2002 seadoo xp specs

Like the HX model attempted before it, the XP seat offered a suspension. Above, it was all curvy and high-tech looking. The 2002 Sea-Doo GTI comes in two colors; earthen clay or indigo blue. A PWC site dedicated to Jet Ski, Seadoo, Yamaha WaveRunner, Honda AquaTrax and HSR-Benelli offering personal watercraft reviews, news and more. Like the WaveBlaster, the XP was really a solo machine. This Sea-Doo has seating for up to three people and a boarding platform should someone fall off or need to get on from the water. 2004 This time around we’re taking a look back at a machine that was arguably influenced by the WaveBlaster and went on to establish a reputation of its own – the Sea-Doo XP. This engine, with 130 horsepower, provided all a rider needed to push the boat to its limits – and a top speed of 60 mph. The first three iterations (1991-1996) brought musclecraft performance to the Sea-Doo runabout line, but it’s the fourth generation (1997-2004) that truly innovated. affiliated with SeaDoo or Bombardier Inc. 2007 Thomas holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees in finance and economics from the University of Nevada, Reno. Shop Manual. The GTI has a direct drive system with forward, neutral and reverse. The boat weighs approximately 562 pounds with an empty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. Our Personal Watercraft The boat also favored a shorter, rather than taller rider. This Sea-Doo also offers a power assisted steering (O.P.A.S.) Good question. /* 120x240, created 6/20/08 */ Ziggy Thomas started writing professionally in 2010, specializing in fitness, business and technology, among other topics of interest. This second coming of the XP sported a futuristic design that, as the story goes, took cues from a dolphin. Standard equipment includes a speedometer, fuel gauge, oil gauge and side mirrors. google_ad_height = 240; The impeller is made of stainless steel and the design is made to improve the top speed and acceleration while creating less cavitation. www.SeaDooManuals.net . It displaces 718 cubic centimeters and has 85 horsepower. The bore and stroke are 82 millimeters and 68 millimeters. 2006 google_ad_width = 120; 1996 But for sheer fun factor, in skilled hands it was hard to beat. In 2002, SeaDoo introduces its first 4-stroke engine branded 4-TEC. google_ad_slot = "2321204562"; Get PersonalWatercraft.com News in Your Inbox! He works as a financial analyst in Austin. There are also two automatic bilge pumps that continuously remove water.

//-->, 2002 The propulsion system is a Bombardier Formula water jet pump. 1994 6117/587/5588/5565/5566/5579/5580/5581/5582/5583/5584/5585/5586/5591/5592/5577/5578/5460) Halfway down, the hull sported an hourglass profile designed to channel water efficiently down the hullsides, preventing it from catching on the chines or bond rail. 1998

It displaces 718 cubic centimeters and has 85 horsepower. For a more complete information, refer to Shop Manual. google_ad_client = "pub-6025503976264476"; It has a variable ratio oil injection lubrication system and is water cooled. It featured a 951cc Rotax with reed-style intake valves and Sea-Doo’s RAVE exhaust valves.

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