel The First Heretic refers to them as “The Forgotten and The Purged.” In The Unremembered Empire it describes a table with “21 charis, built by the Primarch Roboute Guilliman himself for his brothers and the Emperor of Mankind.” Each chair had a banner representing a different legion with their colors, but two banners where “made of bleached, un-dyed cloth.”. Lastly, the theory leaves open the possibility that the Siege books will end in an unexpected way.

Nearly every time we see him in the series, it’s with a regicide board close by. To help support the investigation, you can pull the corresponding error log from your web server and submit it our support team. - The remaining primarchs met in council and swore solemn oaths to each other to never speak of the missing primarchs. Basically the idea they posit is that the Heresy we are reading about in the books is not the actual Heresy that leads up to the 40K Universe as we know it, but simple one iteration of the Heresy. An interesting thought.

All possibilities lie within the Sea of Souls. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Go AD FREE today! He says to Ra that the only way to know is to set sail – time and time and time again. Let us know what you think about this theory, down in the comments! Is it possible that after 60+ books we could get a… happy ending? David Cortes 6 дней назад. Things that will always happen. Earlier background (. Lastly, the theory goes on to discuss the Primarchs a bit, in particular both Russ’ and Horus’ travels in the Warp and the fact that both at different times see visions or alternate reality versions of themselves. The annihilation of Angron. Not even the traitor legions have received the same treatment so whatever they did, it had to be pretty upsetting. Another case for this arguement is that the Old Ones in Fantasy are a direct link to the Old Ones in 40k. During Vengeful Spirit we have Horus, upon emerging from the gate, describe how he fought endless campaigns of conquest in his (vast) time there. It is not written with the intention of covering every little detail of the who, what, where, when and how’s of the series, but to … For instance, if this is a different version of the Heresy we don’t if it was just another failure and the 40K timeline is the only success, or if the version we are reading is the success and 40K is just another failure. I posit that the Emperor, upon entering the gate on Molech, experienced an endless array of multiverses. That said, today we’re going to take brief look at what we do know about these two expunged legions and their Primarchs – The Forgotten and The Purged. The Lost Primarchs? This suggests that the two unknown Primarchs had been found previously and that something tragic had happened. But he cannot know what the ‘true’ path is. It’s also possible this is just a power the Emperor has, we’ve been told several times that the Emperor doesn’t experience time the same way as mortals, maybe he has some way of resetting His own timeline when needed (like Subaru in Re:Zero). He can see the destination. However, the 40K theorist in me, that comes up with my own host of theories LOVES this idea. There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server. The Lost Primarchs: A History (Warhammer & Horus Heresy Lore) Просмотров: 132 386.

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