enrofloxacin dosage for goats

It was an over-the-counter oral nutrient product for both rehydrating and providing nutrition to ruminants that were not ruminating or off-feed. Total Ear Canal Ablation and Ventral Bulla Osteotomy (TECA) for End-Stage Ears in Dogs and Cats

Injectable medication for selenium deficiency (white muscle disease, aka nutritional muscular distrophy). Day One: dose twice 12 hours apart. Dosage is 2 cc for all goats, regardless of age, sex, weight, or breed. Keeps best in warm climates when refrigerated. Albadry Plus - Teat infusion medication containing procaine penicillin and novobiocin sodium for treating mastitis in non-lactating goats and drying up lactating goats.

Lime sulphur dip 97.8%. Requires two initial injections of 2 cc each 30 days apart for all young goats and any new purchases brought onto the property regardless of age, then booster annually thereafter.

Triple Antibiotic Opthalmic Ointment - Vet prescription. THE ARTICLE MUST BE REPRODUCED IN ITS ENTIRETY AND THE AUTHOR'S NAME, ADDRESS, AND CONTACT INFORMATION MUST BE INCLUDED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE REPRINT. Jeffers 1-800-533-3377 www.jefferspet.com carries most of these non-prescription items.

Albon (Sulfadimethoxine 12.5% or its generic equivalent DiMethox 12.5% - These products are the drug of choice for preventing and treating Coccidiosis. Note: for pre-ruminant calves, lambs and kids only. Email. Enrofloxacin (Baytril) is a fluroquinolone, broad-spectrum antibiotic which is useful for treating a wide range of bacterial infections. I no longer use Naxcel but instead use Excenel RTU, the ready-to-use equivalent product that doesn't require refrigeration or mixing, or Nuflor Gold. Use topically to treat Pinkeye, particularly in ulcerated eyes. Vet prescription. I prefer oral Red Cell. Goat NutriDrench - Oral quick energy supplement for stressed and/or off-feed goats. Give SQ. Usage in goats is "off-label" or "extra-label," but this antibiotic is being used in goats by some veterinarians. Lutalyse -- Prescription injectable. Follow label directions. of body weight for five consecutive days.

I do NOT encourage anyone to use these products and/or dosages without supervision and direction of a veterinarian.

Polyserum or Bovi Sera - Over-the-counter injectable immune system boosters.

This medication is very effective against gut-related illnesses and works synergistically (better together than individually) with SMZ (sulfadimethoxazine with trimethoprim). Use to treat watery diarrhea and other gut-related illnesses.

(May have to be compounded by a pharmacy as it may no longer be available commercially.) All artwork and graphics © DTP, Ink and Onion Creek Ranch. This clear liquid works best if used orally at a rate of 1 cc per 50 pounds body weight. Ivomec 1% injectable dewormer or generic equivalent Invermectin - Over-the-counter product for eliminating stomach worms. Draxxin (tulothromycin) - Vet prescription.

Oral antibiotic that comes in tablet form, by weight of animal, for gut-related infections. Prescription items must come from your vet. The appropriate IM dosage is 4 cc's per 100 lbs.

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