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Even though he plays a lot like Harris, some in the Nets’ organization believed his talent level was so high that he deserved consideration.

It was all four brothers. He's very intense, very competitive...a very hard worker...he really improved his offensive game. He had to repeat Frank’s name as if hearing it for the first time. “[Robin and I] got to hang out a week ago, so we just ordered Outback [Steakhouse]. He is the son of Heriberto Lopez (father) and Deborah Ledford (mother).

It was pretty funny. Who's better?

While the brothers have faced off on the hardwood before — most recently, when Robin was with the Portland Trail Blazers — Friday’s game at Madison Square Garden is their first match-up as New York hoops stars. ), When the Knicks signed Robin to a four-year deal worth $54 million in July, Brook thought about opening up his West New York, NJ, townhouse.

"He's like a Disney fanatic, so that was pretty funny to me. I think he's somebody who is going to be able to hold down the fort, especially on the defensive end. Here’s a sampling of the twins' thoughts from a recent interview with Hoop Magazine: HOOP: Where did the fascination for everything Disney come from? You don't average 19 points and 8 rebounds in the PAC-10, then follow up with similar numbers in summer league without an NBA-level skillset. Brook: We kind of just picked it up from our older brothers and our grandma. (The two winners wound up as second round picks.). HOOP: Brook, you’re the writer, and Robin, you’re the artist, right? Brook: Sleeping Beauty, but I couldn’t tell you why. Wanted for the following alleged federal violations.

At the Nets' introductory press conference after the draft he was asked about "a former Twin, also from Stanford, who played for this team", an obvious reference to Jason Collins, a family friend who has advised both brothers. Some pundits suggested the Nets might be better off taking Robin, who is deemed to be the more athletic...although he didn't go to the draft combine and was ultimately taken at #15 by the Suns. Indeed, it all does sound goofy...but you also get the impression that Brook and Robin are at least some of the time goofing on us all.

Brook and Robin Lopez are a triple rarity: 7' tall giants, identical twins AND professional basketball players.

He also brings a versatile and developing skill-set to the table, while playing both ends of the floor.

Robin: The "Wally West" Flash. powerlifters, soldiers, policemen, shirtless bodybuilder supermen, tall men Robin: Probably Belle, because she is cute, but smart too. players, the tallest historic giants, pro wrestlers, college wrestlers, strongmen, Brook: I’d approach them with a couple screenplays during timeouts. It’s a lot of fun to be recognized in New York.”. A lot of stars had to align for the Nets to get him. To those with an untutored East Coast ear, when Brook Lopez speaks…they hear this…dude. His favorite musical talent: Michael Jackson. HOOP: If you see any Hollywood types sitting courtside at games, will you approach them or will you be too nervous? "When I was younger I always loved watching Tim Duncan," Lopez said after a recent practice. Dog walks 62 miles for 2 weeks to get back home, Gambler bets $5 million in biggest-ever political wager, Yes, you should plan on traveling to see family for Thanksgiving, Former Marine from A&E's '60 Days In' kills himself after online post, Playboy model with revealing top 'humiliated' on flight. The avid baseball fans were able to attend the World Series at Citi Field together, and they regularly meet for dinner. "I guess the funniest thing to me was how much this kid, Brook Lopez, loves Disney World and Disneyland," Anderson, also from northern California, told his former college newspaper. They are always dating

“I’m generally going to destroy his soul.”. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Heriberto Lopez, their father, played baseball in Cuba, acted in plays in Spain and threw the javelin after moving to the United States. Lopez blamed himself for Stanford’s early-season loss to lowly Siena, a game he missed. "It’s pretty lofty. On Election Day, Nets CEO says Barclays Center is ‘appropriate place to gather’, Sabrina Ionescu undergoes minor ankle surgery performed by Dr. Martin O’Malley. Probably either the Green Lantern or Green Arrow. Now Brook and Robin are collaborating on a number of projects, including a video game and superhero television pilots.

