los angeles ham radio frequencies

Founded in June 1975, as the Rancho Palos Verdes Amateur Radio Association, The Associated Radio Amateurs Of Long Beach, started with a group of young amateur radio operators in 1923.

And consider myself a jack-of-all-trades handyman. The UV-5RA has 128 channel memory slots available. I have a friend who says you can even take the license test online. If you don’t give that call sign they may just pull out the triangulation equipment! Each S-TAC repeater pair (4, 9, 14 and 19) can be used in repeater mode, simplex on the output frequency with two CTCSS tones or simplex on the input frequency with two CTCSS tones. It is my intent in this article to share some of my experiences with those of you in hopes that you may benefit from my research and brief experience. You can go to the following website for some great information about the Slim Jim antenna including mounting ideas. The FCC requires that the database contains a pool of 394 questions from which each 35 question test is chosen. I know what you are thinking….”I don’t need a license….I will go ahead and start talking to people and avoid the hassle of getting a license”. You can also download the membership application and fill it out manually. Group is being retired. Actually, the FCC rules say that it is not illegal to use a HAM radio without a license IF a life-threatening event requires such use. Some VE Teams require a second form of identification, such as a signed credit card or utility bill that shows your name and address as it is on your other ID. As with most things in life that are worth having, getting an amateur radio license takes some effort…but not nearly as much as some folks think it does! , at the bottom of 6th Street in San Pedro, CA. The range is good (I can hear local bear hunters talking 30 miles away without a repeater) and since they are FM, the reception is very clear. Wrong. Once I got my Slim Jim antenna hooked up I was able to access this repeater easily with my little 4 watt UV-5RA. CHIRP is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to enter the frequencies(s), tone and offset (both required for repeater access) and then quickly upload this data to your radio. K6MWT 147.4350 MHz Los Angeles Renegade Repeater. I must admit that they have a point…especially if the balloon has gone up and the rule of law no longer exists. You must make at least 75 on the real test to pass. Seconday VHF/UHF radio system utilized by County departments in areas of limited reception of County CWIRS trunked system.

You can also search the ARRL’s exam session database: Key in your ZIP code and you can search for exams within 25, 50, 100, or 250 miles: http://www.arrl.org/exam_sessions/search. I will admit this is great information. Don’t rely on the clips that come with it for hard use. There are as many antenna options out there as there are radios but I am only going to mention one…the one I have found is one of the most durable and functional antennas on the market for what I consider a very reasonable price, considering what it can do. Why not CB or FRS or GMRS or Marine? If the world goes to hell in a handbasket will you be able to contact relatives, friends, loved ones, or emergency personnel when the communications infrastructure goes down? Located in Southern California on Santiago Peak (5,600 feet), the repeater covers Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire. Health Sciences Campus - Currie Hall Residences, On Campus Use - Antelope Valley, Palmdale & Quartz Hill High Schools, On Campus Use - Highland, Lancaster & Littlerock High Schools, On Campus Use - William Knight High School, School Police - Night Dispatch & Special Events, Christa McAuliffe High School - Lancaster, Ch. There is a local 2 mtr FM simplex 'chat' frequency that some club members and other hams use most of the time at 144.450 S. The AVARC defines itself as an education and public service organization. Depending on the license you acquire (more about licensing later) your range is only limited to the size and type of equipment you use, some of which will allow you to talk to other operators thousands of miles away. This antenna is entirely handmade and is of the highest quality craftsmanship. Amazon often lists the same item from several suppliers so if you look around you might find free shipping or their own free shipping on orders $25.00 and over. FM transmissions from a 2-meter radio do not normally bounce off the ionosphere so you don’t get the “skip” like we use to talk about in the hay day of CB but they can sometimes bounce off of buildings if you live in an urban setting.

Fortunately for me one of my team is a geek and does all our programming. Anyone with an interest in ham radio is invited to join our club, a great way to experience the benefits of knowing others with similar interests, whether you are directly involved in amateur radio operations, or have a more general interest in the topic.

As stated earlier, since you are using FM transmission, you are pretty much restricted to “line of sight” usage. One of the best features of “CHIRP” is that it gives you the option of naming a frequency with a name that will allow you to keep up with the repeater name you are talking to without having to remember the frequency.

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