liam neeson engaged

“Liam has been very careful to respect Natasha’s memory and not move too fast back into the world of dating,” added the source. The loneliness was killing him.

The 68-year-old actor is said to be heading towards matrimony with his longtime partner, but remains tight-lipped about whether or not the reports are true. if he found happiness in a new mate great for him. I don’t call that jumping into a relationship. How much longer should he wait?! We’ve been dating for two and a half years, and I’ve tried to change the situation. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; It seems that once a man has been married for a very long time, he seeks out that type of companionship again.

But, I still have no relationship with his side of the family. Every one of us has his own speed of moving on.I don’t feel as if he jumps too soon in a new relationship and only hope he found the right woman.I think when he spent how many years with Natasha he won’t forget the happy times in a hurry.If their families blend so well I wish them all happy. But it turned out my mom died first, which we never saw coming. He just wants to be secure and married again. She’s a little young for him, but not ridiculous. Great story Jayna! When you grow older, you realise that what’s count is CURRENT happiness. @tina, bingo. I would make it a very long engagement. During the stress test, she suffered a fatal heart attack and died in the hospital. I’m also guessing we are about the same age because I know who Michael Sweet is and I have been judging him since I was a teenager. } It was a heavy, solid oak desk where the computer oak tray never moved. Everyone deals with grief differently. Sometimes I wish I were a man. So really, I believe at this point he is in the mood to have a girl in every town. People can’t get erased by somebody else, nor can somebody else fill the void. I have just found this post from internet search as i have just gone through similar experience Hear is my story. From personal experience, you can love again after losing your spouse and you don’t ever really know when or where that is going to happen. It’s sad. Well I’m happy for him….I guess. I do think men suffer a lot more than women when a spouse dies. I have never lived through the nightmare of suddenly losing my soul mate to a freak accident like Mr. Neeson has. My friend’s dad was the same way and she couldn’t accept him moving on from their dead mother. People don’t understand the horrific loneliness a widow or widower go through. Ronan was the youngest child of Liam’s sister Bernadette Sexton who has six children. He isn’t getting any younger so dating for 2 years just won’t work in this case.

“In my case, I treasure my family much, much more because you realise that the difference being alive and dead is the difference of a little fingernail,” she told the US publication.

But, for what it’s worth, my boyfriend has said that the new wife is a really nice woman and that his father seems very happy with her. But I was happy to see her find peace of mind again and enjoying life so much. Good luck to him, I hope it works out. OK. text-align: center; So, my attitude is whatever makes him happy.

I will never forget my lovely wife but there is room in my heart for a new person & already she is becoming special to me & she is loving caring & gorgeous. Her husband was truly her soulmate. After a few more girls came and went, my boyfriend’s dad met a doctor and promptly proposed to her only a month into the relationship.

She had recently had a minor heart attack, so the hospital asked her to come in for a stress test. He started dating her a year and a half after Natasha died. (If it is, give me a call as I will forgive you!) If this new woman makes him happy, I say go for it! So, he moved on and started dating again.

Typo on my name last post. Men are clearly wired differently.

Nobody said the deceased spouse gets erased. I come at this from a special perspective. Some men are like that. I am a cauldron of mixed emotions over this one too. Tangent: Every time I see a story about him, I always think of the “Evian water bottle” comment about the size of his dong.

Liam is 58 years old, he doesn’t have the time for a lengthy courtship, and I’d imagine that when you’re that age you know exactly what you want in a spouse. Men move on. They miss having a wife to take care of them and create a warm, cozy home and love them and, yes, if you’re young enough have regular sex with. He is back in NY this week but was in London 4 weeks to film Clash of the Titans 2. @mln76 does this woman have missing limbs, buckteeth and a background as a pornographic model and possibly a call girl. He may be at a point in his life where he knows what he wants, but what about her? He actually lasted longer than a year after she passed on and that was surprising. I can not explain to anyone what it is like to live in this house that at one time had a happy, loud family and now the quiet that surrounds me is hurtful. Personally, I wouldn’t be in much of a hurry to get remarried LOL But that is just based on my experience. People can’t get erased by somebody else, nor can somebody else fill the void. Ive been a fan of his forever it seems, so I wish him well if this is true, but Im not sure I trust the Enquirer as a reliable source. But a loving woman will understand that. “But Liam’s sons like Freya and told him that Natasha would have wanted him to be happy. I personally think he should devote himself to his boys because there were other deaths in the Redgrave family after Natasha’s passing. It does almost seem like those in happy loving marriages move on sooner…maybe they do have a better outlook on marriage and just need to share their lives with someone. I wish him all the best. Whether it’s marrying or dating, I don’t see how that proves you didn’t love dearly your deceased spouse. Looking good, Liam! It is Hollywood after all.

