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We love the bike. Test Ride; Community . I pick up my kindergartener every day from school on it. Sol Electric Cruiser Bike - $1499

Does it make it harder to carry kids and large cargo. Top Electric City Bikes (Electric Commuter Bikes), This is the most upsetting part about Blix Packa and for most it can be a deal breaker. I had chance to try Shengyi motors last year in Eurobike show and I have to say other than initial acceleration, I feel nothing special about this motor. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Tern’s New GSD Is the Best-Equipped E-Cargo Bike, The Izip E3 Simi Step-Thru Makes Cruising More Fun, Roll Over Everything on a Fat Tire E-Bike, The Gazelle Ultimate T10+ HMB Craves Variety, Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 3 Lefty Review, Nab All the Wins on Pavement or In the Woods, The Batch E-Commuter Will Get You Stoked on Riding. How long is the extended rear rack? If I was going to design a cargo electric bike, direct drive hub motor will be my last choice. I’d prefer if the throttle were independent of the pedal-assist modes because I don’t see the sense in also having five throttle settings. We build every Blix bike with an obsessively high level of attention to details, allowing us to create a utility-friendly ebike with high-performance components for any riding conditions, without sacrificing a visually compelling design.

With two batteries totaling 1171Wh, the dual battery system automatically uses both to ensure you never have to stop when one battery runs out, giving you twice the range for long riding with heavy loading. All Rights Reserved. Problem solved. If you’re looking for an affordable, solid e-cargo bike to ride far between charges, you can’t go wrong with the Blix Packa.

Why is the compact size important? . High durability. Easily shift gears with a twist of your right hand, allowing you to control your ride by shifting into the lowest gears on steep hills and into the highest gear to pedal in high speeds. I use pedal assist level 3 all the time, and my commute is mostly flat with one long shallow hill, and I do pedal vigorously. Batteries and Chargers; Bags & Baskets; Packa Accessories; Fenders; Merchandising/POP; Resources. Handling was good at that weight in calm conditions, but it is clear caution is needed for such a cargo in the wind!! Pack it All. It is a 7 speed shimano Acera. Batteries need to be charged seperately. The batteries alone likely account for half of the cost of this bike, so Blix used cheap but solid components for the rest of it. All Blix bags, racks, and baskets will fit the Packa.

We build every Blix with a high-capacity long-range battery for long happy rides, a powerful motor for the steepest hills, and intuitive pedal assist and throttle for easy and fun riding. Overall, documentation and online instructions were good. Thank you!

Free 30 Day Shipping. Two batteries, ... Blix also makes a host of accessories to help you get the most out of your Packa.

Two of them can fit side by side in the rear! Current Promotions; Lifestyle Photos; Product Photos; Blix Logos; Dealer Documents. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! What if my lights don’t turn on automatically? It features a direct drive technology that spins the motor directly without any internal gears, providing high durability and super quiet operations.

First of all to save costs they use a hub motor and they choose a cheaper version of hub motors which is a direct drive hub motor. Accessories aren’t included in the price. It is a 16.5 in frame made from 6061 alloy.

I only get 8 miles per charge on the one battery. It even includes a USB port so you can charge your devices with your bike. The integrated headlight is bright enough to help you spot road obstacles at night, and the taillight includes a brake light, so nearby drivers and cyclists know when you’re stopping. It is a cargo bike with lots of accessories. A lot of the heft comes from two Samsung battery packs that combine to give you 1,171 watt-hours of power, twice that of most e-bikes and enough to take you 70 miles on a single charge. With unique features such as a dual battery and multi-modular racking system, the Packa is a natural car-replacer - built to handle almost anything for anyone. The changeout was easy.

I will explain it later on. Chain is very long and creates noise and damage frame.

The second pack adds 672Wh and costs an extra $300, which is about half of what a similar pack costs on the aftermarket. Ride knowing that you're protected from any unwanted motion forward when your brakes are engaged, as the battery power is automatically cut-off when brake levers are pressed. All Blix bags, racks, and baskets will fit the Packa. If you want to order it, you can check their indiegogo campaign. Blix Journal.

Can I ride in the rain or snow? One of the main advantages with the throttle is to easily get up to speed again after all those red lights and stop signs! Share Your Story. I see lot of similar electric cargo bikes in market and Blix is one of them. The 24” wheels and low step-through frame allows for a low center of gravity and easy handling.

Do you have to use both batteries for the Packa to work? I am still excited about this e-bike as it has promising features. Good thing is brake levers have motor inhibitors so once you press brake motor power is cut off. Marketing Images. I love it so much and am so thankful I convinced myself to buy it.

... Packa Electric Cargo Bike - $1599. I am sorry to say that but it is a very cheap and incapable motor. Your input is very much appreciated. The Packa is equipped with a super bright integrated rear light powered directly by the battery.

The RadWagon wins mostly because of its battery. Also due to long frame of this cargo bicycle, the frame flexes. Packa; Vika Travel; Prima; Accessories. It's a bike from you, for you. It looks like the published energy efficiency numbers are about right. Or charge your phone or speaker while you're at it. Brakes are mechanical entry level disc brakes. The most full-feature cargo ebike available at an affordable price-point. The headlight wire polarities were wrong. With a compact design and ultra low step-through frame, the Packa is ready for heavy-loading.

Racks & Baskets. Great performance is key for fun riding. Can I ride in the rain or snow? The optimum combinations of gears, pedal assist and hand throttle are easily arrived at.,and the controls are nicely placed from an ergonomic standpoint.. Additionally, two Yepp child seats will also fit on the Packa. Mounts to head tube for maximum stability with a 50lb loading capacity.

The tires feature puncture resistant Kevlar technology to keep you rolling, and reflective sidewalls to be seen.

I hav a hill to climb as soon as I start to ride and its so nice to go up the hill with out exerting myself. Manage your speed and power output using the varying assist levels. Drive train is a normal one and good for flat surfaces. Does it make it harder to carry kids and large cargo?

The cadence sensor is as good as any we’ve tried and it delivers a smooth boost when you’re pedaling and cuts off as soon as you stop. Packa; Vika Travel; Prima; Accessories. As Blix decide to make a simpler electric bike, they decided to use a hub motor which gives them more freedom in terms of motor location. Vetted by Ridepanda. Railings on the rear rack will also be an accessory option. What size and weight of rider can this bike support? The Packa electric cargo bike is a high-performance electric bike with 400-lb payload capacity, dual batteries for extended range, and a powerful 750-watt motor. There’s also a throttle that gives you power on-demand, although it’s also tied to the pedal-assist (PAS) mode, so you don’t get full throttle until you’re in the top PAS setting. With two 24″ wheels, tubes, and tires on the Packa, you don’t need as many different sized replacement parts, Blix chose this size because it keeps the frame low, is sturdier than 26″ or 28″ (especially with the 12 gauge extra-thick spokes), but is more comfortable and stable than super small 20″

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