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"I am a fiercely independent public servant, and the only person in this race to actually fight fraud and abuse in our healthcare system, both as a consumer-protection regulator for Governor Cuomo and as a federal frauds prosecutor, where I prosecuted Medicare fraud,” Schleifer said. Most of the contenders for this congressional seat are making their first run for elective office. Ms. Fine, a former chairwoman of the NARAL Pro-Choice America Foundation, is the other candidate with experience in public office: She spent two years as an elected trustee in Sleepy Hollow in the 1980s. Farkas spokeswoman Wellesley Daniel said Farkas would sell the stocks if she was elected. Twenty-four percent of voters were undecided. But he has received donations, too, including from real estate developers like Jeffrey Gural, a prominent Democratic fund-raiser. David Carlucci, a state senator, is a former member of the Independent Democratic Conference, which had caucused with Republicans in the State Legislature. Candidates also launched what's expected to be an onslaught of mailings to voters in the district that includes all of Rockland County and a swath of Westchester from the Sound Shore to Peekskill. Name Johann Adam Schleifer Germany, Select Marriages, 1558-1929 Marriage & Divorce Record information. Since establishment of Medicare Part D in 2003, House Democrats have sought the power to have the government negotiate directly with the manufacturers. Before he served as an assistant U.S. attorney, Mr. Schleifer worked as a former lawyer in Gov. Federal law currently prohibits the government from negotiating drug prices it pays through the Medicare and Medicaid programs. “The pledge is so important because 40 million Americans have lost their employment, and with it, their health care coverage,” Jones said. That includes at least $25 million in stock at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, the Tarrytown-based company founded by Schleifer’s father, Leonard. Andrew M. Cuomo’s Department of Financial Services and in private practice. The candidates are generally in agreement on the issues, including the creation of a robust public health insurance option, although only Mr. Jones supports the creation of a single-payer health care system. In December, the House passed a bill to give the government the power to negotiate drug prices, but it has stalled in the GOP-controlled Senate. She has yet to make an endorsement in the race to succeed her. “This ‘pledge’ is a cynical and transparent attempt by career politicians and bureaucrats trying to obscure their substantial holdings, campaign contributions, and family connections to payday lenders; defense-industry bombmakers; fossil-fuel companies, and, most ironically ‘big pharma.’ ". Schleifer has known U.S. President Donald Trump for some years, as he is a member of Trump’s golf club in Westchester County, New York. Mr. Jones, in turn, has labeled Ms. Farkas, Mr. Schleifer and Mr. Carlucci as being more akin to Republicans than Democrats. “I’ve been working to make sure that people matter more than money, and this pledge is an important part of my commitment to represent the residents of this Congressional  district.”. Assemblyman David Buchwald, D-White Plains, whose investments are in mutual funds and not in individual stocks, said stock ownership could influence an elected officials position on regulations of an industry in which they have a personal interest. Mr. Carlucci’s legislative background may actually hurt him: He is a former member of the now-disbanded Independent Democratic Conference, which had collaborated with Republicans in the State Legislature. When the 117th Congress begins in January of 2021, whoever among us is chosen to represent our district will have an immense responsibility to address the systemic issues facing our nation, chief among them the radically disproportionate prices Americans pay for healthcare, and pharmaceuticals in particular.

