pros and cons of living in airdrie

If you are house hunting in the Airdrie area, you can expect to get excellent multi-bedroom homes for as low as $200,000 Canadian. I laugh at that top prospects Ty Rattie video where he says he was born in Calgary but grew up in Airdrie, like its some small town in the middle of nowhere. What does Airdrie have that Calgary doesn't? 9 Comments. If you are looking at this area as a new home, it is a good idea to find a moving company that can help.

This has provided affordable housing to nearly all residents within the city. As long as you're willing to give up those extra two hours a day in a commute. This high level of satisfaction comes from a variety of different factors, including affordable housing and an excellent job market.

This championship par-70 course is made up of 6,200 yards of lush, challenging landscaping, featuring 9 water hazards. I grew up here, still live here. It has all the stores you need for day to day stuff and if you want more Crossiron Mills …

Everybody who responded to the 2013 survey indicated that they felt safe walking the streets of Airdrie at night. For alot of you mentioning Airdrie is like bringing up Edmonton. With a current population of more than 58,000 people, it is one of Canada's fastest growing communities due to the high quality of life and numerous activities that it offers. A social life will be a lot more difficult to upkeep as well, unless you already have friends in Airdrie or you don't mind sacrificing the crazy amount of time it will take to see your friends. It's not really that far out that it even seems like a separate town. Tucked into southern Alberta countryside and just a 25-minute commute North from Calgary’s downtown core, Canal’s Landing Airdrie combines small town graces with all the services and amenities you need for everyday convenience. Calgary, Alberta T3K 0S3, Phone: (403) 265-8079 Oh no you didnt!! GF and I live together and wouldn't fit in the condo.. In addition, Airdrie has many local events such as parades, festivals, and concerts that can keep people entertained even if they don't feel like traveling at all. More than half of all companies operating in the city are home-based, but this doesn't stop large companies from The whole part about people complaining about driving in to Calgary is bogus. Airdrie works the best for us out of all the "parasite communities".

If you have kids and your wife primarily stays home, Airdrie isn't so bad. But knew my neighbors names first day i got here in Calgary never did know them. We’re excited for Read more. Homes here feature authentic architectural details that reflect a reverence for the land, while offering all the style and features your modern life demands. People are ignorant assholes on that stretch of road. This affordability couples with the business-friendly culture of the city has allowed start-ups and small businesses to thrive in Airdrie. A 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey found that 96% of residents rated life in … l. lmdexpect. Calgarypuck Forums - The Unofficial Calgary Flames Fan Community, Calgarypuck Forums - Unofficial Calgary Flames Community.

We bought through a builder and have had a pretty good experience. Are you a single young professional? So Airdrie it is. Major box stores like Costco and Wal-Mart have a presence in the city, but so do small specialty shops and convenience stores that can give you something to fit with your hobbies or meet your specialized needs. 2 Hours a day? Besides the tranquility of nature, there’s so much more to love about living in Airdrie. If you haven’t yet seen the amazing display, it’s an absolute must for the holiday season. Reply . Airdrie to downtown is only 20 minutes. I agree there is no "bad" parts to the city. Cons: - The commute DT sucks balls. Here are the five best things about living in Airdrie. That's potentially an hour to two a day you would save not driving. Airdrie is a comfortable and affordable community located just north of Calgary. moving in, either. If you are looking at a move to this city, it is best to know what you have in store for you. All rights reserved.

© 1977–2020 Calgary, AB T2H 2J6, Canada. A 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey found that 96% of residents rated life in Airdrie as "good to very good." Enjoy a picnic or fish in the pond at this park featuring over 40 acres of natural space. Thanks. Oh no you didnt!!

ver eight kilometres of walking and cycling trails interwoven around Pier 11’s canal system. Report as Inappropriate. The festival starts on December 1st. Its only 20 minutes, everyone knows that. Airdrie is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer all residents. Airdrie has done a great job setting aside land for trails for everyone to enjoy. Airdrie is home to the largest outdoor Christmas light display in all of Western Canada.

This means great job opportunities for all levels of work experience. There are lots of picnic tables and pathways for the whole family to enjoy there. The city of Airdrie does not collect a business tax rate, and this allows companies both new and old to thrive in the area.

