telesto catalyst worth it?

... you get a shot every chest for your first time doing that raid a week idk though i have gotten it and it is very good worth the grind XD. Such a shame.


Hard Light (Catalyst from Strikes) – I mean, Hard Light is fine. You get 7 shots per clip instead of 4 and can hold 21 instead of 16. 25. This may take some time... How do you get the catalyst for this weapon? Does it follow the same rule as the once a week chests from the raid?

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19. After grinding public events for a while and walking away with seven radiolorian cultures, I am wondering if it's worth it or if there is a faster way to do it. So, here we go. I freaking love the Telesto catalyst. Anything to keep people playing activities that would otherwise rarely be touched so they can stay somewhat relevant instead of just making it so that people can play what they want to earn gear and progress things. Is anyone else having trouble getting the region chest in the public event on Mercury. Talk to brovance....grab new item he gives out.

Exotic catalysts are a mess Bungie needs to clean up. It’s still super fun to use though, even if it’s not the big, high-profile hand cannon these days with all the other exotics in the pool. Cancel All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. The Colony (Catalyst from Crucible) – The Colony is the “help you get Moutaintop” exotic or “get easy invader kills” exotic, and a magazine bump and more reserves help. Borealis (Catalyst from World Drop) – I kind of like the 150 solar/void/arc kill split to unlock the catalyst, but Borealis has never really been worth the slot for the most part and this isn’t high on the priority list for a bit of extra reload speed.

Oh and by the way the Sleeper catalyst has a very high drop rate in prestige SoS,in most cases you will get it before the last boss phase unless you are very unlucky. Weird I see lfg post's every week for the prestige raid lairs. This is still an incredible boss melting tool to this day, so yeah, I would definitely make this a priority. Coldheart (Catalyst from Strikes) – I personally love trace rifles, especially after their buffs, and Coldheart is a solid choice with a cat that gives it more stability and reload speed.

Esoterickk is really quite good at Destiny 2, so if you struggle to follow some of his methods here, don’t get too upset.

BOOM completed catalyst. He has broken down the video into three sections, one for each class, so no matter what type of Guardian you play, this video should help you get there. 27. But only once, as it’s guaranteed drop with a perfected Chalice. ), and came up with a rough ranking order.

Sleeper Simulant (Catalyst from Spire of Stars Raid Lair) – A great catalyst that makes this a monster with miniscule charge-up time, but now almost impossible for many players to get, locked into a raid lair that no one plays anymore. 31.

They seem to love the game being as rigid as possible.

They’re not even that hard to do with how many more tools we have now then back when people had to struggle to get these catalysts.

The catalyst expands the magazine and ammo reserves, so you stick out from the rest-o.

Just saying. Just curious if it is bugged at this point although my heart knows the RNG answer.. 13 comments. Are there any future plans to make the telesto and sleeper catalysts available outside of the prestige raid lairs? The Ace of Spades catalyst continues to elude me.

Prospector (Catalyst from Strikes) – This gun has gone from irrelevance to one of the highest DPS exotics in existence thanks to grenade launcher buffs. To quote the legions of fusion rifle fans: “Telesto is the best-o”.

Absolutely recommend getting for the increased reserves. Tractor Cannon (Catalyst from World Drop) – Increased magazine size and reserves is very good for a heavy that continues to be useful to this day in many activities, even after nerfs.

doe anyone know if i can try multiple runs a week to get the telesto catalyst from the eater of worlds prestige raid or do I only get one try at getting it to drop a week. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the updated policies documented at, {{client.users[message.memberFromId].displayName}}. One clear was enough, though that's likely not representative. Wouldn’t count on it. No LFG in game and the official app is filled with RMT spammers.


Sunshot (Catalyst from Strikes) – The extra range and stability here from the catalyst are extremely good, but Sunshot is continually hampered by its small magazine size. 23. Create Fireteam Which my question is then why do I have all 11 prophecies done and bro V not giving it to me ?

Now, there is an important point to mention here. 7.

PVP? Ten thousand percent worth the hunt for this one. Completing the catalyst for telesto is the easiest of all. Prefer Nightfall strikes, as D2 vanilla, it was in the base game.

You cant find a team to farm these because people either A) have good RNG and dont run these raids anymore; or, B) are more like me and fed up watching everyone else find these crap catalysts and suffer from trash RNG. Skyburner’s Oath (Catalyst from Leviathan Raid) – Genuinely forgot this gun existed. Still, it’s fun. Whisper of the Worm (Catalyst from Heroic Whisper) – Box breathing was nerfed, Whisper was nerfed, this gun is just not what it used to be unfortunately, and it may not be worth all the mission runs you need to get it and complete it. My brother just got it on his first try so odds are that you have a reasonably high chance to find it (per chest).

By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the policies documented at, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. Very rarely I will take article suggestions from readers, only when I think something is a very good idea. Outbreak Perfected (Catalyst from Heroic Zero Hour) – This cat is tough to get and complete with Heroic Zero Hour runs, and it’s…fine.

I still need to get this catalyst and after running EoW Prestige 6 times I gave up. This cat gives you quite a boost to range and stability, but I don’t know, the gun is just so-so compared to say, Loaded Question. Lets be honest most pinnacle rewards are design for the top streamer 1% of the game atm.not very approachable for the day to day gamer.

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Huckleberry (Catalyst from Heroic Adventures) – Genuinely one of the best catalyst perks in the game, which reloads your entire magazine on kill. Oh and by the way the Sleeper catalyst has a very high drop rate in prestige SoS,in most cases you will get it before the last boss phase unless you are very unlucky.

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All users should be able to obtain it, not ones who bought forsaken or annual pass only.

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