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I want to start off this statement by apologizing for my absence the past few days. Park formerly held the world record for the most hours streamed on Twitch in a 30-day period. He will also no longer be living with us. He made his debut into Twitch streaming in June 2020, where he streams both video games and technology work. [49][50], Yvonne Ng (born October 8, 1990), also known as yvonnie, is a Canadian Twitch streamer. I wanted to live with people and make cool stuff with other people. [18][19][20] He is most well known for being the mid laner for Team Dignitas. Many streamers and viewers stayed off the platform to encourage Twitch to take action against these streamers. So he told Yuna about it and she apologized and refunded the $500 and that really hurt fed.

Fed found out that Yuna wasn’t the one playing in league of legends it was someone else. I think I just wanted to live with friends. We strive to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable and safe. User account menu. [61] Gaytan started his streaming career in early January 2018, and before then was a full-time video editor for content creator Christian "IWDominate" Rivera, a former pro player for Team Liquid. Its first four members were Scarra, Chris Chan, Based Yoona, and Pokimane.[10]. Due to recent allegations from house manager Yvonnie, Twitch streamer Fedmyster will no longer be living in the OfflineTV streaming house. [7][8][9], OfflineTV was founded in 2017 by William "Scarra" Li and his manager at the time, Chris Chan. On June 24, Yvonnie went on HealthyGamer_GG's stream, and the health streamer talked with her about a man who had sexually harassed her, where she detailed some of the situations that went on. Yuna was really good at gaming and the two became friends. Then, other people can hire them to play games with for money. [35] Her YouTube channel consists of animations, vlogs, songs, art, and piano covers while her Twitch stream consists of League of Legends,[13][36] IRL content,[13] art, and music. Unanswered. [62] Afterwards, Gaytan went on to make many videos with OfflineTV, garnering millions of views for the channel. Due to recent allegations from house manager Yvonnie, Twitch streamer Fedmyster … Following the incident, Chang's name was quietly removed from Offline TV's social media outlets.

[3] They produce a wide range of content, from prank videos to vlogs to the housemates playing games together. She then goes onto say that she “wanted to tell Fed but was scared she would lose him” as they had grown really strong feelings for each other in such a short time. That was the origin of it. [52] Michael previously worked as a software developer in Hawaii. [34] During his time with Offline TV, he worked both in production, and as an active personality. It turned out that Yuna had a boyfriend that no one knew about and and he was the one playing the games whilst she did the voice over. 2017 League of Legends World Championship, "[A Deep Discussion With Scarra] Scarra Reveals His Thoughts on DL vs qt, Harry Potter, and OfflineTV", "Pokimane on Offline TV, trying new things and why Scarra is most like Zilean", "Twitch personality Scarra talks about his streaming career at TwitchCon 2018", "FROM THE 10TH ANNUAL SHORTY AWARDS POKIMANE Winner in TWITCH STREAMER", "Gaming world faces one of its biggest #MeToo moments yet", "Twitch Rivals' League tournament, teams announced", "Popular 'League of Legends' Talk Show 'Beyond the Rift' Is Finished", "League of Legends: [A Deep Discussion With Scarra] Scarra Reveals His Thoughts On DL vs qt, Harry Potter, and OfflineTV", "20 Top Twitch Streamers (And How Much They Are Worth)", "League players ranked ... by how good their pets are", "Twitch Streamers Discover fans Stalking them through Discord", "Michael Reeves joins OfflineTV as seventh member", "Scarra previews League of Legends Worlds 2017 semi-finals", "Looking Back on Team Dignitas in the LCS", "Imaqtpie, Dyrus and Scarra join Echo Fox's streamer-filled Challenger roster", "Ninja explains his choice not to stream with female gamers also a partime drama creater", "League of Legends' New Clash Trailer Offers Advice From Faker", "United Talent Agency acquires two esports agencies", "Twitch streamer Pokimane on playing 'Fortnite' full-time, building a community", "Fortnite Pro-Am featured 100 athletes, gaming influencers", "Here's everyone playing in Epic's major Fortnite E3 tournament", "THE REAL REASON POKIMANE IS LEAVING THE OFFLINE TV HOUSE", "Pokimane left OfflineTV house because of disgraced Fedmyster", "This 'Harry Potter' Medley is the Perfect Way to End Awards Season", "YouTuber Sleightlymusical weaves melodies with magic", "What is League of Legends? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The two had good chemistry and were getting on well, and the viewers were loving the content they were creating. Fedmyster for yuna MalinaMM. In April 2020, Park announced on fuslie's stream that he is joining the YCombinator-backed startup Zelos as the Head of Product. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Metaphor messaged Fed with all the evidence he had and Fed confronted Yuna, resulting in her confessing. They played games together every day from the day they met. Yvonnie didn't reveal the name of the man, but she told Dr K that he had easy access to the streaming house and spent a lot of time with the OfflineTV group. Gaytan grew popular among the OfflineTV fanbase and was officially named as part of talent in January 2018. Since then, Fedmyster has publicly apologized to those close to him who he's made uncomfortable, and will try to be better and take more responsibility in his life going forward. While the OfflineTV group is known for the fun content they create on Twitch and YouTube, drama is coming out of the streaming house as well as one of their members. [55], After much speculation, he was officially announced as a member of OfflineTV in December 2019. Along with other female Twitch streamers, some of the women in the OfflineTV house chimed in on Twitter that they also had experiences with sexual harassment from men and other streamers on the platform. 2665 . The online gaming industry growing in popularity. [70] Chang later came out with a statement on his Twitter, saying that he would be "taking an indefinite hiatus from content creation to reflect and spend some time alone" and apologizing to Lily and the OfflineTV community. Lily gained popularity in 2011 when she released her song "I'll Quit LoL," amassing over 7 million views on YouTube. A Reddit User Has Reverse Engineered TikTok to help spread the message – “Get Rid of It, it is Chinese Malware!” June 30, 2020 Pokimane Emotionally Addressed FedMyster’s Removal from OfflineTV and Recounted Her Own Experiences with Him; June 29, 2020 Fed then made a stream revealing all of this to his fans, showing how upset and betrayed he felt. William Jimmy Li (born November 25, 1989), better known by his alias Scarra, is an American Twitch streamer and former pro League of Legends player. Yuna’s boyfriend then made a stream ranting about how unhappy he was that Yuna had been talking to Fed. In September 2018, Riot Games launched a new series of ads on YouTube for League of Legends including one featuring Lily and former OfflineTV member sleightlymusical. [34][33] Chang also streams games where he plays League of Legends[37] and does IRL streams with live music and magic tricks. Earlier this week, some of my friends sat me down and expressed that I had on several occasions made them feel uncomfortable or uneasy. There’s drama in the gaming world, as Twitch streamer and YouTuber Fedmyster has been catfished by his online gaming partner Yuna. Watch all of FEDMYSTER's best archives, VODs, and highlights on Twitch. Ng stated that on two separate instances, Gaytan would enter her room uninvited, lay down on her bed, and begin inappropriately touching her. [53] His first video, "The Robot That Shines a Laser in Your Eye" posted in April 2017, went viral. In the account she posted, she also referenced scenarios of sexual harassment that LilyPichu, another streamer who lived with them in the OfflineTV house, had experienced from him as well and mentioned that Pokimane had her own stories with the variety streamer.

[45] Wang covered his face with a toast-shaped cardboard mask with sunglasses when he began streaming until he revealed his face by mistake in October 2016. [61], On June 27, 2020, fellow OfflineTV members Yvonne "Yvonnie" Ng and Lily "LilyPichu" Ki came forward with sexual misconduct allegations involving Gaytan.

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