why did vegeta let cell absorb 18

by Kamiccolo9 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:57 pm, Post He would have stayed in his second form and gained some bio material. Later, he also gives his best to fight Beerus, but he was too much to handle for him. Now, I GET why Vegeta would've thought that it would have been a good idea, but, seriously?!

18 when she beat him). 14 comments. He spent most of the fight basically denigrating the abilities of his teammates such that he is the only one who was capable of beating Cell. It was a low blow. Vegeta: He allowed Cell to absorb Android 18 so he could have a greater challenge, to test the limits of his new power. However, the difference there is that Goku had some idea of how strong Frieza would be.

He is unlike Gohan and Trunks who fight for the purpose of protecting their loves ones. Gohan for becoming a idiot in SSJ2 and not ending cell quick.

The same can’t be said for anyone gets in the way of Vegeta’s pride though (e.g. Cell looks away and Gohan blows him away in that instant. Theres no way that a saiyan who has aquired more PL would pass up the opportunity to test it, and I am pretty sure that if Cell didnt have no way to get stronger, Vegeta would just have killed him off with a smirk on his face.

Because he is a saiyan. Character development is a crucial aspect of a good story. Later on, in the Tournament of Power, Vegeta plays a crucial role in the Universe 7's victory. Vegeta is not the most friendly to children. Those statements make Pui Pui alot stronger then Freeza. What would happen then? Dragon Ball's Vegeta isn't exactly a paragon of moral fiber, but what were his biggest, darkest evil deeds? If it wasn't for his selfishness and pride he could have beaten Cell. If it was just Cell going 100% like Freeza did on Namek against Goku, that'd be … He became a good father to Trunks. Did Vegeta use the Galick Ho against Frieza. Kaioshins -> Potentially evil mortals -> Conflict and threat -> Necessity for a Super Saiyan God -> Legend -> Afraid, Frieza attacks -> Bardock sends Kakarot away -> He destroys Red Ribbon -> Gero creates to-be-Perfect Cell. Still, he tries his best to give the latest show a watch and shell out some content about them. by Nikkolas » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:19 am, Post crap can't edit on mobile meant Gohan not double Goku. Cell told Vegeta that if he absorbed Android 18 he would get more power. Everyone in this series forgives everyone else. Vegeta is very one dimensional. (Like from every transformation he had?) Vegeta has never had patience when fighting, especially with one weaker than him, but for some reason, he spent like 2 or 3 episodes toying with semi-perfect Cell. It's another to let Cell absorb somebody to transform to get a good fight out of Goku. He probably doesn't care about her like he does about everyone else. Then, in the end, Vegeta destroys the planet- because he feels like it. Think about it, Vegeta fought Pui Pui, a guy who was a little bit stronger than him when he fought Goku on earth the first time.

Vegeta knew that there was no way that Pui Pui would ever get stronger PLUS, he was Vegeta's arch nemesis FOR YEARS, so obviously Vegeta didnt care about him because he had bigger fish to fry (FRIEZA). Totally could have left anytime after Kuririn broke the remote. Terms Trunks: Not killing 18 when he realized Vegeta was going to let Cell go. He will allow his opponents to take unorthodox and unethical approaches to get as much power as possible. With Goku he played around with him because he knew he was stronger, With Android 19 he played around with him until until he got bored so you cant really question this. He was pretty messed up at the start of the series. by hleV » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:28 am, Post There are countless times when he ignored his family. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What if Cell were to absorb no.17 & no.18 again? He acted as a good guy and restored order at the place. Dragon Ball Z VS Dragon Ball Super: Which Series Is Better? He respects Piccolo and fights alongside him to save Earth. Vegeta allowed his arrogance and his pride to allow Cell to absorb 18. Then he also lost against Omega Shenron even at SSJ4. When he desired for Super Saiyan with his heart and put in the effort. The prospect of anyone being able to be a match for him causes his Saiyan blood to boil. So, why? because toriyama hates him. Effectively giving Android 18 to Cell. Still, during the Frieza Saga, he claims that he is the Legendary Super Saiyan when he knew he wasn't. They all make dumb mistakes, that risk their chances of winning. Which Akatsuki Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? When they were fighting, Vegeta was acting all Cocky and taunting her, but then she pretty much beat him up and knocked him out cold. & More My Hero Academia Questions, Answered, 10 Anime Characters Who Are A Better Match For Naruto Than Hinata, Avatar: 10 Questions About Zuko We Still Want Answered, Yu-Gi-Oh! Why Dragon Ball Consistency in something such as power levels matter!

