spongebob red mist endings

"MR. KRABS, HELP!" Red Mist Squidward's defining trait is that he has bleeding black mascara around his eyes.

Eugene said. he shouted, pure terror in his eyes. Red Mist is a controversial real-life bootleg tape featuring an unaired episode of SpongeBob Squarepants. FOR MONEY!" AH! I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! "Oh, really? Don grinned, walking off with the bag of money. I'm here for another reason..." Squidward said, nearing Eugene with the knife. "Just hiding from Squidward!

SpongeBob shouted, pointing at the drink. "Squidward, all cans of Red Mist are drugged! I hate that fanfic!" This is my first game and I hope you will enjoy it. The story was made in 2010 and was accompanied by an edited image of Squidward with red, misty eyes. It is revealed that Patrick has a secret lair located under his bed. "Oh. Red Mist Squidward lives in RandomLand in an empty bedroom identical to Squidward's room. Unlike Squidward, his eyes are bulging and circular. "Oh, yes, you have. Squidward walked into the kitchen while drinking a can of Red Mist. PATRICK!

Squidward once used to live in Bikini Bottom. [6][7] However, the original version of the scene remains on the Nick app version of the episode and, as of December 2019, Canadian airings on YTV. Help, help!" I'm talking about the soda!"

", Red Mist Squidward is a reference to a popular online horror story based on SpongeBob, titled "Red Mist. [8], In response to the censorship, Paloian stated, "It's actually kind of fun that it got censored."[9].

What are you doing here? Like the long-lost but recently discovered "Suicide Mouse" tape, Red Mist was purportedly created by a now imprisoned Scottish animator for the series who intended to pass the tape off as the season four premiere episode and featured the death of Patrick. If Red Mist is SO bad, then why do they still allow it to be sold?" SpongeBob shouted. SpongeBob questioned, looking around the air as the the floor underneath Patrick's bed began to close up again, which would prevent SpongeBob from leaving the lair. "I'll take all of it!" "Ew! Physical appearance Squidward tries opening them and finds strange, warped versions of himself and SpongeBob. In a response to a question about the story being canon, he said: "No not all. It looks like you're our winner! Patrick shouted.

No way! In one of the doors, Squidward finds what looks to be his bedroom, before it is quickly replaced by a background of TV static. The part with your game starts around 0:07! Appearance: Squidward said, glaring at Eugene. What's this? "Gah, oh no! Some sort of secret lair...?" W-WHY IS THE FLOOR DOING THIS?!" He was originally supposed to get closer to the screen. Mr. Krabs sells Squidward a highly addictive drink known as "Red Mist" which just happened to be drugged, causing Squidward to become unhealthily obsessed with the drink and doing anything to get his tentacles on it. SpongeBob shouted, running into Patrick's room and hiding under his bed. Eugene asked.

Definetly creepy! Red Mist Squidward then appears in front of it, staring menacingly. This episode ends on a cliffhanger which is continued in the next episode. Squidward asked, grabbing a can of Red Mist and drinking it, his eye twitching. "SpongeBob, I really doubt that," Squidward said, continuing to drink the Red Mist. I haven't done anything wrong," Squidward said. Giant Pacific octopus Eugene asked. SpongeBob pleaded with no luck, the floor evenutallly closed all the way, leaving SpongeBob trapped in the lair. Residence: A depiction of Squidward in the original "Red Mist" creepypasta, Octopus sailor • Orville • Mrs. Tentacles • Mr. Tentacles • Squidette • Squidward Tentacles • Squilliam Fancyson • Squidina • Squidly Tentacles • Squog • Roger • Dr. Charley Horse • Lodge leader • Squidward's cousin • Grandma Tentacles • Kelpy G • Squid massage therapist • Octopus vendor • Sir Cecil • Lab Squidward • Unnamed octopus • Squidmund • Red Mist Squidward • Squilvia • Squidabeth • Lady Squidward • Tentacle Acres gatekeeper • Tentacle Acres groundskeeper • Tentacle Acres spokesoctopus • Claire St. Claire. The screen moves to the left, leaving Squidward and Euegene out of view as a red substance is squirted all over the floor. Red Mist Squidward was drawn into the storyboard by Adam Paloian, who originally wanted the face to get closer and closer until Squidward slams the door shut. NUMBER #1". "NNNNNOOOOOO!"

Movin' Out Of Bikini Bottom • Cinnamon Breath Spray • Girls Just Want To Have Sex • Red Mist • Krusty Kourt Kase • From The Surface • Hallohate • Mayor Squid • Patrick's Jellyfish • Reality Squid • The Battle Continues... • Turkey Hunt • Turning Into Patrick • Saint Starfish • Movin' Back • Discoveries • Krabs • Back To Normal • Fortune Cookies Can't Be Trusted • New Worker • Livin' With The Retired • Unlawful Laws • That Damn Squid • The Good Old Days • Best Employee • The Squidward Effect • Hallohate 2: Haunted House • School Star • Sea Séance • Internet Stalker Forums • Squidward's Suicide • Viciously Murdering Ourselves So We Can Get Our House Back • The Lost Snail • Sponge Swarm • Delegate-lemma • Back To Hell (Not The Fanon Wiki). "Wrong again!" Congratulations!" Patrick asked. Ego Plum, a composer who joined the SpongeBob crew in 2019, created an original music track for Red Mist Squidward's appearance. Squidward's got a knife!" Color: "GAH! Wait...why is there blood on that knife? SpongeBob panicked as the floor underneath Patrick's bed began to open up, causing SpongeBob to fall in a large dark room with tons of machinery around.

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