remember the titans summary essay

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This influence may come from the home and family but can also come from almost anywhere the child hears and see things. The film also celebrates success on the football field, however the greater messages explore racism and the friendships that develop as blacks and whites work together to reach a common goal, football victories. (Find a price that suits your requirements), The Essay on Coach Boone Team Movie Football, The Essay on Soccer Tournament Coach Team Game, Relationship Between Black Slavery And White Freedom.

Prejudice will be the first principle this paper will explore because it is front and center in a large part of the movie.

May 11, 2009 http://www.

Historica Foundation of Canada. The Central Route uses logic and objective means to convince someone.

The movie depicts a scene that is common in the world today, in the past and will most likely be in future social settings- ifferent groups of people with different values and ideals faced with a common problem none of them want to address or may even recognize but have no choice but to solve. Essay, Use multiple resourses when assembling your essay, Get help form professional writers when not sure you can do it yourself, Use Plagiarism Checker to double check your essay, Do not copy and paste free to download essays. Gerry was also a big influence on the team. Coach Yoast adds that he has learned a lot from the team and their time together about trusting people because of who they are and not what Page 9 of 12Film Analysis Research Project_Nadler. It is everywhere from commercials trying to get us to buy something to a friend wanting us to help them out. Black people were cruelly treated as ... racism was just part of the normal day. (Social Identity Theory, 2004) Page 8 of 12Film Analysis Research Project_Nadler.

Coach Yoast-Will Patton

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology Volume 33, Issue 2 (March 1997): Pages 146-170 “Social Identity Theory”. This is a good set up for an emotional/ peripheral appeal. The goal specificity is also clear in the movie. In one of their games, Petey had decided to quit but Coach Yoast had changed his mind with his kind words.

The football team leaves for camp one day where they head to Gettysburg for training.

In this day and age some people believe that racism is over because there are no longer any slaves, some Boone is an African American and the coach he is now replacing (Bill Yoast) is white. Coach Yoast is the ex-coach of T.C Williams High when Coach Boone takes his job.

Even assistant Coach Yoast comes around and starts to respect Boone's management and leadership skills. doc trigger a positive emotion in the subject.

This causes a few fights and of course dirty looks.

May 10, 2009 . PBS.

It sets up the ‘good feeling ending’ and leaves movie goers with the idea that together we can really conquer what may seem to be insurmountable problems, especially since the movie is based on a true story. When the entire group arrives at the office, Coach Boone is inside waiting for a meeting that was scheduled for him and Coach Yoast. The story, based on a true story, is fraught with psychological principles in almost every character, group and scene.

Age can be a major factor when choosing what method and tools of persuasion are used.

One of the most important lessons is that of racism. The film takes place in the early 1970’s where blacks and whites had equal rights but blacks still faced the wrath of many white people who don’t agree with the equal rights.

The communicator should be credible and attractive or likeable. You search returned over 23756 essays for "Plot Summary of Remember the Titans" Plot Summary of Remember the Titans Do not forget, Titan is a 2000 movie showing the true story of the football team that split in the 1970s. Research has shown by holding our perception of our social identity high, we feel better and more superior to others (Smith and Tyler, 1977). March 26, 1985.

Meyers states there are two basic types of persuasion- The Central and Peripheral Routes (Meyers, 2007).

your own paper. Smith, Heather J. and Tyler Tom R. “Choosing the Right Pond: The Impact of Group Membership on Self-Esteem and Group-Oriented Behavior”. ...Remember The Titans docpeople in front of Coach Boone.

Disgusted by their actions, Coach Boone disciplines his players by ordering them to a long run to Gettysburg. The two characters show their hate for each other in many ways, the first being on the bus Julius tells Gerry he “can shut-up”, causing more conflict between the two. Rediscovering the Social Group: A Self-Categorization Theory. These are both factors that make the team more susceptible to being persuaded. He was determined to prove a point. Persuasion and Social Identity are the second and third principles present in the movie that will be explored. In the movie, Gerry and other team mates run to join a riot against blacks.

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WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston, MA. I have seen the movie many times, but I never looked at it from a management perspective. Coach Boone told them to learn a few things from each other or they would have to train three times a day. adl. An example of this is shown when the original coach of the titans, Coach Yoast, who is white, has Coach Boone, who is black, over to his house.

Although Yoast decides to take up the assistant coaching job at T.C Williams under Boone, The fact that an African American coach was instated meant that a once all white football team now is becoming an interracial squad. ” (“Prejudice and Discrimination”, 2009). An important distinction about prejudice is that prejudice is an attitude or belief and not an action or behavior. Coach Boon tries many remedies. Boone persuades Yoast to make himself the coach of the team, and Yoast the assistant coach. The attitude we form from a prejudgment will affect our beliefs, desires to act and feelings toward that person or group. He treats his team like his second family. Application of the Principle: The Superordinate goal that brings the students together is the prospect of wining football games and ultimately the state championship.

oc/ Turner, John C. , Michael A. Hogg, Penelope J. Oakes, Stephen D. Reicher and Margaret S. Wetherell. ” The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Coach Tyrell’s attitudes and beliefs are engrained in his mind and will continue to direct his actions and behavior most likely for the rest of his life.

The year was 1971 when there were no racial mixings in the schools the previous years. He also made them train with no water breaks because they had a fight over race issues.

Although Coach Boone had been fired from his last job because a white man wanted that position, he shows respect to all who have earned it, even Coach Yoast who had gone against Boone’s wishes numerous times.

doc learned his prejudice from are his mother (home and family) and Coach Tyrell (outside the home and family). Retrieved from, This is just a sample. The Principle: Myers defines Prejudice as “a negative prejudgment of a group and its individual members” (Meyers, 2007). At T.C Williams high school in Virginia, Herman Boone has just been announced as the schools new football coach. This is exactly what we would expect to happen in a situation like this. It now makes sense to me to look at a football team, or any other type of sports team, from a management point of view.

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