youtiao air fryer

I just ran into the same issue! If you want to go further, try our Savory Soy Milk Soup (Dou Jiang) or our zha leung dim sum in the Cheung Fun Homemade Rice Noodles, Two Ways, both pictured below. Wash and devein the prawns. I tried other recipes but had issues with them not rising after frying. Is there any difference if we use 1 egg instead of 1 egg white.

Had to add an additional 1/2 cup of flour so that the dough was at least somewhat workable. You Tiao is a savory donut that has a beautiful golden color, is lightly seasoned with salt, with a crispy crust and super airy and fluffy interior that is mostly air.

I found the best practice is to use a smaller pot (mine is about 9” / 22 cm across and 4.5” / 12 cm tall), so you can use less oil. Take the time to make it truly uniform.

Looking for more authentic recipes? Welcome to my site about modern Chinese cooking, Asian inspired dishes, and classic recipes cooked in my small New York Kitchen. You might want two people manning the process—one to form and place the dough into the fryer and one to roll the dough around once it’s in the oil. Then gently lower it into the oil.

I did not add salt at all as Bobo fish paste is salty enough. Various online calculators also provide different results, depending on their sources. Place it in the center of a large piece of plastic wrap on a baking sheet or long, flat plate, and wrap the dough, tucking the two ends of the plastic under the loaf, and ensuring that the dough is completely covered. Fluent in both English and three separate Chinese dialects, she's our professional menu translator when we're eating our way through China. Keeping the speed at “stir,” slowly add the water in a few separate batches. But you can store them and reheat them later. I didn’t because the dough is super easy to put together and it doesn’t require a lot of kneading. Very few people can resist their allure. Check out this video to see the youtiao motion in action. All Now prepare the oil for frying using your wok. While making this recipe, I unearthed some funny childhood memories that I’d completely forgotten about. You can use your hands to hold both ends of the dough and stretch it gently so it’s easier to form a long shape. It’s how air frying should taste. “I am proud to say that your genealogy has been the sole tutorial for my Asian-inspired culinary adventures for years; probably since you began. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Sign up to receive our 5-Day Chinese Cooking Crash Course and recipe updates. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It’s something I ate all the time growing up in Beijing and is one of the things I’ve missed the most since moving to the US.

You can even overcook it a bit so the surface will be very crispy (in this case, the inside may become a bit chewy). This recipe makes shorter donuts, which require less oil and are easier to make in your home kitchen. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Youtiao (油条), also known as Chinese fried dough or Chinese crullers, is a breakfast favorite in China.

I’ve tried storing them at room temperature, in the fridge, and in the freezer. I did not add salt at all as Bobo fish paste is salty enough. Your email address will not be published. They all worked, but I think that frozen You Tiao have the best texture when reheated. Subscribe for the latest updates on new recipes, and get started with our family's Top 25 Recipe eBook! Dip a skewer or the back of a knife into water. Next, cut the dough into 1-inch wide strips (try to cut an even number of strips). Hi Maggie, I am Amy and trying to do Yao Tiao.

Just knead the dough for 5-10 minutes longer. On a clean, lightly floured surface, form the dough into a long flat loaf shape, about 1/4-inch thick and 4 inches wide. I actually shared this photo last year when I was reviewing the Philips Avance Airfryer last December. So, the Chinese solution? Enjoy this classic one! The dough should feel very soft, but should not stick to the bowl. But if you’re short on time, you can rest the dough at room temperature for 2 hours. I’d then walk home, past the other customers with their own chopsticks in hand, careful to not let any of them drop. NOTE: The 2nd rise is crucial for the final texture.

I have also seen youtiao used as an ingredient in many recipes, from a plain youtiao soy sauce soup (my grandmother’s go-to last-minute meal) to stir-fried youtiao with beef. Just be sure to take the time to continuously roll the dough in the oil. Knead the dough for 5 minutes. Work on the donuts one at a time. Gently flip the dough onto a lightly floured surface, peeling off the plastic wrap. Don't subscribe To store the leftover donuts, wait until they cool down completely, then transfer them into a ziplock bag. what substitutes can i use to make up for not using baking powder? Start browsing recipes right away or you could learn more about me here. I’d walk up to the bubbling pot of oil, ask for 5 crullers, and the man would skewer five youtiao onto the chopstick.

