wii u n64 injection

It s possible but it requires rom split in 2 parts and injected on diferent adresses, to play nes games your better off using pocket nes wich is a nes emulator for the gba wich works injected on gba roms. It looks like a lot of work but once you get used to it maybe it'll go faster. The game launches but it's just a mess of color squares and it's the same during gameplay, sadly ... Game freezes when selecting an event, at times you will get past the event selection screen, when event starts it freezes system. Emulation Release: Cemu 1.21.4 released to the public with Vulkan Fixes, Better Audio, How to Survive Rendering Correctly & More! Very tiny gfx glitch around pokemon hp boxes. Game stutters and no voices during cutscenes, but it is very playable. whenever it tries to load a map it crashes, making the game IMPOSSIBLE to play. Would it be possible to do this on Wii as well?

Games that work 100% or have few/very minor issues, like stuttering audio, or other things that don't affect gameplay. Boots to the title screen fine, once you create your save and start the game, the graphics is all messed up, sound is still good though, unplayable, tested on Loadiine GX2. Anything that crashes on actual N64 hardware will crash but otherwise stable. Frame buffer textures sometimes corrupt but this doesn't impact gameplay. Menu images and descriptions are glitched but you can see your options clearly. Minor graphic glitches, graphics missing at car selection screen, black screen for a few moments before the race starts, playable, tested on Loadiine GX2, No sound, graphic glitches, system freezes when race starts, adding ini settings will get black screen on boot and system freeze, tested on Loadiine GX2. I just manually entered the command in the console window and specified the input and output directories and it worked fine then and generated a WUP which installed and worked. Title menu screen gfx is messed up, after pressing Start, the rest of the menu's is fine. When you dive deep in the water the screen goes all blue and you cant see anything. Change header to the jap header, tested on loadiine v4. As with the previous method, simply plug in the working NES/SNES game then convert it and move it to the appropriate location on your SD card. Xena: Warrior Princess: The Talisman of Fate, Requires Japanese ROM header, or it softlock after the Nintendo logo. Freezes Wii U. Black screen on boot. It was amazing to see Mario Party 1 run so perfectly! Cant change to hi rez graphics but thats about it.

Used the 60FPS with the Widescreen V2 mod by Kaze Emanuar. Thank you for your information.

I still have a few issues though. Illegal Move Checker is on the fritz randomly making moves purple along with trainer names.

Thank you for this insanely detailed guide. Marumata Chou.

Stuttering sound but game is playable, tested on Loadiine GX2. Save the Tv file as working/[gamename]/meta/bootTvTex.tga, 24bit, no compression, Resize (within your editor) to the Drc sizes and save as working/[gamename]/meta/bootDrcTex.tga, 24bit, no compression, Save the icon file to working/[gamename]/meta/iconTex.tga, 32bit, no compression, MAKE SURE THE FILE SIZES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS IN notes.txt, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (still more coming sorry but this is how I do it), Copy and paste your rom file into working\[gamename]\content\rom, delete the other file that is in that folder (take note of the filename), Go into working\[gamename]\content\config and file the file that matches the file you just deleted (so it'll be something like (Unmfe0.443.ini) and rename it to rom.rom.ini, If the wiki has a custom config, copy and paste the contents of that file into rom.rom.ini (overwriting everything that existed in it), (yes, it is that easy but here comes the trickier part), ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------, get the CRC32 of the rom.rom file as this will be the last 8 characters for the titleID either with 7zip or an online tool, open working\[gamename]\meta\meta.xml and edit the following lines, WUP-N-NAGE change the NAGE (or whatever is in its place) to 4 things that you can remember, For Paper Mario I did PPRM, 00050000xxxxxxxx Replace the x's with the CRC32 that you made, 0000yyyy Replace the y's with the first 4 characters of the CRC32 you made, Scroll down till you see a whole heap of "longname" and "shortname" entries (example Mario Golf) and add/replace the name with what you want to use (so I would use Paper Mario), open working\[gamename]\code\app.xml and edit the following lines, 00050000xxxxxxxx is the same as meta.xml, 0000yyyy is the same as meta.xml, rename the [gamename] folder to something like game name [the 4 letters you changed in the product code + 01] so I would have Paper Mario [PPRM01], Testing (This is 2 extra steps I do to make sure it works), load it up in Cemu, the graphics will be derpy but it will tell you if the injection happened, load it up in Loadiine (if you know how to), --------------------------------------------------------------------------------, make a file called encryptKeyWith (no file extension) and paste the WiiU common key into that, make a file called pack.bat and paste the following into it, save and exit, (technically 3, I know) drag and drop whatever you have in your working folder (So I would be doing Paper Mario [PPRM01]) onto pack.bat and you will get a folder called [gamename] - wup (I would have Paper Mario [PPRM01] - wup), THIS TOOK ME LIKE 1.5 hours to remember and type out... hopefully it works, if ANYTHING doesn't work the way it should let me know EXACTLY the error (a screenshot/picture will be great), I may have missed a step or something, If it works fine, let me know and feel free to empty your working folder :).

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