tsukishima and yamaguchi

Fanon daichi sawamura puts his arm out to stop your lurching forward whenever he hits the breaks in the car a little too hard. They end up having an argument, Tsukishima being of the opinion that it doesn't matter if you try hard, you will lose anyway at some point. RunRead More », Fandom: Haikyuu!! Tsukishima knew only one thing: he didn’t want his mate to be a bother.

if you don’t, maybe you don’t love him as much as he thought you did. This results in his serve toss being too low and the ball barely getting over the net.

he reads you like an open book, he’s met your parents, your friends love him – but you know nothing about him. Tsukishima's name meaning "Moon Island" and being also canonically shown as or at least with the moon.

Though frightened that he unintentionally made Yachi nervous, Yamaguchi was still able to overcome some of his nerves. he knows the placement of every birthmark, every stretch mark, every freckle and mole. FANON He chose volleyball specifically because the other sports clubs had "scary-looking guys". Suga: Is there anyone in this gym not gay? High School Student (1st Year, Class 4) - 2012, College Senior (Starting work for an electronics company next year). 63.0 kg (138.9 lbs)

it is attached to you.

Thanks to Hinata, Yamaguchi builds up enough confidence to finally express his anger and him trying to convince Tsukishima to take the club seriously.

Throughout the Arc, he is seen multiple times practicing his float serve, mostly with his teacher Makoto Shimada, or Nishinoya. Tsukishima's name means "Moon Island" and in canon is associated least with the moon. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima join Karasuno Boys’ Volleyball Club a few days after it begins for the new school year. “are you okay?” he asks gently, a hand coming up to caress your head.

—a collab between myself, @t-amajiki, @babiedeku, @neoheros and @haikyuu-ink ♡ a collection of fuckboy headcannons inspired by my series in my previous blog. Background Information Canon: Haikyuu!!

you knew what you were getting into when you fell in love with him. kageyama tobio can’t even try to show interest in what his lover likes.

", there's a scene where the members try to wake up Yamaguchi, but he doesn't react at all. That was the biggest thing that drew him to Yamaguchi, that scent was so unnatural and strong and he didn't understand why he was the only vampire that could smell it. you’re too perfect to love someone like him. teased and annoyed 12.3K 271 65. by iamvanni. The Formidable Ally However, as soon as Daichi says "Tsukishima made pancakes for Yamaguchi", Yamaguchi is seen to immediately jump up with passion.

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This could be due to Yamaguchi being shown to lead Tsukishima the right way of taking things seriously, often by yelling at him. Character he refuses any talk about his emotions, and keeps you at a distance, barely holding on; like he could let go of you any time.

the look he gives you when he recites his list makes you feel loved and assured that if there was anyone who could love you unconditionally, it was him.

Sōma Saitō However, the closest nest was already occupied, voices raising into the night, laced with laughter. He sat next to him just like they used to and said: “Don’t be so nervous! at home, he’s calmer :) he just loves to spend time with you, even if you’re sitting on a bench watching him practice receives for five hours straight in the blazing sun. as well as

Adding to the health aspect, their general aesthetic in the fandom is very endearing, supportive, loving, "soft" and also "fluffy". in a good way! He is once again very nervous even though Tsukishima and Ennoshita try to cheer him up. Even when Yamaguchi’s moans poured in his mouth.

Tsukishima skillfully undid the button and zipper and pulled Yamaguchi's pants over his hip bones, and slowly over his thighs. In the Anime They both high five after their victorious combo, Tsukishima genuinely smiling while doing so. In the third set, Yamaguchi is again swapped in when Hinata moves to the back row.

There is an old tradition in the lost villages of Haikyuu, to make sure there are no unmated young people: once every three years, at night, all the youth between sixteen and eighteen are gathered at the entry of the village, Omegas and Alphas alike. Current Concern: Whenever he thinks a cute girl has come over to talk to him, all they want to talk about is Tsukishima. hinata shoyo didn’t know that relationships come with problems. it’s so adorable i–, THE TYPE OF GUY TO WIPE OFF FOOD FROM THE CORNER OF YOUR MOUTH AND STILL EAT IT AND SAY “you taste good!~” AND NOT EVEN REALIZE WHAT HE SAID. 忠 is also how "Hachiko" is written.

Although the third serve is returned via an overhand hit, Yamaguchi receives Iwaizumi's spike with his shoulder and Tsukishima scores the point.

it’s his INSTINCT to hold your hand. Yamaguchi has been more confident to yell at Tsukishima whenever he thinks he isn't good enough, after the Shiratorizawa match for example, or just to be generally more confident to express his opinions around Tsukishima. The King of The Court

Over the course of the manga and anime, Yamaguchi works himself up to Tsukishima's side however, which Tsukishima acknowledges and even sees Yamaguchi as further ahead of him due to his hard work and dedication.

Although attempting and failing the serve against Aoba Johsai at a tight moment of the match, he works extremely hard to improve it. TsukkiYama is often portrayed as the moon and the stars. why aren’t you talking to him as much, you know you can tell him anything, right? Panic, 2. fucking sick! Gender A lot of it deals with Yamaguchi's insecurities from the canonical content, especially about his freckles. Yamaguchi explains that he thinks Tsukishima doesn't hate volleyball, since he wouldn't have come to Karasuno otherwise.

if you really loved him, you’d understand how important volleyball is to him.

yes please.

In the end, his team loses to Kageyama and Hinata's[3]. The match starts and Tanaka easily blasts through Tsukishima’s block.

However, Kita is the one who receives Yamaguchi's serve and the counter attack leads to Yamaguchi being stopped once more.

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A ship is considered canon due to their close relationships in canon.

Status of Relationship Ukai, who is returning from helping an injured Daichi, angrily walks up to him, ready to give him a lecture, but Ennoshita steps in.

He's also seen slightly "worshipping" him, especially in the beginning of the series, and thus expressing dominant behaviors.

for some reason, he can’t remember basic english vocab, but he can remember your exact order from the sandwich shop you both went to a year ago.

Tsukkiyama is the fifth most popular HQ ship on AO3 and is the most popular ship for both Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. Summary: Yamaguchi Tadashi was 100% certain there was something strange about the second and third years of the Karasuno Boys’ Volleyball team. Occupation

Tsukkiyama week, Day 1: Kiss + affection . The Omega was staring at him with a look of awe, and before he could understand what was happening, Yamaguchi was in his lap, kissing him fiercely and, exactly like a first kiss, with a clash of teeth and way too much tongue.

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