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This breed is energetic, affectionate, and easy to train, and is great as either a working ranch dog or a family pet. Besides, always make sure they have access to a fresh, clean bowl of water throughout the day. The dogs have a variety of ear sets from pricked ears to floppy ears and everything in between. The McNab is a smart, intelligent, well mannered, loving dog, which is ideal for either herding or as a family companion. Also check:- Top 18 Healthiest Human Food For Dogs. Mcnab Herding Dog; Mcnab Sheepdog; Mcnab Border Collie; Overview. McNab Dog Breed is an Innovation done by Alexander McNab in the late 19th Century. In 2014, a group of McNab Shepherd breeders and enthusiasts established the McNab Shepherd Registry (MSR). Another distinctive trait of the McNab is that it lacks dewclaws on the rear feet, as opposed to the Border Collie where this is a common occurrence. Remember to brush its teeth twice a week for good dental hygiene.

They can have a slick single short coat, a short double coat, or a medium length single coat, but their fur is never long. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings.

They can get bored and destructive if left alone; they need to flex their muscles to keep them out of trouble.

“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”– Will Rogers. They are friendly but remains watchful and cautious with strangers. McNab Dogs are strong and hardy dogs with very few health issues. On occasion, you will discover this tri-coloured.

Refinement of the McNab Shepherd continued and additional dogs were imported from Scotland for breeding and ranching purposes.[9]. Other then this check their ears time to time and clip of the toenails and that’s it, your furbaby is ready to make a boom! McNab Dog is an affectionate family companion who often bonds strongly to its family members, even with the other household pets. Until recently, the McNab was little known outside California, but in last three decades have seen a gain in popularity and geographic dispersal of the breed. The dog is medium sized with females standing 16-21 inches at the shoulder and weighing 30-50 pounds and males standing 18-25 inches at the shoulder and weighing 35-65 pounds. The McNab is currently not recognized as a standardized breed by any major kennel club, including the American Kennel Club (AKC). This breed can quickly move stock to exactly where they want them. They are skilled at both heading and heeling stock, meaning they can turn stock from the front or get behind stock and drive them forward. Their average life span is 13–15 years. Being an intelligent and energetic dog breed, it loves to be mentally challenged and likes to work.

An elegant slender neck supports their pointed head which is rounded at the top. For this reason, the appearance of the McNab can vary considerably. Easy Training: The McNab is known to listen to commands and obey its owner. The Ultimate Guide For AGGRESSIVE DOG TRAINING. In that way, you can eliminate a lot of health issues right away. McNabs are now competing successfully in agility trials, dock diving, disc dog competitions, herding, lure coursing, dog sledding, skijoring and flyball. Some McNabs sport random white patches on their bodies and faces. Most McNabs are black or brown with white feet, white collars, white facial strips and white tipped tails, but tricolor McNabs are well known as well as mostly black McNabs. Expect fewer repetitions when training this breed. Dogs bred for this work have strong builds and qualities that are needed, strength and determination. Height: Females: 16-21 inch Males: 18-25 inch, Weight: Females: 14-23 kg Males: 16-32 kg, Colour: Brown, black, tricoloured, white markings, Temperament: Protective, obedient, friendly, hard-working, sociable, Agile, Fast, Calm, Other Names: McNab Collie, McNab Sheepdog, McNab Herding Dog, McNab Stock Dog, McNab Border Collie, McNab Shepherd, McNab Cattle Dog. He took a keen interest and started experimenting by adding bloodlines from dogs imported from Scotland. They can also adapt to city life if they get plenty of exercise.

The appearance of the McNab can vary considerably. Looking to develop a herding dog that could handle the rough conditions on his ranch, McNab crossed the Scottish Collies he brought with him with the tough dogs of the nomadic Basque sheepherders he met near his ranch. Alexander McNab left his native Scotland in the late 19th century homesteading his 10,000 acre sheep ranch located in the Sanel Rancho, which later became Hopland, California. The dogs have a variety of ear sets from pricked ears to floppy ears and everything in between.

The coat is short to medium length but can vary from slick and short to dense double coats. The McNab Dog, also called the McNab Shepherd or McNab Collie is a herding dog that originated in Hopland, Mendocino County, Northern California. This status may change in the future. Soon afterward, he set up a 10,000-acre ranch in the Rancho Sanel (present-day Hopland, California). McNab Border Collie, McNab Sheepdog, McNab Herding Dog. Highly intelligent and quick to learn, the McNab needs to exercise its brain as much as its body. The McNab Shepherds proved to be supreme herding dogs among the California ranchers. Hence, agility trials, flyball and disc dog competitions work best for this athlete buddy. Providing a McNab has plenty of exercise, it is content to nap at its owner's side with a watchful and protective eye. Tails are either short (bobbed naturally or mechanically) or long. McNabs are also used for herding geese, goats, llamas and gathering horses in from the pasture. They have almond-shaped eyes which are set well apart, of brown, hazel or copper coloured with occasional marble flecked or powder blue eyes. Otherwise, they will become bossy. McNabs often bond tightly to their family members, including other household pets. Give your McNab puppy, a variety of chew toys. They are also more likely to defend their territory and family members than many of the more sensitive herding breeds. The dog is medium sized with females standing 16-21 inches at the shoulder and weighing 30-50 pounds and males standing 18-25 inches at the shoulder and weighing 35-65 pounds. This breed has a distinctive cat-like foot which contributes to its agility. McNab Collies are bred for its working ability and is not recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club). McNab Dog Breed is an Innovation done by Alexander McNab in the late 19th Century. These smart furbabies need a lot of time with the family and love to be with their master most of the time. For this reason, the appearance of the McNab can vary considerably.

[5], McNabs have a loose-eyed herding style and tend to work more independently than many herding breeds.

Samples collected from McNabs across the United States were evaluated for their genetic signature and found to support the creation of a unique breed signature for the McNab. In case of taking them to bath, use a gentle shampoo to protect their natural body oils which act as a weather proofing.

Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. The dogs have a variety of ear sets from pricked ears to floppy ears and everything in between. They have a keen sense of territory and seldom wander away from home. Includes personality, history, health, nutrition, grooming, pictures, videos and AKC breed standard. Be firm and consistent with the rules. A working McNab frequently runs for miles a day, using its herding skills to control livestock, and they can become restless if isolated or neglected. Mcnab Border Collie is an easy dog to care.

Just make sure to feed your McNab Shepherd with high-quality food whether it’s dry or moist, which consist proper amount of carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

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