bright white light when eyes are closed spiritual

I am not sure how many weeks I prayed that prayer, but one night it happened.

Uses the human body to evils advantage destroying us mind & body - - - instead of the biology Jesus Christ designed being used in order to achieve peace of heart and health of body through the commandments.

It’s not all that unusual for meditators to have an experience of light during their practice session. Intense Chemistry Between Two People – Perfect Companions, Third Eye Opening Symptoms And Its Dangers, Crown Chakra Opening Experience | 5 Symptoms, Chakra Colour Meaning And Its Significance, Orange Chakra Meaning And Its Significance, The Meaning And Significance of The Number 1313, Meaning of number 1212 And 1221 in Numerology, 9999 Meaning – The Significance of the Numbers 9999, Light Body Activation Techniques – Help Mother Nature, 727 Twin Flame Number – Togetherness With Personal Time, Past Life Connections – Why You Are Cosmically Intertwined, Why Am I Waking Up At 2:22?

This color is helpful to activate creativity, or to bring more fun into your life.

I have never experienced anything like this before.

The wierd thing was that I knew what it was through and through but I cant pinpoint exactly what that is to define in explanation. I was seeking Him earnestly, trying to figure out Christianity. I believe in the most highest King Jesus and I have always tried be best to stay close to GOD.

Maybe HE let me have this experience because HE knew I would tell others and it would lead them to salvation. They all seem to have something to do with spiritual upheaval, rising vibrations and the spirit world. The voice was so calming but once again I was in a panicked state.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The light was so bright I could not look directly at it, I had to turn away, I felt it would have hurt my eyes. I ran right through it to get down stairs. Meditation Experiences. Daniela can teach you how to do this through White Light SelF … I am not sure it was God, but I feel it definitely was something of God.

Daniela can teach you how to do this through White Light SelF Empowerment.

It was very real. I asked my husband to lay next to me because somehow I was afraid - don't know why just feeling ill/feverish. To answer this question first you must understand the colors, and what they represent, specifically where the cutoff is between those spiritual colors that ground us, and those that take us to the spiritual realm. If this is the case, try some chakra healing meditation to address problems with your third eye.

Some meditators are normally so startled by their meditation white light experience that they’re prompted to open their eyes fearing that something’s not right. Sometimes when I pray, I see a flashing white light when my eyes are closed. I suddenly had a warm feeling going from my head to my feet that I have never, ever felt before.

I can't explain what I saw, but I wasn't dreaming, I'm a light sleeper. It’s also helpful to wear a blue scarf when you have trouble with your throat, like a cold.

Next time a white light shows up in your meditation experiences, don’t be afraid. The first time I ever had a vision from Jesus was back in 2015. I was in bed going back to sleep when I felt myself go into a deep place not sure how to describe it.

Dealing With Silent Treatment From Your Twin Flame, Twin Flame Marriage – Everything You Need to Know, 12 Psychic Signs Someone is Thinking of You, Fifth Dimensional Consciousness – Releasing The Illusions of 3D, 22 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms You Will Notice, Higher Consciousness Symptoms – The 17 Signs. It helps to increase Self confidence, and is used to help the digestive system.

Spiritual Experiences and Spirituality is your source for sharing spiritual experiences, the study of spirituality, enlightenment and teachers. You’re therefore able to remember people, places or objects that you interacted with in the past. It stopped suddenly and I was very emotional, good tears, no fear. Next time Kramer concentrate on your breath - Breathing in by the nostrils and breathing out of the nostrils don't think just breath. I would like to hypothesize (NOT theorize) that because my mother knew me very well (and my disdain for 'revelations' outside of the scientific method) she gave me one final 'gift' before she died... A 'gift' to challenge my worldview. I also felt really hot but it could've been the covers I don't know.

If so they were very very scary but they did let me know they weren't there to hurt me or scare me.

As a result, he/she develops an overwhelming peace of mind and cultivates lovingkindness. My mother was behind me she didn't see a thing. I closed my eyes and probably went to sleep... Next thing I know I am floating upwards lying down. Sometimes red underwear can be helpful to be more grounded . After months (or years) of consistent meditation, your Third Eye gets activated. Unfortunately I have never had the experience again.

