vuhdo vs healbot

Thats what i used when i was a healer. i used grid for a while.. but for some reason stopped working as i wanted so im using the default ui now ^^, Back in Wotlk i loved Healbot and tailored all my keybinds and actionbars(Bartender) around that. We will never lock important content behind paywalls, but relying on the graciousness of others is a very volatile way to go things that often sees the site operating at a loss.

Elvui along with clique or mouse over macro's.

Let me know if you have any questions. I have used both healbot and vuhdo. Vuhdo (integrated with raid frames) Clique (standalone) Healbot (standalone) CELE’S ADDON LIST. This video is a general overview of making a good healing UI and a look at the various styles of healing and their pros and cons. It does everything I need it to, and I even use it on my non healer classes to pop cd's etc as you can tie macros to it as well as spells. Like the title says, I'm trying to pick between Grid, Healbot, and Vuhdo. #showtooltip Vivify My raid group only has 8-15 a night and I hate LFR so my setup is geared towards smaller groups. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The updates to it over the years have turned it into a fantastic raid frame add-on that can compete with the like of grid. To the right of the video you will find information and links to things mentioned within, such as a mouseover macro template and links to click-casting/mousebinding addons, as well as a list of the addons I use for my own UI. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. mouseover macro-lazy-boi checking in, late as usual! If I may ask, which unit frames and damage meter addon (or skin?) Like, the entire UI included. Did you set it up yourself?

6. I switched from Grid to Grid2 for BFA. Works well with my Logitech mmo mouse. VuhDo. But if they're really great I'd like to give them a chance. /cast [@mouseover] Vivify, ElvUI (for action bars, but this is a complete UI replacement too), Exorsus Raid Tools (cooldown list on left), Designed by the monk community, for the monk community. Heres a pic of my setup from Legion. So, if you’d like to support the website and help the site function without taking loses every month, then consider becoming a Patron through Patreon. Thats what I did with my WeakAuras. We are also testing out other functionality for Patreon Patrons that will hopefully include ad-free viewing and advanced viewing of some articles. Some time into Cata i revisited the standard Blizz UI and ever since I went casual I haven't required more than that. This would make it easier for me to decide since I'm seeing end products and not the jumbled mess it is when you first load it. An Amino Serving All Warcraft Obsessions!

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What do you use and why?, It uses the built in blizzard raid frames but extends them with some core Grid/Vuhdu support. May I please see screencaps of your raid/dungeon frame setup? I absolutely can't stand the default WoW UI/raid frames, sorry..

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