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You might want two people manning the process—one to form and place the dough into the fryer and one to roll the dough around once it’s in the oil. The ingredients for You Tiao are super simple. While the oil is heating up, you can unwrap the dough. Very lightly flour the top side of the dough also. I admit that you’ll need to spend some time and effort to make this Chinese breakfast classic. 3) Before assembling the youtiao, the dough must be completely back to room temperature and very soft to the touch. Can I choose to not refrigerate it overnight? Subscribe to our email list and be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube! In the morning, take out the dough and let it sit on the counter (wrapped) for 1 – 2 hours until the dough is back to room temperature and VERY, VERY soft to the touch. Once the dough is rested, knead it a couple of times. I just wanted to let you know that reheating oil can be carcinogenic and so to be on the safe side, I always get rid of my oil after cooking instead of keeping it to use again. Place the unpressed strips on top of the the pressed strips and press into the center again, so the two pieces of dough are attached to each other. Hi Becca, you can use a stand mixer. I remember having these so often in my childhood but purchased from the local supermarket purchased, and now I don’t live close to any so I have to make them. Cover the dough again and rest it for the 2nd time. While we do our best to provide nutritional information as a general guideline to our readers, we are not certified nutritionists, and the values provided should be considered estimates. Once the dough is 4” (10 cm) wide and 1/4” (0.5 cm) thick, cut off both ends so it forms a rectangle. The youtiao is done once they turn light golden brown. Now take a long cooking tool (we used chopsticks, but you could also use tongs), and quickly roll the dough in a continuous motion for about a minute. Learn how to make the classic Chinese breakfast staple with safe ingredients while achieving the best texture, just like the street vendors. I am sure there is an elaborate old folktale behind this crazy name, but ultimately, youtiao don’t really need much introduction. Cover it with plastic again and let it rest for at least 2 hours or overnight in the fridge (*See Footnote 1). On a clean working surface, knead the dough the second time for another 2 minutes. Pure Rain SuperJet Wide Shower Head Review, Freshly Baked Artisanal Birthday Cake | Whyzee, BenQ GS2 Wireless Portable Projector | Versatile Family Entertainment with Eye-Protection Sensors, Staying in the pink of health with The Fruit Hut, Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier + 3-in-1 HEPA filter – Cleaner Air, Healthier Lives, 200g fish paste (I used a bowl of Bobo fish paste), 1 tablespoon oil (for brushing onto the top of the you tiao). If you give this recipe a try, let us know! Hold the two ends of each piece, and gently stretch the dough to a 9-inch long rope. Notes. 1. On a clean, lightly floured surface, form the dough into a long flat loaf shape, about 1/4-inch thick and 4 inches wide. Combine the water, baking powder, and baking soda in a small bowl.

Thank you for sharing this to me.

Please explain. I know it can be very wasteful, but it’s better to be safe than sorry here are some links about it if you would like extra information: Add the water mixture and egg white into the flour.

I think it’s a nice touch to be able to cook a dish that my mum used to cook for me in return on her birthday. I usually buy a 48 oz. Replies to my comments Our you tiao recipe is easy to make and hard to beat. Our specially formulated breading gives you an even, crunchy coating every time. It is addictively TASTY! Maltose (麦芽糖, mài yá táng), also known as maltose syrup, is a super thick syrup that’s commonly used in traditional…, Papery dried shrimps, xiā pí (虾皮) in Chinese, is a fantastic way to add sea-salty flavor to a wide array…, Preserved mustard greens (碎米芽菜, suì mǐ yá cài), also known as pickled cardamine sprouts, are a common acidic addition that…, The century egg (皮蛋, pí dàn) is also known as millenium egg, pine flower egg or ‘skin egg’.

Gently flip the dough onto a lightly floured surface, peeling off the plastic wrap. Once the oil reaches 400 degrees F, carefully lower the stretched dough into the oil.

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