pond fencing regulations victoria

Pool fencing safety regulations in Victoria are designed to keep your family safe. They introduced new registration, inspection and certification requirements for property owners. Building Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) and Australian Standard 1926[CC1] (Standard CC1).

This may include clearing land, removing the existing fence, surveyor fees and putting up temporary barriers. You may need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader or Libre Office to view the document(s) on this page. On 1 December 2019, new Victorian legislation came into effect to improve the safety of swimming pools and spas. Is over 1.5 metres in height, and within 3 metres of the title boundary, Is over 1.2 metres in highs, built out of concrete, masonry or similar material and is within 3 metres.

Required fields are marked *. Every council in Victoria has laws regarding fencing on private and commercial properties. Contact your local council if you have any questions about how to lodge, and what fees are payable. Don't forget to check it regularly to make sure it's up to the job of keeping young children out of the water. The department acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present. If you both agree, you don’t have to build the dividing fence on the ‘correct’ boundary. If you have a Personal Safety Intervention Order enquiry, contact your local Magistrates' Court directly (External link). Required fence heights typically span between 4 and 5 feet on all sides of the pond.

If you did not give a Notice to Fence and reached a verbal agreement, that agreement may be subject to contract law and not the Fences Act. For some residential properties, a sufficient dividing fence might be a 1.8 metre paling fence. No, not if you agree on everything. a pool fence).

Furthermore, if you don’t lodge a certificate by the due date, you will likely be fined.

[1] Fences Act is used on this page to mean the Fences Act 1968 as amended by the Fences Amendment Act 2014, which brought in changes from 22 September 2014. For further information on registration, including information on registration deadlines please visit the VBA. These link(s) will open in a new browser window. Pool gates must be outward opening – gates that open inwards are non-compliant. This outlines a proposal to repair or replace a fence with one or more quotes for the work attached. A magistrate will determine whether works are needed or not and, if so, the sort of fence, the time frame, who contributes what and other things you might need decided.

However, we strongly advise you at least talk to them about what you’re going to do. Restrictions are in place to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and save lives. If your neighbour doesn’t agree with your proposal, you can’t build or begin repairs on an existing dividing fence until you  issue your neighbour a Notice to Fence via registered post.

Fencing is required … If it’s between residential or commercial land, and land over which the public has a right of access, the rails and framing should face into the residential or commercial land. You may not be aware that the Victorian government recently passed legislation, making it mandatory that swimming pools and spas are registered as an introduction to improve spa and swimming pool safety. Generally, both owners cover surveyor fees 50/50.

If you still can’t find the owner, we recommend you seek legal advice.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team. Victorian backyard pool and spa owners have until 1 June 2020 to register their pool or spa with their local council. If there’s no existing dividing fence, the rails and framing should go on the side least subject to weathering, which will depend on the circumstances. The active supervision at all times of young children and adults who are not that confident in-and-around swimming pools and spas is imperative as we’ve moved into the warmer Seasons. Also, without a Notice to Fence any dispute will be settled under contract law and not the Fences Act. FENCE BYLAW A BYLAW OF THE CITY OF VICTORIA (Consolidated to include Bylaws No. Under the Fences Act, property owners and their neighbours have equal responsibility for dividing fences. There should not be a gap at the bottom bigger than 10cm from the ground, so that no child can climb under the fence. Fence it! Swimming pools, spas and safety barriers must comply with several requirements, including: Property owners and occupants are responsible for making sure pool barriers are maintained, repaired and kept in working order. Pool fencing must be at least 120cm high from the ground. A safety barrier is required during the … You should also respond formally to the Notice to Fence by filling out the last two pages. All pool and spa barriers experience wear and tear over time (including rust, missing bolts or screws and damage), which is why it is important to ensure your barrier is regularly checked and maintained.

• Between 8th April 1991 – 30th April 2010, and. Required fence heights typically span between 4 and 5 feet on all sides of the pond. Mediation is a free, confidential process where parties try to resolve their issues with the help of a trained, impartial mediator. Call us on 1300 372 888 for more. We run nationally accredited mediation training courses, providing professional qualifications for a career in the mediation profession. If you’re lost and not knowing where to begin researching, the Victoria Building Authority(VBA) and Swimming Pool and Spa Association(SPASA) have pinpointed a few of the more important things to take note of to ensure the safety of family, pets, and friends.

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