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The alliance is a feature which enables you to create a group with other airline companies to share a hub or make aircraft group purchases with several players. On the airline network, aircraft are colliding into each other, is it normal? Questions . Yes, in fact, you have assigned several aircraft to the same route, so it is normal at a given time one aircraft flies on the opposite way or is next to another aircraft. Check the detail of your route to see the aircraft categories accepted by the route, and the route’s length.

You can change the amount of dollars that you want to convert into R$ with an indicator. Cher futur PDG, nous recherchons un directeur ambitieux capable de prendre en main la création d'une nouvelle compagnie aérienne destinée à conquérir le marché mondial de l'aviation civile ! The rate of this currency fluctuates every day.

[english] Objective Aircraft Equipment & Maintenance, Re: [english] Objective Aircraft Equipment & Maintenance.

Indeed, only bonus researches are automatically activated. A new workshop is available on the first Friday of every month. N'hésitez pas à les poster ! I have done wrong strategic choices and I am bankrupt, what can I do? A license is an operating right on classic aircraft models sold by manufacturers. L'appui de vos coéquipiers pourra se révéler un atout de poids lors de vos futurs investissements.

Maintenance: how to maintain my aircraft? share. The game time is set to UTC at GMT+0 to avoid any disturbance caused by daylight saving time. So if you are away from the game for 8 days, there won’t be any loss. Scroll down and then enter your code in the field named “Use your promotional code”. Each invested dollar will be converted into Research Dollars and you will receive the total amount the following day at midnight. Instead of paying some AM Coins in addition to the aircraft price in dollars, you would pay a great amount of AM Coins only once.

Game's presentation and FAQ .

PAX is a term used by professionals to refer to passengers or customers.

N'hésitez pas à les poster ! 2 comments. Une fois en poste, vous recevrez une enveloppe de 300 millions de dollars et carte blanche pour décider de la stratégie à mener grâce à plus de 60 avions et 2 600 aéroports géolocalisés. Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Airlines Manager. The maximum amount of your daily budget can be increased with the R&D in the General section. Don't worry we're here to help! Flight hours have no influence on demand. The stressful tasks that come with running an airport will become less of a headache with this developer made tips guide for Airlines Manager: Tycoon. Managing my airline network . The Gazette is the newspaper of Airlines Manager and it is dealing with events that can impact your airline. Optimisez la gestion de votre réseau aérien et visualisez le résultat en temps réel sur la carte des vols ! I am also confused because beneath it it says "Not implemented." As a result, the game time zone may not correspond to your local time zone, but now all players can manage their airline on an equal time basis both on Professional and Tycoon modes. The turnover is calculated from the ancillary revenue generated by passengers thanks to the different services offered by your airline. Jeu d'avion gratuit, développé et édité par Playrion. Questions . The homepage: my dashboard . Then you can assign the available flights to routes, and then fly them. The Workshop enables you to purchase bonuses to boost your airline with TravelCards. You have now created your own airline, but an airline without any routes, can”t be very profitable. This is where your aircraft are parked when they are not flying. The first thing you should do when you start using Airline Manager is to start a route. It can be events related to the game or aeronautics news. We advise you to purchase your aircraft according to the time you want to spend on Airlines Manager. Please refer to the article about airline stars and characteristics for more details. 5.

CONTACT SUPPORT. Vidéo de présentation de moins d'une minute du jeu de gestion gratuit de compagnie aérienne.

Index du forum › [FR] Airlines Manager en Français> › Supports et Bugs> › AM Professional> › [Airlines Manager] Conseils et Aide> Voir les nouveaux messages | Voir mes messages [english] Objective Aircraft Equipment & Maintenance . All researches cost a certain amount of Research Dollars (R$).

Choisissez votre aéroport de départ et faites voyager des millions de personnes à … The AM+ is a subscription which enables you to browse ad-free on the Web or on mobile (except for the Slot Cockpit’s ads to get more tickets). So to maximize stats there is the possibility to finish agenda objectives.

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