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Reaching the truck, she jumped off to the side, mindful of the child. "Sir, I would love to work alongside you as a partner." Ranger whimpered. Ranger looked unconvinced. Repairs were something that was still on the "To-do" list. Ace and Lani belong to Tundrathesnowpup- also known as Musicalmutt2 on deviantart. "He did say that. Depending on their duties, he probably would've made them different. Max wiped a tear from his eye, having shed it for his grandfather. I've gotten old, and I only have months to live now. "Your first recruit isn't a brute. They call their cousins' pups "Nieces" and "Nephews" just because it's easier than saying "second cousin" and stuff like that. "We can't even use that USB! There was some shuffling, and a young man in his twenties rolled into view in a desk chair.

He tries to settle things through words. Max had actually done some research, and the current mayor, Mayor Goodman, was a descendant of the mayor who was in-office during the time of the original PAW Patrol. Don't read. "Just wanted to download those files. I know a little about him, I have kept in touch with his parents. I take it you are already moved into the Lookout?" "I wish I could walk you through what you need to do, but I sadly won't be there in person to help you. came from the metallic creature. "Ranger, it looks like we have something to do in our lives.". So please, use him and the Air Patroller. That done, she ripped off her mask. A row of computers graced the far wall from the entrance, inviting people to try and get a meeting with the mayor. You start by taking naps and having people feed you, and you end by taking naps and having people feed you. Robo-dog is the only pilot you'll need. The german shepherd wagged his tail quickly.

The pup whimpered. "Robo-dog, take us to San Francisco. the boy said, pointing at the pack.

Everyone thought he died without a will, and so far my uncle hasn't been able to get his grubby hands on it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The boy rolled his eyes, then continued. Nothing. The door slid open of its own free will, allowing the boy and his dog to enter. He has a whole assortment of medical equipment, especially epipens after the terrifying incident with Lani. "Alright," the german shepherd relented, "we can stay here. ... Rocky face palmed, because William did it wrong again, but the right one was right next to this container, in the green color and with a painting of several fruits. Max slowly turned the knob, and gently pushed the door. When do you think you'll start?". Ranger was also quite happy as well, yipping like a little puppy in excitement. Chapter Text. Ranger's ears perked at the mention of lunch. It was barely half a second when the screen disappeared.

How will be the reencounted with them all? Max wasn't expecting much of an answer, so he was surprised when Robo-dog turned to the controls. He tapped a file and it opened instantly. she's very defensive about her friends and family. Max and Ranger stepped outside the courthouse, sighing deeply. The building the boy mentioned was straight ahead, on a small section of the bay. it said, a metal tongue coming out of its mouth. The elevator reached the top of the Lookout offering a grand view of the bay and the town. She dove into the building through one of the first-story windows, the glass already having been shattered at the heat from the fire. Nor do I plan to let him.

One's a insane psychopath, one's a innocent-until-murder type, one's a silent-but-deadly type, and one's a evil genius in the making. That technology disappeared a long time ago. Please consider turning it on! A ladder shot up towards the window to provide an escape for the pup and child. "Yes, thank you. Max stopped and turned quickly, looking at his pup's eyes. "I'm glad I could help. When I picked you, I spoke with your pup's parents. "There's no buttons," he said absentmindedly. "Are you familiar with the PAW Patrol?" "Uh, how about this? "It's property of the government now. Plugging the USB in, Max also hit the power button. She grabbed a spare mask from her pack and placed it on the child's face. In which Marshall discovers something about himself that has always been there, and finding out Everest's dirty little secret.

If we want to get this going, I'm afraid our meeting must be cut a little short. When it says 'look to the golden-gate', it's talking about the Golden-Gate Bridge. "How may I help you two today?" "He was never crazy. How will they manage that? "Yes, I get that your grandpa was smart, sir, but, it's been nearly half a century since this place was closed. The engines started roaring, and the plane started to lift.

I must say, though, I do wish that we had it again. How will they react to the new members? The PAW Patrol had closed for 2 years and the older members had to find a new place. "For my team, the Air Patroller was irreplaceable. Since apparently this wasn't clear when i made my blog: Ace is very ticklish on his tummy and behind his ears, even as an adult. It wasn't unheard of, but it was unusual. Lani starts to crush on another one of Zuma and Princess' sons,Dylan . See!? So why would he have something such as this?". Or will it be too late? It's a hawaiian name- If you've ever seen Lilo and Stitch- her name is also very similar sounding to Nani- the two rhyme c. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Ranger nodded.

