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[63] He appears in a similar capacity in every Persona game. Aigis is the main playable protagonist, inheriting the power to summon multiple Personas including Orpheus (オルフェウス, Orufeusu) of The Fool Arcana, but loses the ability to use Orgia Mode. [65] Elizabeth is portrayed by Asami Yoshikawa in the Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Ultimax Song Project stage plays and Riyu Kosaka in Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade. Yukari is popular at school because of her good looks, cheerful disposition, and energetic attitude.

Something rather funny about the Persona 3 video game is it's comparability to a dating sim with what they call a'Social Link' system.

The group encounters other Persona-users who are working against their efforts to eradicate Shadows, Tartarus, and the Dark Hour.

Alternativly, you can visit the shrine and do a luck draw while thinking of said Social Link.

[94], Maya (Y-Ko (Y子, Waiko) in Japan) is a player in the fictional MMORPG Innocent Sin Online; at the conclusion of her Social Link's story, she professes her love to the protagonist in the game. These Social Links, when formed, have gameplay benefits, increasing the player's proficiency in battle. In May, one of her bullies is found outside of the front of the school gate, unconscious. [79] He rejects the ideology of his father, who believed death was a form of deliverance. Mamoru Hayase (早瀬 護, Hayase Mamoru) is a student athlete the protagonist meets at a sports match.

These requests include tasks such as retrieving specific items or creating Personas with specific abilities.

Chidori is confirmed alive in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Persona Q. Theodore is portrayed by Ire Shiozaki in Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade. Later games explain that the two protagonists exist within different timelines. Don't focus on Persona types that only perform magical attacks for example. He abandoned his family to become a monk, and is afraid of facing them. His mother was killed two years prior to the events of Persona 3 by a Persona-user, although the death was officially listed as an accident.

Death Koromaru

[98], She is the Social Link for the Hanged Man Arcana (刑死者, Keishisha), representing the inability to take action.[99]. [TWEET LIKED BY WENDEE LEE]", "Fuuka Is In Persona 4: Arena, Too, But Not As A Fighter", "Persona Q, Kanji teaching Ken to crochet. Mitsuru is the only SEES member that had her ability to summon a Persona forced on her.[18].

Erst nach dem Trip nach Yakushima; treibe deinen Justice Social Link voran; du benötigt Mut Level 6. In Persona 5, Tanaka seemed to have fallen somewhat, selling items over a virtual black market accessible by repairing a broken laptop.

Koromaru joins SEES after he recovers from his injuries. His first Persona is Hermes (ヘルメス, Herumesu) and later obtains Trismegistus (トリスメギストス, Torisumegisutosu), both of The Magician Arcana.

The opportunity to go on a Social Link event is shown by a speech bubble above the Link's head with a !

Any benefits/rewards for completing hard mode? [108] In his review for Eurogamer, Rob Fahey wrote that developer Atlus made a "wise decision" in choosing to represent characters in the world in 3D, while using "lovely 2D artwork to convey expressions and emotions. 1. The first is The Fool, which represents the SEES Social Link between you and everyone that lives in the dorm.

However, on the side, he coaches a little league baseball team. You will need to get Dog Food from Fuuka to initiate this Social Link, and she will give it to you during one of her Social Link events.

Von dort aus nach links, am Stoff-Vordach.

If you go the route of only maxing out a few Social Links; make sure you do a variety.

She tearfully confesses all of her negative thoughts to him, and after the confession, he turns into one of the keys and fades into light.

Maya's Japanese name, "Y-ko", and the MMO being called "Devil Busters Online" is a reference to a character in the very first Megami Tensei game.

Erst nach dem Trip nach Yakushima; du benötigst Intelligenz Level 6. How much 'experience' you gain on one of these outings depends on how you answer questions (not always direct questions, some of them are 'How do you act now?') His travels came to an end after being called by Mitsuru to search for Labrys. Teddie falls on the ground and is unable to stand back up, prompting Koromaru to pull him into the stall with P3 hero and Kanji Tatsumi, who endlessly insists on petting him.

[87], He is the Social Link for the Emperor Arcana (皇帝, Kōtei), representing leadership and decision-making.[88]. In battle, Shinjiro attacks with blunt weapons. Priestess

Her shyness is due to the drauma and depression of her bad past: she was often bullied and made fun of by others for being different, although due to psychogenic amnesia she can't properly remember her past during the game. [57] At the conclusion of Persona 3, the protagonist is able to enter Nyx and becomes the Great Seal to keep it away from humanity, at the cost of his own life.

He experiences the Dark Hour but does not have a Persona. He is portrayed by Yuichi Matsumoto in Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade. They gave a social link to... the dog?

They're located at bookworms in Iwatodai Station.

He is portrayed by Shoichi Honda in Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade - The Blue Awakening, the Persona 4 Arena stage play, and the Persona 4 Ultimax Song Project stage play; and Mitsuru Karahashi in Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade - The Ultramarine Labyrinth and Persona 3: The Weird Masquerade - The Bismuth Crystals.

On August 8th, Shuji Ikutsuki decides to have a special Evoker made for Koromaru that he can wear and use as a collar. After defeating Nyx, she is the only one who remembers Tartarus, the Dark Hour, and the protagonist's sacrifice during his borrowed month of life after the defeat of Nyx. Because the character's design is focused on the idea that he is a young boy, Soejima jokingly wrote Ken's name as "Kid Amada" on concept sketches. Some of them you can only unlock at a certain time and some require higher than average Academics, Charm and Courage to unlock.

