remington 7400 problems

As dogging deer with beagles a good semi or pump 12 gauge works wonders with 00 buck and a high cap tube. My son was using my 7400 in 270. The first thing you must determine is the type of jam you are experiencing. As long as the spring clipping was stopped as the bolt fully reached the rear of the receiver you will have ample spring pressure to close the bolt and load a new round.

Its been great. You have just accurately described a culture of apathy. By the way the recoil, or lack there of, is a joyful thing. I wouldnt mind to get one of the heavy aftemarket barreled Minis, but the price really isnt cost effective unless youre stuck with a Mini (i.e in CA). I can shoot 5 rnds very fast, but it has to be clean factory ammo.

Local man has both a .270 and 30.06 7400 and wants to sell both at $325 each.Thinking about getting at least the .270 maybe both. I have nevershot/handled a 7400 or a 740. Just wonder how well they work? I'm looking forward to many more shots thru mine.

At fifty yards I can almost keep bullets touching on a target. We where hunting in WV last year. One of the problems with the rifle is its accuarcy degrades as it heats up. No pain is a good thang !!!! I took my mic. It is a ,308 with the 18 1/2" barrel and I mounted a Leupold VI 2 - 7 X 33 on it....NY deer season is coming.... Well, just got back from the range. Dad bought me my 7400 in .30-06 back the early eighties. Having said that, he has probably put. He'll only be shooting at smallish S.C. deer at ranges under 200 yards. I see Eagle makes a 10rd mag. In the 7400 series rifles, this problem was eliminated by machining out a wider/shallow dovetail in the inside upper part of the receiver and inserting a hardened steel insert to guide the bolt lugs better. I love it. wow i actualy like the looks of that alot i never figured you could get a shotgun stock to fit a rifle, i think u gave the 7400 a lil touch of the evil black gun look. I have a .270 that is very relaible. Just dont let the warden catch you. Guess what. My sales clerk has his Dads old 742 also 30'06 and said hundreds of rounds have been shot thru it. I'm not as familiar with the 7400 as with it's earlier relatives, the 740 & 742. Amazing. I unloaded it and took it into the farm house for 10 min to warm it up. Got hooked on bolts though and never got around to the 7400. It does stick a little after 30 -40 rounds w/o cleaning. Anymore Iam more concerned with the two legged variety of deer anyways. In "like new shape". I have worked on dozens of those as they were very popular here in years past, particularly years ago when hunting deer with dogs was still legal. It seemd fine. The primer was dinged. It would be nice if this could be a sticky some place . If I shoot a string more than 3 rounds, they spread out big time. I don't own a 7400 but looked at them. I cannot beleive that the spring length could be off that much. I used to have a single shot New England shotgun when I was a kid that when it was really cold would occasionally just ding the primers. We are well over populated with deer but in my county we dont even have a gun doe day. The weapon seems to be working but I could not believe that I had to take 5 coils out of the action spring. Only had cycling probs with the so called factory mini mags. A friend got a 7600 pump in .243 and he was pleased w/ it. I'd have to agree. A huge 8 pointer came out about 75 yards from my son. The gun failing to project the bolt to its full travel is usually either a dirty/rusty chamber or insufficient gas being tapped into the system. The barrel bends up at the gas block, and the muzzel whips up slightly behind that. I'm gonna go ahead and use my magical powers to resurrect this thread, because it is just the ticket I needed! You must log in or register to reply here. No problems. Shot only when hunting or sighting in. Just file it down ( slowly ) where it fits into the back of the action on the rifle. Looks like and is a hunting arm--but add extended mags, a clip on bipod, and you have a "BAR" that puts '06 rounds accurately downrange. New stnd wood stock one are $569 retail. And how about the aftermarket magazines? I have heard both good and bad things about them, but you can hear good/bad things about any firearm. Again, thanks to POPS for posting this info. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. I never really could understand why. One good advantage is that it is very "grey". Ive seen lots of 742's, 7400 etc with problems, but I've never seen a 760 that wasnt a reliable tack driver. It can happen to any firearm. A reloader who sizes his brass shouldnt have a problem. For shooting groups and sighting in a scope I shoot only on a cool barrel. I have repaired many 7400's and a couple of the new 750's with this method and the worst that can happen is you clip too many coils and have to replace the mainspring and start over. I always use Rem 150gr cor lokts SPs and it has always functioned fine.

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