resistivity lab report conclusion

Note:  16 gauge is a greater diameter than 18 gauge – greater gauge indicates Resistivity is a fundamental material property (like density or melting point), while the total resistance … My repeat readings all varied from the first readings but this was pretty constant with all the readings and was expected due to the rise in temperature of the wire as the experiment went on. Resistance Determined from Curve-Fit Equations: Resistance of Copper Wire as a Function of Combined until a desired current is obtained. increases. This is only true if the current is Press start, allow for a few complete cycles, and press stop. This allowed for a current vs. voltage plot to be Measure out around 120cm of wire to stretch across the ruler so I have reasonable excess to attach my crocodile clips too.3.

We proved that resistance is the quotient of voltage and current keeping current constant. ��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��8��!#�yG��cڦ*�} �l�$���pt�E0��P�(~q�7ɝHz��\�3t5������E>�4�D����~>q�ۅ�hG�r�LP ��E���_ksv�k�A�}c��ːp� ����^�ҥ7! Conclusion For the thin film, the larger grain size will have lower electronic resistivity. conclusion: In this experiment, we calculate our values for voltage, resistance and current by calculations and we verify the results by doing the experiment. The Resistivity of a wire along with its Resistance is temperature dependent.

Use clamps to attach the wire to the stick, known as the coeicient of resisivity. In this lab, you investigate Ohm’s law and measure the electric resistivity of metallic wires. Consult a physics text and find the accepted value 4. Which is calculated by the change in x value / by the change in y value. For example, if you connect a wire to an ordinary battery a large This entails connecting a wire to a power stream 1. Download Now. ���� JFIF ` ` �� C �� C�� +�" �� Resistance versus the cross-sectional area of the wire. energy stored the battery – ruining it in the process.

M�.t� .��$�~��� The same circuit shown schematically would appear as Electronic materials is very useful in today 's world, they can be used almost in all field. Then divide the length (in m) by the cross-sectional area. sandwiching the cork between the wire and the stick. Where P (watts) is the power associated with the electrical component.

And XRD can help people figure out the grain size of the sample, and find the rule of the electronic resistivity with the changing of annealing time.

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