why teachers should not carry guns essay

The plans to arm teachers involve the arming of a portion of teachers on each campus.

Watchmen then give a connection between youngsters and emotional well-being experts. This could be dangerous to students if an attempted robbery takes place during school hours. How about making it original at only $7.00/page. We have to find better approaches to making classrooms more secure than by bringing weapons into them.

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We have heard children saying that they want to be teachers when they grow up and not so as to carry guns. Schools require discretion to set policies which affect the safety of faculty, staff and students; schools are liable in case they fail to take adequate security measures or failure to maintain a safe environment. However, both the supportive and opposing parties have good grounds that can be used to choose. 10 Reasons Why the Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Best Sign? Everyone has their own opinion about teachers being able to carry guns including other teachers, parents, and government officials. It also gives them the responsibility to put themselves in harm’s way if a school shooter makes an appearance.

One, will forever change the way students and teachers operate the school. While a maturity does not have a set age group or a set level of maturity, it is most likely that he older you are, the more mature you are. Now some lawmakers want to add weapons training to their list of responsibilities. Arming teachers brings up moral issues for some. According to the gun lobby, shooters frequently target college campuses as they are a gun-free zone for their attacks because of the likelihood of no initial resistance. Arming teachers would be a massive expense. Accurate handgun use also takes a lot of practice. A local resident of the area around the elementary school opened fire on 20 students, “Concealed carry or carrying a concealed weapon (CCW), is the practice of carrying a weapon such as a handgun in public in a concealed manner, either on one 's person or in close proximity.” Carrying a concealed weapon on campuses presently is causing discord between the outsiders looking in and the ones who see that concealed weapons will better protection over students. When teachers are not given a choice, they may resign from their jobs. Some will be for regulations that allow concealed weapons on campuses and some will be against.

Apparently, teachers did not agree to that obligation. Teachers, however, are some of the most stressed out individuals in the community. We are using Google Analytics to enhance your experience. Just like any employee, teachers can have mental illness.
Guns should not be allowed on college campuses because some students may use their weapon for the wrong reasons and could lead to an increase in crime. Teachers should be allowed to protect their students and themselves and if allowing the teachers to carry a concealed weapon will protect them then let them do it. Teachers will be able to react more quickly while waiting for law enforcement to arrive at the scene.

Teachers should not be allowed to have guns in college as they will always be the first victims in case of attack. If these teachers are overlooked, a gun could be placed in the wrong hands. They trust that it would end severely for everybody included. My second reason as to why teachers should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon is that it has worked for other countries.

The research demonstrates that students within campuses of postsecondary institutions are safer than their off-campus counterparts and the whole nation. An entire classroom could be taken out before the teacher even gets one shot. Any change in security has to fit the needs of the entire student body. Enter your email and we'll send you a properly formatted printable version of this essay right away. Traditional learning environments are becoming a thing of the past. Teachers have great influence on students. My second reason as to why teachers should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon is that it has worked for other countries. I wonder if I would be able to protect myself or if my teachers would be able to protect me, but I do not wish my teacher would have a gun in that instance. These types of individual should not be teaching, in the first place. Arming teachers, however, may be going too far. Though it is not the norm, there are times when teachers overstepped the boundaries of safety. Teachers are educators and not individuals from the military or prepared cops (KOPEL 55). Teachers should not be allowed to have guns in college as they will always be the first victims in case of attack. Parents are already trusting their kids to complete strangers every day. Would you like to get this essay by email? The three advantages are casualties will be reduced if you could take down the shooter quickly before the shooter kills any more people, This is a big problem because if something happens, they have to wait probably 20-30 minutes until the police show up. If you are the original author of this essay and no longer wish to have it published on the Criminals seeking weapons would know that they could be found on certain campuses. When it comes to classrooms, many people are against bringing items in that represent violence. Teachers and Administrators should be allowed to carry guns on school property because police stations are too far away and It will increase the amount of safety when given proper training. This brings the possibility of uneven enrollment and a burden on some school populations. Kids and guns are simply not meant to be together. Let’s start with the advantages of allowing teachers to carry a concealed weapon. Most people have an idealistic view of what a classroom should look like. It is completely theory on gun lobbys part to assume that arming teachers will ever spare lives. This puts more weapons in the hands of criminals. For this reason, the law should consent to “licensed concealed carry” (carrying a weapon with a license) on campus. Many teachers have never even held a firearm. There are less people around during this time of the day.

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