Another dumb mistake. How the f did Vegeta get from 35,000 - fighting par on with first form Frieza? Posted by. simple answer? Rebuild Of Evangelion: 10 Questions We Need Answered By The Fourth Movie, Fullmetal Alchemist: 15 Envy Cosplay You Have To See, Dragon Ball: 10 Ways Goku Changed Between The Start & End Of The Original Series, One Piece: 5 Characters Who Rely Too Much On Their Devil Fruits (& 5 Who Barely Use Theirs), Dragon Ball: Every Original Saga According To Funimation (& Their Actual Arc), Naruto: 10 Things That Happened To The Main Characters Between Shippuden & Boruto, Naruto: 10 Temari Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime, Can All For One Be Stolen?

It's not like Vegeta did this for the first time in his life. Android 18: She was the first one to defeat Vegeta when he achieved SSJ heavily damaging his over inflated ego. : 10 Times Kaiba Was Way Too Cruel, My Hero Academia: 5 Quirks That Would Suit Uraraka Better Than Zero Gravity (& 5 That Wouldn't), Sailor Moon: 10 Strongest Characters At The End Of The Series, Every Filler Arc In The Bleach Anime (& Which Episodes To Skip). He demands it and when they don't comply.

That's what went through Vegeta's egotistical head. I think that Vegeta deserves most of the blame because he was willing to let Cell absorb Android 18 just because he wants a challenge. Surely she must have felt some contempt for him. He should've known that Vegeta would not have the same urgency to finish off Cell before he reaches perfect form. Vegeta lets Cell absorb Android 18, letting him achieve his perfect form. Vegeta is not a family man. Did Vegeta ever use his scouter to check Frieza's PL? Vegeta was in a similar situation some time ago. Although you can't call him an anime fan since he does not watch 10 episodes per day. Neither of them simply gave a damn after the Cell arc.

It has to be justified. Vegeta has become a fan-favorite character now. Even the evilest villains leave out the children. One-Punch Man: 5 Things Only Genos Can Do (& 5 Only Puri Puri Prisoner Can Do), Dragon Ball: The 10 Worst Things Vegeta Did (& How He Atoned For His Mistakes), Ultimate Butoden & 9 Other Dragon Ball Games You've Never Heard Of, Vegeta has become a fan-favorite character, Dragon Ball: 5 Things They Changed From Dragon Ball Super To The Manga (& 5 That Stayed The Same), Piccolo and fights alongside him to save Earth. Here's Every Time Skip In Dragon Ball (In Chronological Order), Dragon Ball: 10 Tragedies That Could (& Should) Have Been Avoided, 10 Anime To Watch If You Are A Dungeons And Dragons DM, My Hero Academia: 10 Plus Ultra Mineta Cosplays. On the one hand he is a Saiyan and like Vegeta he would want to fight Perfect Cell undoubtedly. I would have loved to see a rematch where Vegeta dominates 18, contrasting the first. Secondly, he punched his own son. But the biggest dummy of them all is Vegeta. He began to respect his opponents. Yeah, Vegeta dropped the idiot ball the most here, and Krillin did not help matters either, but 18 deserves to be on the list given her willingness to watch to beings who are a clear threat to her fight rather then running away. That was it. Now lets fast forward to Buu Saga the two barely interact with each other but it seems after the seven year time skip she knew him a little better. 3 years ago. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Vegeta atones for it by saving Earth from Frieza, Cell, and Buu. Vegeta wants to be the absolute strongest in all of the universes so that nothing stands above the absolute toughest element ever — Saiyan pride.

However Vegeta turns on the Androids, and I’m sure 16 and 18 winds up dead. He had his head so far up his own ass he didn't think (When does he ever?)

Lying and deceiving has no value in front of a Saiyan like Vegeta. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Vegeta goes on to become one of the strongest warriors of Universe 7.

The years of Goku's influence has started to show results now. This time he repaid his debt. by Rocketman » Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:53 pm, Post They just don't care about each other, so I would say they have a neutral attitude towards each other. This enrages Goku and he has no choice but to agree. Still, he tries his best to make up for them. He was blinded by his own strength that he felt absolutely sure of himself that Cell, even in his perfect form, wouldn't beat him. | Vegeta is not the most friendly to children. But with Cell, it didnt make sense since before Cwell asked him to allow him to absorb 18, he was clearly outmacthing him and there was no competition. The villains in Dragon Ball, never miss a chance to take over the role of Beerus. He knew was head and shoulders above his opponent in PL that it was only fun to just toy with him until he realized he could get stronger. He gave them what they can handle. Unlike Krillin and Gohan on Namek who had to suppress their energy to hide from Vegeta, 18 could have flown as fast as she could while carrying 16 once they escaped from the area where Vegeta and Cell were fighting.

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