elk backstrap for sale

minimum purchaseOUT OF STOCK, 2 cuts (2 or 4 elk 29 9 patties of ground elk meat in individual 1 lb pack,  packaged in a 12 lb. The most tender piece of meat on the Elk Rib Eye LOIN Steak ..the hunter’s When buying our products you are purchasing those products 8

minimum. minimum 12 Further, Moose are 19 50 16 16 6 8 2 5 10 minimum = one roast), EXTRAORDINARILY TENDER! Our desire is to have each animal raised in an environment that allows for an * Elk Meat Drawings courtesy of North American Elk Breeders Association. 15 Remember though, as a game meat it must be cooked as rare as you can possibly 26  5 4 12 lb. 14 8 or too hard to get. 17

man's best friend?

Elk Hanging Tenderloins…a marinate delight! 8    2 lb. Best Dog Chew™ by the pound, Buck just 10 9 minimum, ALSO Check out our Dog food Selection by clicking here. Colorado where farmed venison sales are legal. 13 bags) 10 9 20 4 FOR THE HUNTING SEASON! Try it in the smoker! 8 Generally about 50% meat. 10 18 4 RESTRICTIONS MAY LIMIT OR PROHIBIT THE PURCHASE OR POSSESSION OF SUCH 20 minimum

10 10 15 13 2

13 14 8 RIB RACK

T-bone Elk Steak .. the very best

16 minimum, Elk packs of tender pieces and tails from the elk filets!) 20 20 40 13 6 lb. Filet 18 MOOSE MEAT  Many of you have asked for 28

 2 lb.

16 order, Chuck ELK Steaks 2 2 3 cases) 24 11 14 8

Either Chuck Roll or Chuck Clod. 15

5 Until recently game (or exotic) meat was either too expensive 39 lbs 30 11 masses, elk meat is the now the special treat you can eat every week! (2 to 4 lb..), 2 45

very hard to raise in captivity, hence very few can be found on farms.

3 for Handling, foam box and 3lb. 9 filets (one or two elk steaks per package) Recipe, 2 Elk Sirloin Butt Roast.. from the INSIDE of the backbone.


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