ct110 engine swap

Honda Postie CT110 140 Engine Conversion Kit, Support Lighting and Battery Charge. I'll be glad to help you through the process if you decide to do it. A better idea is to switch the bike to 12V.

YX150cc E-Start Engine, Support Lighting & Battery Charging, Zongshen 190cc, 2 Valve, 5 Speed E-Starter, Zongshen 190, 212cc Upgrade, Hand Made, 5 Speed e-Starter, Lifan Engine Mounting Bracket for Honda CT110 Postie Bike.

SIDE PULL UNIVERSAL THROTTLE ASSY 7/8" BARS 7/18P (AFT209H), REAR_MOTOR_MOUNT ADAPTOR_KIT CHINA_ENGINES 50cc_to_150cc TO_CT90/CT110 (BCI123000), FOOTPEG_ADAPTOR CT90/CT110_HONDA TO LIFAN_ZONGSHEN ALL_CHINA_ENGINES 50CC_THRU_150CC (BC5000), *PIPE, INLET 46mm_TO_HEAD & 48mm_TO_CARB 1/19M (212M), STOCK_TYPE ATC185/200 REPLACEMENT_CARB MADE_BY_SHENG_WEY HAS_48MM_SPACING (300016) 26MM, **BOOT CARB_TO AIR_CLEANER CT110 17253-459-671 1/20M (42C), ..NHRC ALLOY_CANISTER CHROME_HEADER UPSWEPT_PERFORMANCE EXHAUST CT70'S_&_OTHERS 1/18T (N-0130A), **MUFFLER_TO_HEAD 1/2_MOON_FLANGE Z50A_68_TO_78 (sold_each) 7/17M (28I), ..MUFFLER FITS CT90K2 TO 1979 (TAKES_STOCK_SHIELDS) (REPLACES 183A0-102-650 OR 18300-102-010 ) AFT102 temp out of stock (eta_11-16-20), **MUFFLER CT110 ALL 1/14M (NOT_FORESTRY_APPROVED) (FITS_ALL_CLONE_ENGINES) 1/19M (459MUFF), LIFAN_CLONE 120CC_TO_150CC (REAR_TOP_ARM) TRANNY/CLUTCH CABLE_"LONG" (700059), UNIVERSAL CLUTCH LEVER/ASSY 7/8" bars 6/15J (76C). Happy Motoring, Festus. 1) An Australian Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card; 2) To be over 18 years of age; 3) To live in Australia, To see Afterpay's complete terms, visit https://www.afterpay.com.au/terms, Installing in a postie CT 110. The large group of experts is over on the.

Everything fits well in the side cases and the bike runs great.

That swap takes some drilling & fitting etc. If you want more power, simply upgrade to the OKO26 Flatside Race Carby Kit by clicking the following link. At DHZ Moto we’re always more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our bikes and parts.

Easier starting, no battery necessary, better charging system, more power, smoother running, and I'll bet longer lasting. I have written them but not heard back. ct90 with_lifan_120cc engine_and ct70 nhrc hi pro exhaust.

suit DPRO140 Outlaw160R, HD Footpeg Mount , Rear Brake Pedal Kit. Thank you folks for all the info. A friend is giving me a 110cc Lifan motor. It takes some mechanical knowledge, tools, and some work but the results are well worth it IMO. and isn't a simple bolt-in. Also is this new motor 12v?

A friend is giving me a 110cc Lifan motor.

It aint no Honda, it's better, more modern technology and design. OK, so do you or your friend want to get rid of the 110cc Lifan? Kit Include: Note: Require drilling the top engine bolts from 8mm to 10mm.

This kit makes it a whole lot easier to convert your postie to a bigger more powerful motor, simply using the supplied bracket kit. I also did the front spring upgrade which helped a lot. Best Regards, Festus.

Good choice. You do need the multi-position carb adapter in order to make everything fit. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. I've put kick start only 110cc Lifan manual clutch engines in a 68 and a 71 CT90 and just last week switched the 68 to a 140cc oil cooled Lifan. Any help would be greatly appreciated. HI All, I am the proud owner of a 1969 CT90 K1. This kit makes it a whole lot easier to convert your postie to a bigger more powerful motor, simply using the supplied bracket kit. Pay fortnightly, enjoy your purchase straight away!

You'll find that the hi/low range isn't necessary, in fact you'll enjoy not having to stop to change ranges. The motor lasted for 3 hours and then stop working, I took my bike my local mechanic and it was going to be cheaper just to buy a whole new motor, Honda Postie CT110 140 Engine Conversion Kit, apply for 6 months interest free finance with Lombard, http://www.dhz.com.au/buy/honda-postie-ct110-140-engine-conversion-kit-oko-26/ZS140POSTIEO, OKO PWK 26mm Flat Slide Race Carburettor Kit, Mikuni 30mm Racing Carburretor Kit, 140cc 150cc 160cc, OKO PWK 30mm Flat Slide Race Carburettor Kit, Lifan 125cc Type R Head Racing Engine, 1P54FMI, HD Footpeg Mount , Rear Brake Pedal Kit.

Did a total 12V conversion, lights, horn, and built a new wiring harness. http://www.dhz.com.au/buy/honda-postie-ct110-140-engine-conversion-kit-oko-26/ZS140POSTIEO If this had been a simple drop-in installation I think I would have gone for it. Simply pick up the phone and call 1300 399 299 if you’d like to discuss things directly, or use our online contact form to send us a message, and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. The Lifans are all 12V but can be made to work with the 6V system.

While there are a few places out there that have minibikes for sale, none compare to the awesomeness that is DHZ Moto.

I've only seen pics of the motor but it appears not to have the electric start. rear muffler hookup_is_clean this_is_our_nhrc ct70_exhaust on a ct90 that has a clone engine (won't work for stock engine) ..nhrc alloy_canister chrome_header upswept_performance exhaust ct70's_&_others 1/18t (n-0130a) n-0130a regular price: $208.88 sale price: $199.99. suit DPRO125/160 Outlaw1, Honda Postie CT110 LF125 Engine Conversion Kit, ZongShen 110cc E-Start Engine, 4 Speed Semi-Auto, Suits All Pitbi, GPX 125cc Race Engine, High Comp Piston, Race Cam, Support Lighti. I just got a lifan 125cc off ebay for $273 with carb/kickstart/shifter.

DrAtv has some info, engine adapters, foot peg adapters, exhaust systems etc..

In addition to the fantastic bikes you see here, you’ll find a whole lot more. We are proud to offer customers around Sydney and throughout the country with top-quality mini and pit bikes from the leading brands. Simple instalment plans available instantly at checkout. HI All, I am the proud owner of a 1969 CT90 K1.

No reason to change a perfectly good engine. Postie CT110 Bobber - Engine upgrade YX160 - ep2. Has anyone done this swap?

Has anyone done this swap? I dont think I would ever use it in a 90 or 110 replacement for what I use them for, I use the H/L sub tranny all the time in both my ct90s and atc90/110s.

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