reverse trike rolling chassis

With such a high power-to-weight ratio you are in the company of supercars. Sturgis R18 Reverse Trikes might be known worldwide, but not everyone is aware that this beautiful piece of engineering originates from a family run business in a small town in the north west of the Netherlands.

Content is under Copyright © 2016 Sturgis Trikes. The Reversed Trike is the best in terms of handling, comfort and unmatched quality made with passion for driving. The design used computer simulated loads and was refined through real world testing. The rear brake rotor is sourced from R1 donor. The tR1ke’s chassis is a fully triangulated steel space frame and has been designed to provide a strong structure for the reverse trike. In addition, Sturgis recently designed a special body design that goes seamlessly with the Honda Goldwing F6C 'Valkyrie' Custom. Kit builders need to provide hoses, clips, rivets, screws, nuts and bolts and sealant. We will make every effort to minimize these costs. A Yamaha YZK R1 donor bike will provide the following components: As you will determine, there is still a lot of the bike left so we recommend that you buy a donor, remove the parts that you need and sell the remaining parts on Ebay (or other means) as we know from both our own experience and that of our customers that you can recover much of the cost of the donor bike. Get a tR1ke kit and an R1 to create a three wheeled, two seat monster that will turn heads everywhere you go. Super comfortable cruising with all the comfort and luxuries that comes with a Honda Goldwing. Height: 3.67 feet Builders of the MEV tR1ke have the choice of purchasing new parts or using a donor to obtain the majority of parts not included in the kit. Width: 5.83 feet *Exomotive no longer distributes the tR1ke or other RTR kits as of January 2013*, RTR demonstrates the new MEV tR1ke on the streets of Nottingham, John Sadler pushes the exoskeletal reverse trike hard at Everyman Racing. Check our dealer network. Weight: ~715 pounds Shipping, insurance, import duties and fees can range from $600-$2000 depending on your location. The most important aspects are "comfort, safety and design.". The standard steering rack, provided in the kit, supplies 3.5 turns lock to lock but a quicker 2.4 turns lock to lock option is available. Our trikes are cool, safe and great fun to ride. These units are not the most powerful in their field but offer excellent value for the money. ($7,740 plus applicable taxes, shipping, and import duty – see below). #exocet #exomotiveexocet #jzillatrac, Exofest 2020 is officially sold out! With over 32hp on tap from the 385cc engine, a V-belt drive variable transmission and a fuel economy of over 60mpg, the Eco-Exo is exceptionally easy to drive. The all round coil over shock absorbers (the front pair being provided in the kit, the rear sourced from the donor) can be adjusted in ride height and damping.

Quality, … If you are looking for a 21st century reverse trike, look no further. For riders who love both touring and sporty driving, it is the standard in terms of comfort and styling. #exocetrace #exomotiveexoc, Finally, some dry laps today! The chassis is a fully triangulated steel space frame, designed to achieve an extremely high level of strength and torsional rigidity.

Domestic shipping on a pallet usually ranges from $500 to $1000. Exomotive – US Manufacturer of Exocars & Kit Cars, The reverse trike with the heart of an R1, Your girl wants to sit next to you in the MEV tR1ke, EXOFEST 2020! The tR1ke’s chassis is a fully triangulated steel space frame and has been designed to provide a strong structure for the reverse trike. For steering, a 2.8 turn lock-to-lock rack is included standard or choose to upgrade to a 2.4 turn unit with faster ratio.

