tau competitive list 2020

Fire Warrior Shas’ui: Markerlight, Pulse rifle . If you take one, the best move is probably to take it as Dal’yth Sept, since it’ll rarely move and bringing it up to a 2+ save is a significant bonus when you’re talking about that many wounds and only a 5+ invulnerable save. TGG gave these a number of boosts – the more popular HYMP build gets even better with Hardened Warheads, but the Rail Rifle build gets an arguably even bigger boost with the Magna Rail Rifle prototype system, which makes their big guns S9, boosts their range and gives them a minimum damage of 3.

Wings Note: Used to see play in Fire Warrior spam lists, but those are deaaaadddd in singles events in Marine meta. Outrider Detachment, Tau Empire: Farsight Enclaves [8pl, 422pts] +1CP Don’t forget that a unit firing overwatch “naturally” can do so multiple times, but using FtGG is a one-time deal that also stops further natural overwatch fire. The ethereal should move out of Scaceaand into Tau and throw a Firesight in there for rerollable 2+ marker lights to lead off you shooting phase. The cover save bonus is, on the whole, nice to have, and the relic is great for adding survivability to a key unit. SECONDARY FACTIONS: Farsight Enclaves Either of these are declared at the beginning on your turn, and provide certain benefits to units near them. Everyone knows that T’au in 8th edition really only had one competitive list — Riptides, Commanders, and Drone spam — and while it’s too early in the edition to predict how a competitive T’au army is going to look, I want to make the best case for taking some of the lesser-seen models in the codex. Drukhari.

While it’s a crime that he’s still stuck with a Finecast model while Shadowsun gets a plastic hero rock all of her own, the massive improvement to the Farsight Enclaves suddenly makes Farsight a real contender. TR: Strike Team: 5x Fire Warrior w/Pulse Rifle & Photon grenades (2pl, 35pts) These are the "Gatekeepers" of the Meta.

. Where you do replace a weapon, every instance of that weapon in the unit is replaced, so some of these get very potent on full sized units.

among other reasons ). TOTAL REINFORCEMENT POINTS: n/a This army went 4-1 at the North East Open, a UK major we did some coverage on earlier this year. For the fairly cheap cost, Ghostkeels are fun and offer something a little different, and are also huge winners from some of the custom Sept traits. This is one of the most prepostorously over statted weapons in the game, trivially blowing most tanks to bits, and is also extremely good at killing Centurions and other heavy infantry.

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