Married? Report as Inappropriate. The park is located at Chinook Winds Drive, south of Yankee Valley Boulevard.

And with the abundance of parks and playgrounds in and around the community too, it makes nature even easier to enjoy with the whole family. City of Airdrie is just outside of Calgary and a very nice place to live. I made this move just over a year ago from my condo in DT Calgary. The low crime rate and high number of amenities speaks very well to the city's overall environment. LOL, bulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll####.

Its only 20 minutes, everyone knows that. Wow. s. srh93. What are some pros and cons of living there? Prices of restaurants, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included. i sometimes have trouble wrapping my head around the "tired of the big city" concept.....i live in New Brighton and the majority of services I require in in Mac Towne or on 130th - so while I live in Calgary, I don't feel the need to stray far from my community for most stuff, so in essence I am living in a small community.

610 70 Avenue Southeast, Suite #5 How much less expensive are houses there than in Calgary, which is a better city in every way imaginable? Excellent Quality of Life. Average prices of more than 40 products and services in Airdrie, CanadaJun 2020. This gives Airdrie residents access to such features as the Calgary Zoo and Prince Island Park without the hassle of living in a large city. I just moved out to Airdrie in April I love it so far but I work at home and the other half is working at a school here so no driving to Calgary. Also dat water tower. This course is a popular choice for both professionals and amateurs, and is the first golf course in Alberta to be pet-friendly.

Each neighborhood has its strengths whether it's beautiful old trees, schools, shopping, or access to fitness facilities. Living in Airdrie would make your commute a lot better. Bayview is the perfect place for outdoor lovers to put down roots.

For those who want even more than what Airdrie has to offer, the city of Calgary is a mere 20-minute drive down the highway. We are looking at moving to Calgary. I always considered Airdrie a suburb of Calgary. Nestled in the heart of Airdrie’s welcoming, family-friendly Bayside community, Pier 11 offers the serenity of the country alongside the conveniences of the city. Bert Church Live Theatre: full of entertainment, this popular theatre features musicians and theatre groups, promoting all things local entertainment and arts. his event allows community groups and non-profits to showcase their services and products, as well as offering free family-friendly entertainment and fun. I think it's a great city. - If you're not driving at least 130km/h on the QE2, 10' off the bumper in front of you you'll likely become a roadblock. Despite the fact that so many of Airdrie's businesses are small in scale, or perhaps because of that fact, there is a great diversity of shopping and convenience available to residents of the city. The shopping opportunities in the area are virtually endless. Do you have kids? Must-Have Moving Supplies for Packing Fragile Items, Ultimate Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company, How to Deal with Stress When You're Moving to a New House, $50 dollars off packing supplies with packing services.

It also indicates that citizens feel very safe in the city. Whether you’re a family, “thinking of kids,” or an empty nester that wants a quality residence in a natural environment. Assisted Living - Live your retirement: find 3 retirement homes and communities in Airdrie, Alberta, Map view Here’s the top 10 reasons to love living in Airdrie: We work with incredible local home builders in Airdrie as well: 6240, 333 – 96 Ave NE Here’s the top 10 reasons to love living in Airdrie: Access to great schools: Airdrie is home to 16 schools, run by Rocky View Schools . The leaves are changing colour, pumpkin spice everything is back, and you can cozy up in a big knit sweater. Airdrie to downtown is only 20 minutes, maybe 10 if you drive a plutonium powered DeLorean. this park offers over 55 acres of parkland and recreation spots, including playgrounds, skate parks, amenities and even a spray park for the summer. What's with the hate? Our Airdrie movers are ready to help make your travel to this region a breeze. And where is the best and safest area to live in. In the summer at 5:30 in the morning driving 135 km/h it is only 20 minutes to downtown! I dont like Airdrie, but then again, if all you ever want to do is work, commute, and stay home then sure, its a great place. Why do you want to live in a parasite community? Oldest First. Email:, Hello Autumn! Just recently moved there, overall its been pretty good. Because Airdrie has grown so quickly over the past few years, a number of master-planned communities have been built within the city to accommodate new residents. 2 Hours a day?

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