The following components can be provided by the Yamaha R1 donor bike: Length: 8.83 feet Our 63.8 inch wide track has made the Sturgis R18 Trike one of the safest and most stable trikes available. Since many parts of the donor are unneeded, we recommend buying a decent 1998-2006 Yamaha R1, remove the parts you need and sell the remaining parts on eBay, Craigslist, or Message Boards. Wilwood or Hi Spec 4 pot calipers, rotors, and pads (available as an optional extra) are recommended. Simply buy a SVE tR1ke kit and then add the power train from a Yamaha YZK R1 motorcycle. The R18 is the product of a very talented team of technical specialists. The design used computer simulated loads which was then refined through actual testing. Since ride quality is always a personal preference, the tR1ke features fully adjustable suspension that can be adjusted in ride height and damping to achieve the perfect feel for the driver. DRL can supply all of the items at request at additional cost. #roadatlanta #jzilla, Time to get wet @roadatlanta with @jzillatrackdays, Wet and dry; night and day! If you have, One more Exocet Sport in Harley Orange (PMB-2829), Tom is in the middle of swapping out his Exocet Sp, Perfect Exocet weather! Sturgis Trikes are available worldwide! What are the differences compared to conventional trikes and what makes a reverse trike a better choice? 2 Standard Type GRP seats (customer to specify color); 2 Sport Type GRP seats (customer to specify color); Padded and quilted seat inserts (color TBD); Padded and quilted tunnel cover (color TBD); Powder Coating to chassis frame and wishbone suspension components (color to be specified by customer); Wilwood or Hi Spec big brake kit (including 4 pot calipers, high performance pads & stainless steel flex lines); Drilled and grooved brake rotors, front or rear (pair); Electric Reverse Kit (including hi-torque motor, mounting bracket and drive pinions); Custom aluminum surge tank (for mounting OEM fuel pump module, mounted behind passenger seat); Kliktronic electronic steering wheel mounted gear shift; Kliktronic ignition interrupt module (for flat out gear changes; Swing arm and coil over shock with mounting brackets, Fuel pump module (removed from donor fuel tank). Our trikes are cool, safe and great fun to ride. As a result our independent suspension has almost no lateral forces on the motorcycle seat creating a much healthier, more comfortable ride, even for your passenger. The standard power plant is the 150-180 hp (depending upon year of manufacture) 998cc engine and 6 speed transmission obtained from the Yamaha YZK R1 donor. Built to order by RTR in Nottingham.

Some of these items can be obtained from the donor car (if that approach is selected). - Design & Coding by. The resulting acceleration was controllable, but absolutely exhilarating. Your message was successfully sent. What exactly is a 'Reversed Trike? The 998cc power plant from the R1 provides 150hp on tap for your 715 pound tR1ke. The Reversed Trike is the best in terms of handling, comfort and unmatched quality made with passion for driving. The main tubulars are arranged efficiently to absorb the loads at the node points – such as the roll hoop and the top of the suspension connection points. The chassis is a fully triangulated steel space frame, designed to achieve an extremely high level of strength and torsional rigidity. The MEV Atomic and tR1ke are the UK’s maddest exo cars. We look forwa, Amazing shots of Nick’s Exocet Race on the lates, Builder Nick having fun sliding his Exocet Sport a, Exofest 2020 registration is 70% full! All rights reserved. In our experience from customer builds, you can recover a significant portion of the cost of the donor R1. The R18 trike models by Sturgis are primarily designed as a conversion kit for the famous and much-loved Honda Goldwing GL1800 & F6B built in the years 2001 to 2016. Typically these costs are higher and can be quoted on request once a final destination has been established. Quality, style, reliability, handling and comfort are the keywords! Another successful @jz, Out for the first session at CMS with @jzillatrack, Immerse yourself in the tR1ke experience at the MEV Owner's Forum, Jzilla Track Days Friendsgiving at Barber Motorsports Park, Tubular space frame ready to accept R1 Engine & Transmission, Pro Tech adjustable shock absorbers with coil over springs, Front and Rear Suspension Arms with Polyurethane Bushings, Front Uprights with hubs and radial brake caliper mount, Alloy front and rear bulkheads, center console and floor, GRP Set: Hood and Front Fenders with steel mounting brackets (Standard colors: Red, White, Tangerine, Yellow, Imperial Blue and Kawasaki Green), Twin 2 gallon fuel tanks with locking cap, Powder Coating of chassis and suspension components – $525, High Spec front brake package four piston calipers, drilled and slotted rotors, and EBS brake pads – $685, Kliktronic electronic steering wheel mounted gear shift – $998, Kliktronic flappy paddles for gearshift – $605, Kliktronic ignition interrupt module for no-lift gear changes – $250. BASE KIT COMPONENTS ($7,740 plus applicable taxes, shipping, and import duty – see below), OPTIONAL EXTRAS (Prices include shipping), Note standard gelcoat color range includes: white, red, tangerine, yellow, imperial blue and Kawasaki green, PLEASE NOTE THAT PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO REVISION DUE TO CHANGES IN CURRENCY CONVERSION AND MARKET CONDITIONS. This is where the Sturgis Trike headquarters and production facility is located and this is where it all started. With 150 – 180 hp on tap in a car that weighs in at 735 lbs, this results in a horsepower to weight ratio of about 4.2 to 5.0 – supercar territory indeed.

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