arris surfboard svg2482ac: troubleshooting

Contact the cable provider to reactivate the gateway. 17185 - SVG2482AC: First Time Installation, SB8200: Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity, SBV3202: Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity. Power cycle the gateway by disconnecting power cord for one minute and connecting it back to the outlet. If the phone rings a half ring on incoming calls, Call Forwarding may be activated. Blinking - The gateway receives low quality or no cable signal. Blinking - The gateway is scanning for an Internet connection.

How do I troubleshoot Internet connection issues with my SVG2482AC Gateway? Enter, Refresh the page at least twice to identify variations in. The following troubleshooting steps are to be followed in sequence: No Telephony Service Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Get more information on SURFboard modem manuals, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and more.

Carefully insert the tip of a pen or an unwound paperclip into the reset button and press on to it.


Contact the cable provider to adjust the signal level to the acceptable level range if the signal levels are outside of the acceptable range. If the Tel 1 LED is off, contact Comcast/Xfinity to activate the line or troubleshoot the phone service. Make sure all phones are on the hook and all cordless phone batteries are charged. View online or download Arris SurfBoard SVG2482AC User Manual Try to plug a working corded phone into different jacks to find out if the problem is isolated to one phone or one jack.

This document provides helpful information for troubleshooting phone connection issues with the SVG2482AC.

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DOCSIS® 3.0 Internet & Voice Modem

AN ECONOMICAL CHOICE FOR XFINITY INTERNET & VOICE SUBSCRIBERS. Add a battery backup (sold separately) for guaranteed coverage during power outages. Securely tighten the connectors on each end of the coaxial cable by hand. Local Area Network (LAN) speed improvement —True gigabit speeds in your whole home. If applicable, check the television service to ensure cable service is operating properly. The battery is optional and can be purchased at battery back-up will allow the voice service to function in case of a power outage, but is not intended to replace the … The SVG2482AC will then reboot, once the Wi-Fi LEDs flash the SVG2482AC has finished rebooting and be will be configured with the default settings.

Connect the power cord from the gateway and to an electrical outlet.

The Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password are located on the side of the SVG2482AC. The following troubleshooting steps are to be followed in sequence. Connect a client device to the SVG2482AC with an Ethernet cable or connect to the default Wi-Fi network. Getting Started Introduction The ARRIS SURFboard® SVG2482AC is a DOCSIS 3.0® telephony cable modem and four-port Ethernet router device with Wi-Fi and optional battery backup. SBV3202: Troubleshooting Phone Connection, SBV2402: Troubleshooting Phone Connection, TG862G/CT & TG862R: Troubleshooting Phone Connection, SVG2482AC: Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity.

Check the cable signal levels in the Web manager of the SVG2482AC.

The SURFboard® SVG2482AC is optimized for use with XFINITY Internet & Voice Service. Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Gateway Arris SURFboard SVG2482AC Quick Start Manual, Gateway Arris SURFboard SBG6580 User Manual, Gateway Arris SURFboard SBG6700-AC User Manual, Gateway Arris SURFboard SBG7400AC2 User Manual, Gateway Arris SURFboard SBG6950AC2 Quick Start Manual, Gateway Arris SURFboard SBG7580-AC QSG Quick Start Manual, Gateway Arris NVG599 Administrator's Handbook, Gateway Arris Touchstone TG2492 User Manual, Gateway Arris Touchstone DG2460 User Manual, Gateway Arris Touchstone DG3450 User Manual, Gateway Arris Touchstone TG3492LG-LIB User Manual, Gateway Arris Touchstone TG3452 User Manual, Gateway Arris Touchstone DG3270 User Manual, Gateway Arris Touchstone DG1670 User Manual, Gateway Arris Touchstone TG1672 User Manual, Gateway Arris BGW210-700 Install And Operation Instructions, Page 5: Safety And Regulatory Information, Page 9: Caring For The Environment By Recycling Your Arris Equipment, Page 21: Setting Up A Wireless Network Connection, Page 22: Quick Connect Using The Windows Taskbar, Page 25: Connect Using The Windows Control Panel, Page 30: Svg2482Ac Web Manager Menu Links, Page 33: Configuring Your Wireless Network, Page 36: Set Up Wps On Your Wireless Network, Page 38: Protecting & Monitoring Your Wireless Network, Page 51: Managing Your Gateway And Connected Networks, Page 52: View The Gateway Network Connections, Page 53: View The Network Connection Settings, Page 54: View The Xfinity Network Connection Status, Page 57: Reset Svg2482Ac Using The Reset Button, Page 60: Front Panel Led Icons And Error Conditions.

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