mxyzptlk backwards pronunciation

Mister Mxyzptlk is an imp from the Fifth Dimension who periodically visited and harangued Superman. Due to the phonetic difficulties in pronouncing a name spelled without vowels such as Mxyzptlk, it has been pronounced in various ways by various sources over the past four decades. ○   Boggle. A number of these beings either inspired by or connected to Mxyzptlk include (in chronological order): Marvel Comics' Impossible Man seems to have been modeled after Mxyzptlk, and writers at DC have suggested that the two characters are one and the same: in Superman vol. As seen in every episode of Super Friends he appeared in.  |  He is usually presented as a trickster, in the classical mythological sense, in that he enjoys tormenting Superman. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors (see full disclaimer).

This would banish Mxyzptlk back to his home in the 5th Dimension for 90 days[9]. Later, during the Emperor Joker storyline, this is expanded upon: the Joker, possessing the same powers, is able to unweave the very fabric and laws of the cosmos, and render the less powerful than normal Hal Jordan Spectre into a deranged puppet, Mxyzptlk explaining that he has the power to do what the Joker is doing to the world but never uses it because he would run the risk of destroying reality from the strain he would be subjecting it to and thus leave himself with nothing to do the next day. He spent his first 2,000 years without moving or breathing, the next 2,000 years doing only good deeds, and the following 2,000 years being the mischievous character that he is normally portrayed as. [6] Still, this pronunciation was also seldom used, and normally his name backward was pronounced "Kil-tip-see-sim."[7].

This was changed to a futuristic looking orange outfit with purple trim and white hair on the sides of his head in the mid-1950s, although the bowler hat remains adapted to the new color scheme. It has also been implied that Mxyzptlk sees himself as serving an important purpose, in teaching Superman not to take everything seriously. Time is restored to as how it should be... mostly. He is later sent back to his home by Annataz Arataz, the Earth-3 counterpart of Zatanna, whom Prime had also captured. In the recently released Action Comics Annual #10 (2007), "Superman's Top 10 Most Wanted" describes Mr. Mxyzptlk and provides the pronunciation as mix-yez-pittle-ik, exactly like the 1967 animated series. He had magical powers which was normal for a someone native to his dimension. Every time, Mxyzptlk would become frustrated because he could not enrage Superman.

He only has one weakness, if he is tricked into saying his name backward, then he will be banished back to the 5th Dimension. On a walk in the fifth dimension with Gsptlsnz and his pet goldfish named Superman, he is grabbed by someone or something unknown who then disappears with Mxy. Tips: browse the semantic fields (see From ideas to words) in two languages to learn more. In his appearance in the Superman Returns video game, Mxyzptlk proudly refers to himself as "the one and only Mr. Alan Moore offered a radically different interpretation of the character in Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?—a possible end of the adventures of the Earth-One Superman. ĭk), sometimes called Mxy, is a fictional impish supervillain who appears in DC Comics' Superman comic books. Though Zatanna of the normal DC Universe was shown to have been equal to Zor, the Rogue Time Tailor during Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory (Zor being an entity capable of bending space and time with magic). Although Mxyzptlk's gullible nature often makes it easy for Superman or other individuals to trick him into saying his name backwards, it is only a temporary deterrent; after ninety days, he can again visit Earth at will. His first appearance in this new continuity saw him initially adapting the guise of "Ben DeRoy", an omnipotent mystery man with a conspicuous (and of course entirely intentional) resemblance to the Beyonder, who was turning the Marvel universe on its head at about the same time. This counterpart does not reside in Qward, but is another inhabitant of the 5th Dimension; he loaths being compared to Mxyzptlk, who he refers to as a 'madcap imp'. Mr. Mxyzptlk was an imp (a mythological, mischievous being similar to a fairy or demon) from the 5th Dimension.)

Mxyzptlk mentions that he has been coming to Earth for centuries, and has been referred to by many names (Loki, Coyote, and Anansi). Instead, the syllables are reversed nearly intact: ick-tipple-YEZ-mix.-- Prime has been apparently torturing the imp into helping him bring back his "perfect Earth", i.e. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. He promises that, when it is time, he will hassle Superman as he is supposed to, in honor of Superboy, Impulse, Robin, and even Murno Gladst.

All rights reserved. It is even suggested that he might have been behind the destruction of Krypton in the first place, just to manipulate events to the current point. ○   Anagrams If this is your first visit, be sure to Upon one of his trips to the third dimension, Mxyzptlk met his match in Superboy. So, phonetically, the pronunciation backwards would be "kell-tipp-ZEY-skim." In the last issue of the series, it is revealed that Mxyzptlk was behind Supergirl's rocket landing in Metropolis, and almost all the catastrophes in the series, hoping to use her emotions to power a machine that would give him an unlimited amount of energy. Mixyezpitellik's relationship with Ultraman also mirrors that between Mxyzptlk and Superman; while to Superman, Mxyzptlk is merely a mischievous annoyance who rarely makes a great impact upon him, Ultraman finds himself terrified by Mixyezpitellik's power and is thus made to act as his agent.

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