solidworks flow simulation with moving parts

By default, all calculations are on a full 3D domain. ... Multibody Parts Versus Assemblies. Search 'Moving and Rotating Components' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. SOLIDWORKS Simulation supports SOLIDWORKS materials and configurations for easy analysis of multiple loads and product configurations.

Where applicable, simulations can also be carried out in a 2D plane to reduce run time without effecting accuracy. The Importance of Design Intent for SOLIDWORKS Files, 3D Printing Webinar – Printed Prototypes Feature Overmolded Parts. Is Your Team Getting the Most out of SOLIDWORKS? Opening the Valve.SLDPRT Document Considerations for meeting requirements for thermal performance and quality include airflow optimization, temperature, air quality, and containment control. in flow simulation the fluid moves around the solids, the only thing that is close is a rotating region, that is a special case of the fluid moving around the solid, anything where the fluid needs to move the solid requires moving mesh or a rotating region, rotating regions only apply to specific applications. We also changed the name of several features, to make it easy to choose which ones will remain unsuppressed down the line. Laminar, turbulent, and transitional boundary layers are calculated using a modified Law of the Wall approach.

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(Formatting in Design Tables is very important, please see the Help article “Formatting a Design Table” for more information). We will contact you if we have questions regarding your feedback. For example, it is common to suppress features that are largely cosmetic and computationally heavy—such as threads or fillets—when using a part in a large assembly or running a simulation. From the Move/Rotate Component PropertyManager, you can move and rotate components, add SmartMates, detect collisions and dynamic clearances, and see the motion of assembly components in a realistic way. This is the most advanced kind of motion study, and we have moved from the realm of mere animation into that of simulation. Dimensions can be renamed by selecting the dimension and changing the name in the Property Manager, or by double-clicking on a dimension and changing the name from the Modify dialog. With the help of SOLIDWORKS computational tools, we’ve come close to 90 mph and should be able to reach at least 92 mph after refinements. SOLIDWORKS welcomes your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation. Configurations are also commonly used to create simplified versions of parts for use in assemblies and analysis. We can create new configurations by typing in the cells below the existing configurations. customer portal and submit support questions. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a general parametric flow simulation tool that uses the Finite Volume Method (FVM) to calculate product performance through “what if” studies that allow you to perform optimization using the results. We access the Configuration Table by right clicking on a dimension or feature and choosing “Configure Dimension” or “Configure Feature”. You can temporarily fix or group components to affect their behavior when you drag to move or rotate components.

In this article, we will examine the best cases for using configurations in SOLIDWORKS, preparing a model for configuration, and 3 methods for creating configurations: manually, using a Configuration Table, and using a Design Table.

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