myday wellington college

The platform is also developer enabled and has been designed for you to customise and extend. Phygital is a term used to describe the interaction between a physical and digital space.

In 2019 The Henley College was again recognised as a Good college by Ofsted. The platform allows you to connect your existing systems without lengthy coding or large resource requirements. Home > Admissions > Our selection criteria. Address: Increase engagement with prospects, students, alumni, staff and visitors via a secure and flexible platform. Increasing student engagement leads to an increase in retention rates which results in a more profitable and reputable campus. What is to be expected now? How can you achieve digital maturity at a rapid but safe speed? We want them to have the desire and ability to contribute broadly across the co-curriculum so they can develop fully as individuals. There are both benefits and pain points to implementing new technologies at speed and many universities and colleges have found themselves accelerating the future of their technology and working practices quicker than resources allow. View all News →. The humble, silent hero- myday is one of many pandemic success stories. This is via both the web and a mobile device. Please do explore our on-line tour to get a sense of the scope and size of the school, for our campus is quite simply stunning. ", Wellington College International Shanghai, Wellington College International Hangzhou. Increasing student engagement leads to an increase in retention rates which results in a more profitable and reputable campus. The University of Leicester, which is one of the most socially inclusive of the UK’s leading HE institutions, has gone a step further in delivering on its long-standing commitment to providing fairer and equal access to higher education. As a patient, you have the right to report unwanted side effects of medicines directly to the authorities. 131 Mount Pleasant As the world-wide education sector navigates its way out of the COVID pandemic we find ourselves looking more and more towards a phygital experience. For 16+ entry, we initially use personal statements and school reports to select long-listed candidates.

Admissions overview; Virtual Tour; College Fees; Joining Wellington. Our friendly team can also be contacted by calling 0800 048 9515. Wellington College International Shanghai, Wellington College International Hangzhou. Connecting all your systems is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs, increase quality, and standardise processes. Let our team of experts assist you with pre or post-launch tasks. But do the advantages of this really outweigh the disadvantages? We are looking for boys and girls with real potential to become intellectual, inspired and independent learners. myday additional services make developing and launching your digital campus quicker and easier. Wellington College is set in 400 acres of beautiful parkland in leafy Berkshire, one hour from Central London and just 40 minutes from Heathrow. Wellington is an academic school, but also believes passionately in all-round education.

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