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(SVG-Datei, Basisgröße: 375 × 225 Pixel, Dateigröße: 18 KB),, Creative Commons Zero, Public Domain Dedication,, in die Gemeinfreiheit entlassen durch den Rechteinhaber, Gründung, Erstellung bzw. In late 2019, when left-wing protesters had a rally in Louisville, Kentucky to demand that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell support the impeachment of Donald Trump, local Three Percenters showed up as counter-protesters. Karim Zidan delves into the “Three Percenter” tattoo sported by Brandon Calton on the Bellator 250 undercard. The largest groups were umbrella groups that had chapters in many states, with names such as The 3%ers, American Patriot The III%, Continental Tactical Response Units, III% Security Force, and III% United Patriots, among others.

© 2020 Anti-Defamation League. Vanderboegh’s creation of the Three Percenter concept occurred at a propitious time for the militia movement, which began to see a significant increase in numbers in 2008-09, spurred by anger and anxiety over the recession and mortgage crisis as well as by the election of Barack Obama as president. They support this belief by claiming that only around 3% of American colonists fought the British during the American Revolution, a claim which underestimates the number of people who resisted British rule,[5] and which does not take into account the concentration of British forces in coastal cities, the similarity of weapons used by American and British forces, and French support for the colonists. On May 30, for example, Three Percenters showed up to “protect” the courthouse in Wake County, North Carolina. The frontal portion of the skull bears the Roman numeral III encircled with stars, the known logo used by The Three Percenters that has become popular among anti-government extremists. Beshear hanged in effigy as protesters gathered outside governor's mansion", "Rep. Maddox responds to Beshear, KY Democratic Party", "Beshear on effigy: 'I will not be afraid. Some Three Percenters have focused attention on other perceived enemies, including Muslims and immigrants. In August 2017, for example, members of the Three Percent United Patriots showed up at two left-leaning events in Kansas City, Missouri, ostensibly to “monitor” the proceedings. On June 3, the Orange County, California Sheriff’s Department announced they are investigating a deputy who wore patches bearing Three Percenters imagery to a protest there.

And in 2011, a Georgia man inspired by an online novel written by the Three Percenters’ founder was charged with attempting to build a biological weapon using the highly lethal toxin Ricin. (212) 885-7700 The Department has launched an investigation into this matter.

The Republican state senators had gone into hiding to prevent a vote on a cap-and-trade proposal with a goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in order to combat climate change. In October 2018, at least some Idaho Three Percenters provided security for Janice McGeach, at the time a candidate for lieutenant governor (McGeach has had other ties to Three Percenters as well, including speaking at a Three Percenter event while lieutenant governor). Contact Us:

[4][8] Members believed that Obama's presidency would lead to increased government interference in the lives of individuals, and particularly stricter gun-control laws.

The Republican Party of Kentucky strongly condemns the violent imagery against the Governor in today's protest", "Gov. A wing of the militia movement that arose as part of a resurgence of the militia movement in 2009. The former pro football player sports a tattoo of a skull with a bandana face cover featuring the American flag. Militia activists and Three Percenters tended to view the protests through a conspiratorial lens, seeing them as organized by militants and leftists (whom some alleged may be funded by financier and philanthropist George Soros) to damage or take down the Trump administration. [28] During a meeting in 2017 with undercover FBI agents, Varnell identified with the Three Percenters movement, saying that he subscribed to "III% ideology" and intended "to start the next revolution. [4] The group opposes federal involvement in what they consider local affairs, and states in its bylaws that county sheriffs are "the supreme law of the land". As violent incidents decreased, more Three Percenters showed up to counter George Floyd-related protests and events. Mingari isn’t the only law enforcement official caught wearing Three Percenters symbols while on duty at the recent protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police. [21], An Idaho Three Percenter group protested refugee resettlement in that state in 2015. Other Three Percenter groups condemned their appearance. One speaker at the event urged people to train, telling the crowd, “If we have to fight, you guys need to actually be ready to fight.”. Red Flag laws (their formal names vary from state to state) typically allow a judge to order the temporary confiscation of firearms from individuals deemed to be a danger to themselves or others. The title is a reference to “John Doe #2,” the identifier given to a notional bombing co-conspirator by law enforcement in the early days of the investigation. Three Percenters use a Roman numeral III as their logo, often surrounded by a field of thirteen stars. In 2018, three men were charged in connection to the bombing of a Minnesota mosque. In early 2016, Parker participated in protests in Oregon in support of two ranchers who had been ordered back to prison by the federal government (however, he declined to take part in the subsequent armed takeover of the Malheur Federal Wildlife Refuge led by sons of Cliven Bundy and other extremists). [36][37] The event drew condemnation from Beshear and from across the political spectrum. [4][5], The Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes the Three Percenters as an "anti-government" group. Many are not associated with any particular groups. As the Three Percenter idea spread, individual Three Percenters started to come together, especially online. One outspoken anti-Muslim Three Percenter, Chris Hill, the leader of the Georgia-headquartered III% Security Force, claimed recently that Muslims “want to fucking destroy us and our way of life.”  Hill has often spewed anti-Muslim rhetoric and has also led armed anti-Muslim protests in Georgia. 605 Third Avenue The Three Percenter concept originated in 2008 on a blog, the Sipsey Street Irregulars, run by Mike Vanderboegh, an Alabama-based anti-government extremist who had been involved in the militia movement for many years. [23] Two days previously, Vanderboegh had described the occupiers as "a collection of fruits and nuts". Though many in the militia movement sympathized to some degree with George Floyd himself, far fewer endorsed the protests, especially after violence and looting occurred at some.

Tenbrink then took out a handgun and fired a single shot at the group of protestors, which missed. Three Percenters (also known as 3%ers, III%ers, and Threepers) are anti-government extremists who are part of the militia movement. “These symbols are not representative of the Department,” said CPD spokesperson Luis Agostini. Fact Check: Bryce Mitchell’s anti-mask message. Some collapsed after a few years while a few have exhibited more stability. By February 2020, however, the emerging crisis over COVID-19 had captured the attention of Three Percenters, as well as other far right extremists and conspiracy theorists. Anti-government extremists reacted in a variety of different ways to the killing of George Floyd and the protests that followed. [6] The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) characterizes the Three Percenters as "anti-government extremists who are part of the militia movement. [12], The group's website states that it does not discriminate against anyone; however, in response to Black Lives Matter protests following the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the Three Percenters' Facebook page featured numerous racist comments made by its supporters. While it remains unclear whether Calton will continue to compete for Bellator given his extremist leanings, it appears the heavyweight is already working for the government, though he refused to explain his role when pressed by reporters. They compare their hostility to the federal government with the opposition of American patriots to the British during the American Revolution. "[7] The group is American-based but has a presence in Canada as well.

[1], The movement was co-founded by Michael "Mike" Brian Vanderboegh[9] from Alabama, a member of the Oath Keepers, a group with whom the Three Percenters remain loosely allied and are often compared. CPD Investigating After Officer Wore Extremist Militia Logo To Downtown Protest Saturday.

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