This accumulated malice of the human race manifested in a monster called Erebus, which is attempting to break the seal created by the protagonist.[59]. When confronted, Ikutsuki reprograms Aigis and attempts to offer the members of SEES as sacrifices on a roof of Tartarus.

Erst nach dem Trip nach Yakushima; du benötigt Charme Level 6.

Originally his rival, Mamoru reveals much about his personal life and how he has to financially support his family. [64] The protagonist uses this newfound power to seal away Nyx.

Treibe deinen Magician Social Link voran; du benötigst ausreichend Charme. A rumor begins to spread that she was attacked by a ghost inside Gekkoukan. Yukari appears as a playable character in the fighting game Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Koromaru was a stray dog that Fuuka Yamagishi and Yukari Takeba played with regularly. Upon giving him the watch, Shinjiro will survive the fatal shooting from Takaya in the October 4th event, but remains hospitalized for the rest of the game. Erebus (エレボス, Erebosu) is the final boss of The Answer in Persona 3: FES. Despite the death of Isamu Tanonaka due to myocardial infarction in 2010, the animated movie adaptation in 2013 still uses his original voices recorded in the game.

But, I worked to achieve greater ambiguity in his expression.

She slowly begins to open up to the protagonist because he is an orphan (having lost both of his parents in the same incident) and can understand her isolation.

Elizabeth request #48. Part 234: Koromaru Goddamn Hachiko is a playable character.

Pharos (ファルロス, Farurosu, Fallos in the Japanese version) is a mysterious boy the player first encounters during the opening of Persona 3.

Ryoji Mochizuki (望月 綾時, Mochizuki Ryōji) is a recent transfer to Gekkoukan High School. A Ganguro, she has an extremely tanned complexion, and orange-ish hair, similar in the style of most ganguro, or gyaru.

Upon maximizing the Social Link, Akinari gives the protagonist his finished book to be published—and disappears before his startled eyes. President Tanaka (たなか社長, Tanaka Shachō) is a businessman who sells products on television. She can become friends with the female protagonist by joining the Library committee or Health committee. In addition, a large tower called Tartarus, filled with Shadows, rises out of the ground during the Dark Hour.

Only until after you've already picked your answer do you know the rating of your action; Bad results in a little frustration bubble above your heads and negative-sounding text usually ending in ' you decide to go back to the dorm '. Since her grandfather was responsible for everything, she believes that she alone bears the burden of setting the world right.

They become enemies of SEES because SEES is trying to put an end to the Dark Hour, as Strega carries out its activities during the Dark Hour. Their combined powers allow them to defeat the enemies and the culprit behind the whole scheme: Enlil. [61] Erebus reappears in Persona 4 Arena in Elizabeth's story mode, during which she destroys it, though estimates it will re-form within a year's time. In Persona 4, Elizabeth has left the Velvet Room, her role being filled by her sister, Margaret. After they defeat him the truth is revealed: Doe is nothing more than a cognition of Hikari's father, created by her due to her depression and low self-esteem, starting to make her develop an inability to differ what is actually harmful to her and what actually isn't. Junpei is seen wearing a cross necklace in Arena Ultimax, which he mentions that it was given to him by her.

To combat Shadows, each member of SEES is capable of summoning a Persona, a being which is a manifestation of one's psyche. You may only take Koromaru on walks after completing his Social Link. In order to attract such an ambitious young woman he must maximize his Academic statistic, and rank first in his class for at least one exam. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. If you're having trouble keeping up all your attributes and exploring Tartarus each night I strongly recommend you check out my guide on how to make the most of each day. Though Ken lets go of his vendetta, Shinjiro is fatally shot while protecting him from Takaya. He is forced to regularly take special suppressant pills to properly control his Persona, at the cost of his health.

Because their Personas were not awakened naturally, they must take Persona Suppressants supplied by Ikutsuki, drugs that keep Personas from killing their users, but have lethal side-effects.

She left to find a way to rescue the protagonist of Persona 3 from his fate as the seal between Nyx and humanity. Beautiful and elegant, she is the school's top ranking valedictorian and student council president. She is drawn to humanity by The Appriser, and would bring about the end of the world if brought to Earth. Sometimes the computer's AI is far too stupid and can't be relied on to win a battle for you or to exploit a monster's weakness.

You are on wrong board, goto PSP > SMT : Persona 3 Portable.

She immediately shows an instinctual interest in protecting the protagonist, which she cannot explain. With the help of the protagonist, Mutatsu gains the courage to face his family and ask for forgiveness.

Using Athena as her Persona, Aigis joins Mitsuru and Akihiko in their search of another Anti-Shadow weapon, Labrys, that was stolen from Mitsuru. 3 years ago. Doubles ailment susceptibility to everyone for three turns.

He says goodbye to the protagonist, who later learns that he and Ryoji Mochizuki, a student at Gekkoukan High School, are the same person. Take off your pants if you want to. When the plan fails, she is wounded and ends up held in the local hospital.

Our heroes, thinking that Doe kidnapped Hikari, they fight him in the deepest part of the labyrinth, after he goes berserk due to Hikari rejecting him. Also, in Elizabeth's story mode, she, along with her successor and fellow Wild Card wielder Yu Narukami, help Elizabeth understand the true nature of the Wild Card.

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