“All those things come together to create a solid skill set” that would serve the residents of the lower Hudson Valley well, Mr. Buchwald said. Fred Upton, Republican, wins re-election in Michigan’s Sixth Congressional District ›, Rashida Tlaib, Democrat, wins re-election in Michigan’s 13th Congressional District ›, Tony Gonzales, Republican, wins Texas’ 23rd Congressional District ›, Stephanie Bice, Republican, wins Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District ›. The recent protests against police violence are expected to help Mr. Jones, the best-known African-American candidate in the race. "Fixing America's dysfunctional health care system will require taking on the powerful pharmaceutical industry, so I'm pleased most of my primary opponents have agreed to join me in this pledge," said Farkas. Citing price-gouging and high profits in the pharmaceutical industry, six of seven Democratic candidates in the race to succeed US Rep. Nita Lowey in the 17th  Congressional District today pledged to liquidate any direct stock holdings in pharmaceutical companies if they are elected. “Americans should have confidence that the member will act on the people’s behalf rather than their personal interest. There’s a lot of tension between the religious and secular communities there and they have very little economic growth, which is a huge problem. During a recent visit to New Square and Kaser, towns with heavy Hasidic populations, several residents said they had received phone calls and mailers from Mr. Schleifer’s campaign, but they had yet to develop much of an opinion about him. Editor markup for 58 Oyster Watcha Rd, Edgartown sold. Tax Watch columnist David McKay Wilson reports exclusively on the pledge taken by six candidates for the 17th Congressional District. Follow Tax Watch columnist David McKay Wilson on Facebook or Twitter @davidmckay415. In the suburban enclaves just north of New York City, a seven-way race to replace a retiring matriarch in the House of Representatives has devolved into something far less idyllic: a venomous fight between the son of a pharmaceutical billionaire and rivals who accuse him of trying to use his wealth to buy political power. nestedSliderLabel : config.label}}, dd mm year city, Hessen (Hesse), Deutschland (Germany), dd mm year city, Sachsen (Saxony), Preußen, dd mm year Deutschland (Germany), city, Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate), dd mm year city, Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate), Deutschland (Germany), New York State, Marriage Index, 1881-1967. We’ve already seen too much of that with our president.”. More than $7 million has already been spent on the contest, and more than half of that comes from one wealthy candidate who is trying to break away from a crowded pack. “At a time when a large number of low-income residents do not fill prescriptions because of their high cost, no elected official should be profiting from direct stock holdings in pharmaceutical companies,” said Tarrytown activist Allison Fine. Adam Schleifer won't sign pledge to divest of pharmaceutical stocks if elected to Congress David McKay Wilson Rockland/Westchester Journal News … “Voters will make a judgment on June 23 about whether a member of Congress who is so financially connected to one industry is best positioned to put the interests of the people of the Hudson Valley first,” he said. A poll of 1,141 likely Democratic primary voters released on Tuesday found Mr. Jones leading the race with 25 percent of the vote, followed by Ms. Farkas and Mr. Schleifer tied at 14 percent each and Mr. Carlucci at 11 percent. Mr. Gural said that Mr. Schleifer, 38, “understands the issues,” but he acknowledged that a victory could raise prickly questions about the power of money. Mr. Buchwald, a former tax lawyer and physics major, has substantial institutional support from Westchester Democrats like George Latimer, the county executive. You’ve been in the back rooms of Congress for so long that you can’t see straight.”. Most of Mr. Schleifer’s campaign war chest comes from his own pocket — $3.7 million in total, a reflection of the wealth he derives from his father, Leonard Schleifer, whose company, Regeneron, boasts a $50 billion market capitalization. This is only visible in the story editor.

Mr. Carlucci and Mr. Buchwald, in contrast, are political veterans. [11] His son Adam was one of many candidates for the nomination in the 2020 Democratic Primary for New York's 17th congressional district . Other candidates routinely note that Ms. Farkas and Mr. Jones benefit from independent expenditures and donors from outside the district. He mentioned nothing of his vast holdings in the pharmaceutical industry in response to his six opponents. The race represents a once-in-three-decades opportunity to win an open seat in a secure Democratic district, where incumbency is likely to grant the winner a lengthy tenure in Congress. In an interview, Mr. Jones said Mr. Buchwald’s institutional support would mean little to voters. But we also discussed in depth Schleifer’s most recent role as a no-nonsense, […] Nonetheless, his liberal use of his wealth sparked a noteworthy contretemps during a debate hosted on Tuesday by the Business Council of Westchester. Schleifer's opponents say his holdings in the pharmaceutical industry raise questions what he would do in Washington.

Can’t get into the city.”. Disabling auto-updates may improve reliability when using a screen reader or keyboard to navigate. At this point, the primary contest appears to be a tossup among four candidates: Mr. Schleifer, who, as an assistant U.S. attorney in California, helped prosecute the “Varsity Blues” case involving the actress Felicity Huffman; Mr. Jones, a former lawyer for the Westchester County Law Department who attended Harvard Law School after growing up poor in Rockland County; Evelyn Farkas, a former Obama administration deputy assistant secretary of defense who handled Russian policy and contends that the Kremlin is working against her; and David Carlucci, a state senator whose district includes parts of Rockland and Westchester Counties. As the race tightens, chances of a protracted legal struggle increase. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that would save $98 billion over 10 years. To get better results, add more information such as Birth Info, Death Info and Location—even a guess will help. Some consider the Hasidic vote, which often is delivered in a bloc, as pivotal, and it’s not clear yet which candidate will receive it. In an interview with 38-year-old Adam Schleifer over coffee in Armonk, we covered a lot of territory–including his acapella, choir and Glee Club participation at both Greeley High School and at Cornell University!

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