Then the light clicked off.

It paused, but its likeness I could not discern; a figure that was before my eyes, and I heard a still voice that said...", First let me say I am a very down to Earth person I have always struggled with my faith. I was about 50 years old. (maybe you know my WhiteLight Self Empowerment System

A spiritual-oriented type of meditation has cropped up and led some people to try out some form of higher self meditation called “channeling meditation”. But in 2016, at the age of 28, I was on a path of seeking God. I was dead asleep and I heard a very loud voice that simply said, "I have come", before I could question if it was my inner voice or God's I felt something pass through me.

Being un-churched until that time it was still very new to me and I had many questions. I was 36 years old and I was performing on stage one evening in a production with a huge group of actors and actresses.

It is also great for protection. It’s usually a strange phenomenon for them – where could the light be emanating from? If you see white light in meditation this can mean that a new, powerful and spiritual energy has entered your aura. I woke up in bed the next morning. I hid under my covers scared to death hoping I was dreaming. … It felt like it was just emanating from my body and my system.”, One of the researchers’ suggestions is that the experience of lights during meditation is similar to that during sensory deprivation. It is a profound, peak experience and often the presence of angels and other lofty spiritual beings can be felt and heard, though generally the light is so bright as to be blinding. but we're all a little different .

But closing them tighter didn't stop it. If this is the case, try some chakra healing meditation to address problems with your third eye. The the light began to dissolve around me even as I asked it to stay and not leave. I am now on day 112 without a break and am seeing the real benefits! Whenever you recall a past experience or event, the mental impressions are reproduced and projected onto your mental screen. We got home and that night when I was going to bed I saw a bright and I mean bright cross/star shape in the the doorway of my bedroom. I'd like to say that I got clean right after that but I didn' took a few more months of hell but I eventually gave it up and got help.

The white light spectrum is usually regarded as the purest form of light. Great White Light: Out of body experiences, some near death experiences, and some Kundalites may experience being transported into a realm of intense, dazzling white light. Susan and Kash and their team of experts cover many topics that guide and help thousands of readers.

Am not really religious I believe in a higher being but I know we are the chosen ones for what I don't know for why is still don't know.

A big bright star in the doorway.

Hello to eveyone Here, Same Thing happened to me about 2yrs ago, I am a God fearing Person Born and raised in a strong Christian Home, I löst my brother few years ago and after His death I repented all my sin and surrendered my Life to God almighty, I Started praying and meditation Hello to eveyone Here, Same Thing happened to me about 2yrs ago, I am a God fearing Person Born and raised in a strong Christian Home, I löst my brother few years ago and after His death I repented all my sin and surrendered my Life to God almighty, I Started praying and meditating 3x daily, AS I was sleeping one night, Something woke me Up about 2am, AS I woke Up I saw a very bright White Light, IT was so bright that I couldn't Look at IT, I Use one of my Hand to Cover my eyes a Bit to See where the light birming from, whenever I try the Lights Changes its Position, I was very confused, AS I managed to Tap my wife to wake Up the light disapeared.

If you see white light in meditation this can mean that a new, powerful and spiritual energy has entered your aura. is one of the leading metaphysical websites on the internet today. I wake up in the middle of the night because of a bright light.

For a couple of weeks I kept this as a secret to myself. You start noticing flickers of white light during meditation.

White light is the space within the universe that houses positive energies.

I am now over 50 years old but when I was 16 years old I saw a very bright light after being sound asleep in my bed at home in my room. An article published in Frontiers of Psychology magazine in 2014 presents the results of a pilot study investigating this phenomenon among regular meditators.

I was thinking were am I going then from seeing black, I see BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT my eyes were closed but l'm very awake.

When looking at aura color interpretation, given to us by those who can see auras, and a few aura imaging devices, there are certain things we can say about the spiritual and physical meaning of light. Interested in learning more about mindfulness and awareness meditation? That's only one of my many experiences. I loved going to church and worshipping God wherever I was. This was not a dream it was a real experience. While there are a good many stories of the “I opened my third eye, saw the lights, and have regretted it ever since” kind on internet, most people speak of their experiences with a mix of curiosity and gratitude.

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