Sounds like he just doesn’t want to be alone and she probably just wants a husband even if she isn’t the love of his life. I know nothing about the lady and I am not disparaging her character but couldn’t they just date a little longer? I have been following his career since the Mission in th 80′s.

So, even though it is sometimes hard to understand people’s motivations in cases like this, I believe in loving again after loss and I believe that there is no acceptable time limit or behavior pattern for grief. It came a year and a half after Natasha Richardson’s death, so it wasn’t like Liam jumped right into the dating pool. he is a widower and was deeply committed to natasha. Working, having her grandchildren with her every weekend, nothing meant anything to her. You can’t hold on to someone dead. Oh well, I guess I will just have to deal with it but it is so soon after Natashia’s death – I think it is a rebound match and I sincerely hope it is true love and that your generous beautiful heart will not be broken. “I just told her I loved her and said, ‘Sweetie, you’re not coming back from this,” he told US programme 60 minutes. width: 33%; After the first year my children started moving out so I got to experience the empty nest . yeah ok his wife died unexpectedly, that sucked, I don’t see how that gives him a pass though. You can only hold on to the memories and that love. In 2014, Liam spoke about Natasha’s death and revealed the last words he said to her. I have watched a best friend lose her husband and my father lose my mother of 50 years. No. A year later she met a widower and I saw such joy in her face. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. I wish them luck, he and his kids deserve it. At the time of the incident five years ago, a spokesperson said: "Just after 4am on Sunday a man climbed on top of a telephone kiosk outside Brighton Pier when he fell some 20ft to the ground, sustaining a serious head injury.". I think a year 1/2 is respectable (before he started seeing someone). He isn’t going out with some model, just a real mom with a real job, so I hope they are happy whether or not they do or don’t get married. Live and let live. ( LOL. I thought he was very tall. i bet they even have will have photos of natasha in their home together. Natasha and Liam Neeson tied the knot in 1994 and the couple had two sons together, Michael, 23, and Daniel, 22. I’m happy for him but remarriage less than a year after they started seeing each other is too soon. yes, i agree that men do tend to rush into another marriage faster than women. It’s not just the loneliness but they miss everything she did for him. But having said all that, who knows if The Enquirer is true. Get all of your fashion news, videos, and pics including info about shoes, bags, dresses and all of the latest styles!

You really called up the right comparison with McCartny. I hope it works out for him. I’m ok with whatever Liam does because he seemed like he was a good husband to & really loved Natasha. I admit I don’t understand the “loneliness” coming out of grief. She said it was like a miracle. LIAM NEESON’S wife, Natasha Richardson, died in a skiing accident almost 10 years ago and her mother, Vanessa Redgrave, has now spoken out on the heartbreak of coping with her death. In instances like that wouldn’t ir be better to build up and make stonger the family unit and bond with ones children before moving another woman in? He’s an exception.

margin-top: 10px; Yes, I also thought about Sir Paul but I figured whomever this woman is, she can’t be THAT bad. I doubt anyone could top the nightmarish Heather Mills…I was just talking more about the rush to marry someone he’s only been dating for a few months. I hope he find happiness, Liam’s new girlfriend emerged as Freya St. Johnston, Pennsylvania is not playing around [Towleroad], How to stop voter intimidation at the polls [Buzzfeed]. A lot of men tend to move on too quickly, and use the next woman as a means of healing. While I it took me a long time to understand it, I was only 9 at the time and very sad and angry, I later learned from my aunts that my mom had been trying to set my dad up with someone before she died, because she wanted to make sure that he and my brothers and sister and I were taken care of. We close comments on older posts to fight comment spam. My dad, who was going through ill health, reall thought he would die before mom. But he wasn’t, so I want him to be happy. We all joked that he had robbed the cradle because she was ten years younger than him. On the other side, Liam still seems like he’s grieving very deeply for Natasha – remember his heart-wrenching Esquire interview just two months ago?

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. I wish him the best. I hope he’s ready to be a father again.

Taking any info from the National Enquirer with a grain of salt, I’m glad Liam Neeson has found someone. I was stunned and kind of sad he wanted to proclaim his love for this one so publicly so soon after. After about three years, he met his second wife. I wouldn’t wish this on my own worst enemy and I am very happy that he has found someone to share his life with if it is indeed true. Liam waited longer than the accepted year to date again. And he was always sitting there telling us the man he had lined up for mom, who had lost his wife. But it was my dad’s best friend (friends since elementary school, best man at his wedding, there at the hospital when I was born.) I hope I am wrong and they will be happy. Ronan is reported to have died after suffering head injures during a night out with friends in Brighton. Then someone came into my life a wonderfull person i actually met at the cemetery sharing similar grief from the loss of her father. good for him! Saw him in a play with his then mistress (his wife was married when he met her), saw him in Crucible.

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