honda 6hp outboard for sale

OUR OFFER - HONDA 4hp, 5hp and 6hp engines - NEW HONDA OUTBOARDS Outboard Anti Theft Protection There a simple lever-operated system on the side of this outboard engine for putting it into and out of gear. The Honda BF4 is a very popular outboard engine and it is one the UK’s two best-sellers in this catagiry. The tilt positions (4no) ensure that you can set this Honda engine to match your boat's requirements. This best-in-class 6 HP motor is available in long or short shaft models. Please note that this assumes there are no known running faults; repairs nor damaged items): HONDA BF4 to BF6 SERVICE KITS (HONDA GENUINE MARINE PARTS KIT). Honda's four-stroke 4hp,5hp,6hp outboards. This Honda 4hp, 5hp and 6hp outboard engine is a manual pull-start engine. Delivery can be arranged to UK or Europe - however delivery / shipping is charged extra. Then (after that initial servicing) for your new Hoda outboard engine you will then need either an annual service:  or a service after every 100 hours of operation. You've found a winner with new, award winning 6 HP Honda outboard motors.

Joking apart, as anybody who has been here will testify, we have a modern and very well organised facility. For all leisure users, the new Honda BF outboard engine for sale here at Pennine Marine comes with a five year warranty.

This allow you to do your own home servicing of this Honda engine. You might well ask yourself - "How can Pennine Marine be so cheap on selling new Honda outboard engines????" Browse all the Honda Outboard Petrol Engines that we have advertised for sale. Honda BF10 10hp Four Stroke Outboard Motor ... Honda BFP60 60hp High Thrust Four Stroke Outboard Motor. Be the first to review “2017 Honda 6 HP BF6DHSHNA Outboard Motor”. With a big and very ergonomical carrying handle, this Honda outboard engine is easily lifted on and off a tender or pontoon. There are terms and conditions for the Honda warranty on your new 4hp, 5hp or 6hp outboard engine.

Sale details on Honda 4hp to 6hp Outboard Engines, Warrenty on new Honda 4hp to 6hp outboard engines, Specification of New Honda Marine Outboards, The premier marine dealer in Northern England. Given the good fuel economy that these types of modern four-stroke engines now give, this is a more than adequete range and tank size for a small 4hp to 6hp engine. This best-in-class 6 HP Honda motor is available in long or short shaft models. Plus, you’ll get the best 5-year factory warranty in the business. Your email address will not be published.

Your new Honda outboard engine needs to be serviced regularly, by any Honda approved outboard engine dealership, using only genuine Honda parts. This one is at the end of the running-in period. Most leisure users (except sailing clubs) will probably be on the annual service cycle.

Plus free duty tax. The techinical Honda 4hp to 6hp outboard engine is as follows: HONDA BF4, BF5 and BF6  ENGINE. Honda True 5-Year International Warranty We accept all legal forms of payment and all types of debit and credit cards. Honda genunine parts kit for routine servicing of a BF4,5,6 engine, any year (please give us your engine number). There is then also ths Honda  long shaft model, the  Honda BF--L. Honda - shaft length: short shaft "S":- = 434mm, Honda - shaft length : long shaft "L" = 561mm, Starting System: Manual pull cord (recoil), Full throttle Operating range - 4hp & 5hp - 4,500 to 5,500rpm, Full Throttle Operating Range: 6hp - 5,000 to 6,000rpm, Trim Method: Manual Trim and Tilt: 5 stages. We will provide an additional 10% discount.

The new Honda 6 HP outboard motor offers quiet, low vibration performance, ideal for small tenders, canoes, jon boats, and inflatables. Required fields are marked *. Fuel Tanks, Fuel Lines, & Fuel Connectors. These prices listed above include both VAT and PDI: so that your new engine will be immediately ready to use on the water (just add fuel). $2,207.00) (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review × Honda Marine Outboard Motors Honda 6hp Tiller 4 stroke outboard. Honda 6hp Tiller 4 stroke outboard Honda Marine Outboard Motors. Ideal for small tenders, canoes, jon boats, an inflatables, the … This Honda 4hp, 5hp and 6hp outboard engine is a manual pull-start engine. This lightweight 4hp to 6hp Honda outboard engine is one of the most popular ranges of outboard engine model for sale in the UK today. The one and a laf (1.5l) litre built-in fuel tank on the Honda outboard engine gives a better than normal range for a small outboard engine:  being about 50% larger than its most typical competiotrs engines. The new Honda BF4 to BF6 range  is a good, well-built and reliable series of outboard engine. ERVICE INTERVALS. We are in Yorkshire, where we live in back-to-back houses and work all hours in the dark mill. The short (S) shaft version - BF--S model -which has been around for years and is the best seller. Changing both the engine and gearbox oils.

So you do not have to pay any more costs when the packages arrive at your address. The very popular Honda 4hp, 5hp and 6hp outbioard engine is steered and controlled by the tiller handle. Well-known for more than just vehicles, Honda is a significant producer of outboard motors with high quality and reliability.

Honda Outboards Hold Their Value ... Honda BF6 6hp Four Stroke Outboard Motor. Honda's BF4, BF5, BF6 engine range.  

We offer for sale only good quality new marine brands, or good preowned boats and engines. Because we have most stanard Honda outbiard engine in our bulk stock, we offer a very quick UK home delivery service - usually within a week. Sale. The Next Big Thing In Compact, Portable Outboards. Quick Connect Fuel Line We offer our customers as 180 Day Money Back Guarantee ! Honda Standart Propeller Our only hobby is wippett racing (and whippets don't eat much !!!!). we then carry out a full visual assessment of your engine, we then carry out a running "power on in the test tank"  - to check for any running faults. There are no remote steering versions All wings outboard engine we sell have official warranty 3-5 years depending on the brand you buy. Only genuine Honda parts are used throughout. The company designs outboards with many different power levels. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions. If you want your new Honda outbiard engine delivered, we will run and PDI the engine here, then we drain the oil. The key feature of the Hondai BF4 to Bf6 range is that it weighs in at only about 27kg (note: short shaft / lightest model) - making it one of the lightest range of this size outboard engines on the UK market today Therefore this Honda model outboard 4-stroke engine is so light that you'll forget that it's a 4-stroke! We supply you with a one litre bottle of new oil, which you will need to fill up once the courier has delivered your new Honda outboard engine to your home.

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