According to Wikipedia: BROOK: Brook Lopez was born in North Hollywood, Los Angeles to Deborah Ledford and his now-estranged father Heriberto Lopez, a native of Cuba. Brook says there’s no question the Nets will come away with the win, while Robin predictably has another take. The siblings opted to leave school early for the NBA, and both were first-round draft picks in 2008. Beyond brains and toughness, the Lopez twins certainly have the genes for athletic success.

Brook: Probably Pirates or the Mansion. The brothers unabashedly love comic books and, according to a NY Times profile, would frequently squeeze their extra-tall frames into a college pal’s compact SUV to hitch rides to the comic-book store. And David Thorpe of ESPN liked him after scouting the Nets in the Orlando Pro Summer League and the Rocky Mountain Revue.

HOOP: Tell us about the comic book you guys are working on? In particular, he flunked the lane agility test, as well as the ¾ court speed test, finishing dead last in both. Not a clue. At this point, if So it was a shock when he went at #10. While at Stanford, they once famously ditched practice for a day of fun at Disneyland.

They were raised in Fresno by their mom, who was an elite swimmer, and began playing hoops as kids — looking up to their older brother Alex, who played at the University of Washington. Indeed, the Nets felt lucky to get him at #10. “Brook’s cat is very two-faced,” Robin tells The Post. (Each cat has his own Instagram account, naturally. Robin: I always hate this question.

Bayless, who was seen as a shoot-first point guard, had dropped as well. He also called the ineligibility "an embarrassment to me and my family.". “Everybody loves Brook’s cat. He quickly recouped in his interview with Stephen A. Smith, telling Smith the Nets were getting a player "who is coachable, who is willing to do everything that is required.". He was born on April 1, 1998, in North Hollywood, California to Heriberto Lopez, a Cuban baseball player, and Deborah Ledford, a swimmer. "who was the Twin?"

But Brook Lopez is no surfer dude, no Jeff Spicoli.

Brook: We brainstorm on a lot of general ideas together. Ever since I was little, my favorite was Pirates of the Caribbean, but ever since the movies came out, everybody says that’s their favorite. At the combine he measured out at 7’0.5" with sneakers and an extraordinary 7’5.5" wingspan, third longest among the draft prospects behind JaVale McGee and DeAndre Jordan. When Gary Sussman, the Nets P.R. The bigger reason he dropped was so many teams wanted or needed point guards or combo guards. They practically do three impossible things before breakfast. He also weighed in at 258 pounds with just 6.3 percent body fat, which means he's mostly muscle and bone.". Even teammate and former Pac-10 rival Ryan Anderson is surprised, well more than surprised, about how much Lopez is into Disney like when the Nets were in Orlando for summer league.

Deborah Ledford can also give you a detailed scouting report on their possibilities as pro’s, with a surprising analysis of where Brook likes to play. He is American. But when their heads turn, he’ll try to chase after [my cat] Edward. “It’s just the way it is. "In...first grade, I remember one play I went up for a rebound, and my shorts just fell down. So did Chad Ford of ESPN…as late as 7:12 p.m. on Draft Night, minutes before the Draft was to begin. Nothing. (Robin landed in Westchester, near the Knicks’ practice facility.

De Altura Guapo Modelos Masculinos ◦ Beau Grand Homme ", Why did he drop?

“Is it at MSG? ", And like everyone else who has seen him since his arrival in New Jersey, the Nets' GM remarked about his size. shirtless college jocks, frat boys, skinny and lanky guys, NBA basketball players, “Whatever team’s arena she’s in, she tries to wear that jersey. He is also 6’7" tall. After all, he had refused to work out for them, thinking it would indicate that he thought he could go that late. They were raised in … Brook: Mine was always Star Tours when I was little. Leading up to Friday’s Nets vs. Knicks face-off, two of the competing athletes are having a real catfight. But on the offensive end, one of the things thats surprising about him is that he is a very good shooter for a guy who is seven-foot-plus...and that is extremely difficult to find and if you can find it, you have to grab it.

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