That alone would take two more days, and just to be cruel, she figured, they all had to wait an additional day. (suggested by Skye, after what happened with Maui, Skye suggested to Ryder that he should upgrade her pack with a chute), Lollipops(for the patient, though he sneaks a few sometimes and gets in trouble with Skye), Ace sports a white diamond on his upper chest, just like his grandmother, Even though Ace is older, Lani acts more like the older sibling since she tends to have more confidence. He was still dubious about most of the inventions at the Lookout, this particular one making him quite concerned. Seeing a closed window, she smashed it out with her boot. Max turned back to walking to the elevator. You aren't even three and you already act like you're ten. He was rich enough to keep this place, albeit not maintain it. Category:Next Generation | Paw-Patrol Fanon Wiki | Fandom. Looking at the back of the desktop, he found a USB port. "That's another thing. They adore their younger sister to bits and love to be around her. Then again, he usually was. Based on P!nk's "Blow me (one last kiss)". I love you, Max." I trust that you will know what to do. I told you it wou- woah!" "No one's been in here in probably thirty, forty years. Look to the golden gate, and look for the last name of Blate." "I just want you to know that I chose you because I knew you could do it. Ranger looked curiously at his owner, then did as he was still. "Good. Every time Marshall falls, Chase was right there waiting to catch him. Will Everest find her mate? Items such as replacing glass, repainting, repairing some of the motor functions like the elevator, and the list went on. Chase and Skye's oldest two pups; born around 4 hours after Tundra and Rocky's pups: Meet Lani; meaning "Sky" or "Heaven" in Hawaiian; and Ace, named a bit after a famous police dog, but mostly after Skye's favorite pilot, Ace Sorenson. Max nodded. "It has wheels for paws, and not a claw or tooth in sight. She finds his freckles and kind personality super cute and she is head over tail for him. Possibly. ChasexMarshall. In my collection of shorts (Havin' A One-shottin' Good Time), thi sis the fifth chapter. Down below a truck drove to a spot beneath the window. PAW Patrol: New Generation Ecofinisher. This category contains confirmed, official episodes that have yet to be released. Does this thing fly?" "That sounds amazing. It had the same red and silver paw logo, this time saying "PAW Patrol II" underneath it. There was a desk standing against the left wall, a pile of white paper and a cup of pens perched atop. ... All former and new Paw Patrol members were at the outside doing all a campfire together. A/N: So, it looks like Max and Ranger now officially have the Lookout and its technologies, even if they are outdated. Together through any weather: TundraxRocky pups, Marshall's bullys at school but Skye doesn't help him, Marshall and the Cowardly Pup Princess (Part 1), PAW Patrol: The Video Game (information page), Marshall and Chase-For the First Time in Forever, Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? With traits like these, who needs friends? It was a seventh door, but this one had a paw symbol on a red and blue background. Another had an orange and yellow fire symbol, while yet a third had plane or helicopter blades on a pink background. One of the doors had a star on a blue background. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. It was closed, although the glass was broken on one of the doors. Well, a robot dog. "Arf! Ace loves his younger sibling as well, but is more protective in the emotional sense, since he's not a very physical pup, despite his size. He looked over a couple of the other files saved, and saw names beneath some of the folders. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). When he's older, he teaches Tucker to be a medicine pup. Seeing a desk, with a desktop computer on it, Max sat down in an old chair. I have hopefully updated it, but it might be a few years till you use it.

Please, let me see you out!" "Because, so far the other things we've tried have worked. There was an old couch, missing one of its cushions, with the one remaining cushion torn. The mayor sat up out of his chair, and made it look like he was opening the door. "No, sir.

Stopping a moment at the door, the boy looked to his dog. At one point in time, I was in command of a team of dogs, a team that had pledged its life on helping those in need. When they're grown up and get married, they wear Marriage pins on their collars to match their mates. Sehatlah selalu demi kami!" "Tolong dengarkanlah permintaanku, satu keinginanku untuk kalian. C'mon, let's go see where that elevator goes." The boy shook his head.

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