chinese tradition visiting cemetery

Etiquette of Visiting a Sick Person: The Hospital is a special site for healing the wounded and rescuing the dying. Bright and colorful clothing, especially red, must be avoided as these colors are associated with happiness. Then a yellow and white “holy” paper is placed on coffin. So, needless to say, but say I … Let's mention two more of Chinese traditions that are held when someone dies. The wake can occur in a couple of different places. It is part of the Confucian principle of filial piety and devotion to one’s parents. White is acceptable and, if the deceased was 80 or above, white with pink or red is acceptable as the event is cause for celebration. Incense, food, fruit, and other gifts are placed on the grave. The wake usually lasts for a day. As you near the desolate graveyard, you'll find perfectly squared white signs posted on trees, with red lettering that reads "No Witchcraft" and "Keep Out". In the courtyard of the home that used to belong to the deceased there are usually some people gambling. Traditional Chinese culture believes that loud music will keep evil spirits away. Family members will talk to the deceased as if they are present by sharing stories and making jokes. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our, The Significance of Red Envelopes in Chinese Culture, Victorian Death Photos and Other Strange Victorian Mourning Traditions, Biography of Louis Armstrong, Master Trumpeter and Entertainer, How to Plan a Traditional Chinese Wedding, The Modern Chinese Wedding Ceremony and Banquet, Tips for Celebrating a Chinese-Style Birthday, B.A., Humanities, Florida Atlantic University. On the 7th day after the funeral, the family believes the soul of the deceased will visit.

A monk will chant in the crematory while the body is being cremated. History & Culture. The eldest son is suppose to sit at the left shoulder of his parent's coffin and the spouse of the deceased sits on the right. His duties among others include relations with the family ancestors. White is the color reserved for death in Chinese culture. Everyone present at the wake burns an incense and bows as a sign of respect for the deceased. The size of the procession depends on the wealth of the deceased and his or her family. Traditionally the daughters of the deceased pay the funeral costs. A large portrait of the deceased sits on display near the casket.

The larger the deceased’s inheritance, the louder the wailing. The family may also give guests a piece of candy that must be consumed that day and before going home. For example, if the deceased died in the home, his or her casket will be placed inside the home. Younger relatives are in charge of planning and prepping the funeral for elders and women play a predominant role in funeral planning.

If the deceased died at home the coffin will also be there. One final item, a piece of red thread, may be given. This link will open in a new window. A eulogy may be given and, if the person was religious, prayers may also be said.

The following tradition is also held at the wake in China. As a token of gratitude, the family of the deceased hands out red envelopes filled with coins.

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Search. Family members offer continuous prayers and burn joss paper. At the end of the wake, the casket is covered with a yellow and white holy paper. A special red plaque with some inscription on it is put outside the house.

Fake paper money and miniature items like cars, houses, and televisions are burned. Crying and wailing is a sign of loyalty and respect to the deceased. The deceased person wears a white robe.

is acceptable in Buddhist culture. The wake is often held inside of the home or surrounding courtyard. Friends and associates complete the procession. These envelops signify the end of the mourning period and a new beginning. Prayers are said every 7 days for 49 days. Traditionally those relatives who arrive later are crawling on their knees towards the coffin. Grandchildren wear blue clothes and grand grandchildren, if there are any, wear light blue clothes. But, for most Chinese it is not so important. Traditionally children and grandchildren of the deceased would not cut their hair for 49 days after the death. All these prayer, chants and offerings should help the deceased to reach the heaven. White is the color reserved for death in Chinese culture. The whole procedure of the funeral and everything around should be done in a proper way. A long, lit joss stick is carried during the funeral procession. The costs of funerals are quite high. Every person is expected to carry the funeral out according to custom.

The higher the hillside, the better it is for the deceased, according to Chinese superstition. The floor of the entrance hall is sprinkled with little bit of flour or talcum power. A lot of rules and rituals are followed in the Chinese culture — and if traditional funeral etiquette isn’t followed, it’s said to bring bad luck to the family.

Cremation is acceptable in Buddhist culture.

And if the deceased is a woman a gong is put on the right side.

The job of coordinating and preparing Chinese funerals falls on the children or younger family members of the deceased person. Grandsons and granddaughters wear blue mourning clothes. Black symbolized the strongest sadness.

They view this as a rite of passage and the process is treated with respect. There is one more detail. When the burial is over.

Daughters-in-law come next and also wear black and white clothes. And for the soul not to get lost this plaque is put.

Chinese display their love and admiration for family through rituals and following superstitions. It's totally free to use. The Chinese do everything they can to support the deceased on his or her journey in death. The website is no longer available for use. Any irregularities can cause bad luck and accidents in the family of the deceased. This way they have everything they need when they enter the spirit world. The Chinese government recognizes five major religions, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, and Protestantism. A burning incense and lit white candle are put on such an altar. The amount of money put in the envelope varies depending on the relationship to the deceased but must be in odd numbers. This cemetery is the Chinese Graveyard, also known as the Loma China Cemetery and the Guzman Burial Ground. During this time, fruit, candles, and flowers are all placed inside the casket with the deceased. The sons and daughters wear black and white mourning clothes and walk in the front row of the procession.

Following the family is the hearse or sedan containing the coffin. The shape of such a coffin is rectangular with three "humps". Continue reading, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If the deceased is a father his eldest son is becoming a head of the family. At the funeral, the family will burn joss paper (or spirit paper) to ensure their loved one has a safe journey to the netherworld. The age of the deceased, the cause of death, the fact that the deceased was single or married, the social status of the deceased are all factors that influence Chinese death rites.

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