rwby semblance ideas

Perhaps something of a loss of inhibitions to gain a boost in strength? That way if things don't go as expected, at least you do have a backup plan instead of falling flat on your face.

She could carry crystals around to use as grenades, or use it to sabotage enemy weapons. ), Chumin Ro: "Bloody Regalia" (the ability to extract his blood from his or another living creature's body and use it to form weapons, such as a whip. this is utilised in battle by producing roses that can bind an enemy and possibly injure them with the thorns of the vines. this also gives her bioluminescense). When she returns to her body, she needs five to ten minutes, minimum, to get her systems working all over again. Qrow has known his entire life that he had this particular Semblance.

Polarity means that someone with this Semblance can manipulate the magnetism of metallic objects. WARNING: SMALL ESSAY-LENGTH POST. The longer she listens in, the worse of a headache she'll get, though she can last up to fifteen to twenty minutes without getting one. she can bring along people she's in contact with. * = means semblance is open to discussion and alteration, I am willing to amend any and all of these if it is deemed too OP. Ability puts him in a death-like state in order to fully heal him, although he is not dead. This avoids double ups and confusion when it comes to for the Big Bad List's to be created. i try really hard to not OP stuff, but if you have any nitpicks, drop me a bomb at my wall. A quiz to help you find your semblance, like those from the American anime, RWBY.

An example could be Flynt Coal. Even if your twin/sibling OC's are very alike, use their differences to create a semblance.

His semblance relates to his trumpet, and all three clones help the real Flynt create a wave of sound from their trumpets. Also, please double check the lists in the next post to make sure the name you wish to use hasn't been used on another semblnace. the rose petals produced by her can be used as a sort of distraction. universe. His control over his Semblance is certainly stronger than Qrow’s, but the two would make quite a formidable team. if she holds it in a non-active state for 20 mins, she'll experience severe knockback, possibly knocking her off her feet. People affected by his power are only affected while he holds concentration of them. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

), Thyme Winderfly: "Arena Adaptation" (when activated, Thyme can siphon various materials in her environment with her hands for a limited time. However, it can be said that she literally falls apart, having lots of pressure on her that she can't comprehend at such a young age.

), Sophia McLaren-Cobb: "Conga" (when activated via trigger phrase ("Conga, Conga, Conga! Though he does show hints at being a reasonably compassionate man. The confusion is a good idea, though :). The name of this Semblance makes it easy to think it has to do with family. It’s one of the most useful of Semblances, though perhaps not the outright most powerful.

It cannot prevent instant deaths, like an explosion or getting shot through the brain. kiku mostly uses this to produce giant walls of rose vines, complete with thorns. All these things are possible, and this method is a good one to use! Similar to the snake-haired woman's ability to turn mortals to stone, Mauve's semblance paralyzes opponents for a bit. He is nihilistic scoffing at the idea of the brothers, silver eyes warriors and maidens. Though of course, too much energy can be dangerous. This list is meant so that no two characters have the same Semblance, unless the Semblance is hereditary (carried through the family). A Red Thumb - above average natural proficiency with Dust. ), Kiku Higanbana: "Rosen Krone" (the ability to produce and control plants in the subfamily Rosoideae. ), Yasmin Montblanc: "Sandstorm" (the ability to combine with dust [as in legit dust, not, Amaryllis Azalea: "Lotus Eater" (the ability to absorb energy from humans (and humans only), causing them to be groggy or to sleep in peaceful apathy, depending on how much she absorbs from them. "Limited total domain and control over beast and animals around the world, they have unlimited control and power over all manner of creatures ranging from the mundane (dogs, cats, turtles) to the most powerful and mythical (dragons, sphinxes, phoenixes).".

), Lightning McLaren: "Lightning Strike" (can emit electricity from her hands, a la Force Lightning from Star Wars. And her semblance literally makes her burn (no pun intended). ), Elysium Karst: "Soaring Heights" (the ability to jump inhuman heights. My mistake. Another option is to base the Semblance off of the "losing control" aspect. "Super Duper High School Despair" - the ability to be empowered by her, and others', despair. Everyone in RWBY has a Semblance, but not everyone figures out just what their Semblance is. The entire Schnee bloodline has the same Semblance. She also learns to use them to summon copies of old enemies. He doesn’t have a lot of control over it, but he has enough that he can amplify it in battle, causing his enemies to have bad luck.

° - will probably be altered in the distant future. Likewise, Clover’s Semblance means he can bring good luck to those he chooses. Raven Branwen, a fairly isolated individual, is who uses the Semblance. ), Zinc Graham: "Chain of Impact" (when activated, chained consecutive landed hits increase in impact with each hit. This does, however, naturally tire after a certain amount of time and demands some amount of stamina. The stronger the will, the more resistant. Since Nora Valkyrie is inspired by Thor, who wields lightning and thunder with his hammer, it’s probably not surprising that her Semblance involves electricity.

Pepper Brodrick - "Healing Rebirth" it makes the person feel as if their going to die for a short period of time, though after a little while the effected person starts to heal.

Of the ones we’ve seen in the series so far, these are some of the most powerful. However, with all of the evidence proven in the show, I think it's safe to assume that at least some part of a semblance can be connected to their user. These are more rare in the community, but if done well, can turn out very good.

These Semblances are two sides of the same coin, and as a result, they tie for the spot of third most powerful Semblance we’ve seen in RWBY so far. She can use the butterflies as her 'eyes', but she can't hear from them. This is the place managed by SpiritedDreaming and VedranTheII (with help from Phantom), where you can post semblance ideas and get them review and refined, in order to see if we can make them fit into the RWBY-verse canon and balance wise via group discussion and decision. It is like a darker Strength, almost an Inverse Strength.

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