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Dudley assured the King that no new sale had been made, only the one to Mr Button referred to above. In the wake of the annulment, Dudley’s old friend, Thomas Cromwell, was executed. Dudley, however, went from strength to strength.

As well as the title, he was granted 20 marks (c. £16) per annum. In March 1542, Henry became convinced that Lord Lisle was innocent. (1887–98); new edn, ed. Shortly after Sir Edward’s death, Dudley was granted his office of Master of the Armoury in the Tower of London and elsewhere, at a salary of 12d per day, with 6d per day for a page, and a further 3d per day for an under-page. (1864–1947), J. S. A tournament was held at Westminster to celebrate May Day. He wrote to the Earl of Rutland that Henry, having been somewhat troubled by the allegations against his wife, was well, and that ‘all true subjects are bound to thank God that these sudden miseries are so soon revealed’. Dudley was concerned that if he spent money on the land, and it was then adjudged to be the property of his rival, Sir John Guilford, he would ‘well-mocked for his labour’. Lisle, as he was now called, dined in the Lord Great Chamberlain’s chamber, with the Earl of Huntingdon and Lord Cobham, amongst others. Others were feeling the King’s wrath, as well. The Master not only had overall responsibility for the Queen’s stable, but also attended her personally and was a member of her Council. Dudley led her ‘horse of honour’, directly behind the lady herself, mounted on a palfrey.

To recover the lands would cost as much as had been expended to drain them in the first place, as the sea-wall had been washed away. He asked after Lisle’s health and assured him that the King and Lisle’s friends were all in good health. One of the men examined in relation to Queen Katheryn’s disgrace, William Pewson, said he had first heard the rumours about the Queen and Francis Dereham from Dudley’s servants. On this occasion, it was not granted – his friend Seymour, now Earl of Hertford, being appointed instead, but it was a sign that he was part of the inner circle of courtiers. (1892–9); repr. Gage was right to anticipate problems – the arguments between Dudley and John Guilford continued for some five years.

Hume, ed., , 4 vols., PRO Nevertheless, he was moderate in his conduct. Dudley’s wife was named as one of the new Queen’s ladies.

(1965), W. B. On the other hand, immediate action needed to be taken, so he hoped that the King would ‘consider his charges’ as part of the affected land was in the King’s hands to recover debts from Sir Edward Guilford.

(1862–1954); M. A. S. Dudley, John, duke of Northumberland (1504–1553), royal servant, was born in London, the eldest of three sons and heir of Edmund Dudley (c. 1462–1510), administrator, of Atherington in Sussex, and his second wife, Elizabeth (1482×4–1525/6), daughter of Edward Grey, first Baron Lisle, and his wife, ... You do not currently have access to this article, Access to the full content requires a subscription. The King was at Windsor, and was planning to begin his Progress to the West Country in early July. Dudley, John, duke of Northumberland (1504–1553), royal servant, was born in London, the eldest of three sons and heir of Edmund Dudley (c. 1462–1510), administrator, of Atherington in Sussex, and his second wife, Elizabeth (1482×4–1525/6), daughter of Edward Grey, first Baron Lisle, and his wife… in 15

(1982) and Bergenroth, P. Printed from Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. He was perhaps compensated for any disappointment by the grant of the Priory of Dudley and the manor of Walsall. Gairdner, & R. H. John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley (1494-1553), commonly known as Lord Quondam, was the eldest son and heir of Sir Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley and his wife Lady Cicely (Willoughby) Sutton. Learn about John Dudley: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.

Lady Katherine Dudley, Countess of Huntingdon. Presumably at this point, Henry took the mantle and wrapped it around Dudley, transforming him into a Peer, entitled to sit in the House of Lords. (1910–98); microprint repr. (1982), Childhood, youth and early career, 1504–1532, Lord president of the privy council, 1550–1552. Dudley’s wife … Henry’s marriage to Katheryn Howard lasted somewhat longer than that to Anne of Cleves, but by November 1541, she had been accused of adultery and treason. It has been suggested that Katheryn was certainly not a popular choice with the evangelical members of Henry’s court, of whom Dudley was one, so it is possible that his servants might have revelled in gossip about her. Dudley requested Lisle’s permission to entertain the King and Queen at the Lisle estates at Painswick, Gloucestershire, or King’s Lisle. (1861–1950), G. E. C. [G. E.

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