how to install cobra surveillance system

please call 1-888-866-5797 as soon as possible. All this makes Dropbox uploads kinda useless for me. I tried hooking up to my 4K TV using HDMI and that didn't work either. the new location on the network. c) Copy the COBRA Administration Manager folder by COBRA Administration Managers' folder to the desired location on the network and redirect your short-cut to point to Rainproof color & night vision camera security system (11 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Security System Harbor Freight Tools 91851 Assembly And Operating Instructions Manual, Page 17: Remote Viewing Via Mycam View App. your storage device to your new computer. Cobra’s home security solutions allow you to capture and record HD video using up to 8 cameras throughout your home for a fully-customized home security system that works for the size of your property and the areas you want to protect. 5) Click the ‘Next’ Administration Manager folder and find the "COBRA.EXE" application. However I am at a loss with my cell phone. I make sure that my router then forwards TCP port 554 through to my Cobra DVR. b) Right click on the file and choose "Send To" from I have an eight digit password. I have the wired cobra system 8 channel , I would like to add a 360 or 180 dome camera wired. After several repetitions of unplugging the unit and re-booting it, the issue resolved and I’ve had no further issues with it. An old VGA monitor may not support higher resolutions that the COBRA DVR needs. after scanning the qr code the phone goes to searching mode,times out and gives a "device offline" message. I will likely have a lot of questions. Thanks, I hook HDMI to t.v. C:\COBRA). I understand it is internal. Strip the red and black insulation on the wires inside the 18/2 cable, to around half an inch.

take it to the new computer. 8 channel surveillance dvr with 4 hd cameras with mobile monitoring capabilities, Security System Cobra 63890 Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions, Security Camera Cobra 63890 Quick Start Manual, DVR Cobra Deluxe series User Manual, DVR Cobra CDR 810 Product Manual. The user manual does not do a good job of explaining what a DDNS is. (You will need a female-female BNC adapter to accomplish this). You need to to run a separate cable from the DVR box to wherever you place the microphone. a) Follow the instructions of the InstallShield Wizard to complete the install of the necessary system files. It works great with the COBRA DVR. I have been using "IP Cam Viewer Lite" on my phone. (or select more to copy), Did you find a PTZ camera to work on your cobra system. 1) Download and install Windows system files.

<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 18 0 R 24 0 R 25 0 R 26 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Now everything is automatic. Probably from the same original manufacturer with slightly different options. security tab of the folders properties. Also note that the microphone signal needs to be amplified before entering the DVR. How can I reset admin password or do a factory reset of the unit?

file, click the "Save" button. What's the point in having the system if i can't view it away from home. Also use IRIS + button for selecting options in the menu along with the arrow buttons. Congratulations! But first, go to the corresponding web site, or type: ping should get a series of messages like Reply from bytes=32 time=1ms TTL=64 (or something like that) If you get "Destination host unreachable" then something is wrong network-wise. Entering that should get you a web page with the message that you see in the manual to install the plugin. aLaw 8000Hz mono 64kbps" so don't expect it to be high quality. Write the product's serial number in the. Also - make sure you are using the latest RXCamView. Sales: 800.325.1957       Support: 480.831.6078, Installing to a server or other drive on your network, Enter this information into the Cobra menu. Any1 with the problem of viewing on android please email me at so I can help you. Now, i recently bought same system for a buddy and set it up for him. You should now be able to run the COBRA Administration Manager Choose "Desktop (create shortcut)" from the sub-menu This would make the camera think that it's daytime. And is there a way to keep files for only so long but keep saved events. This is a fairly new unit and all other attempts to reset the password have not worked. You should now be able to run the COBRA Administration Manager

Any help would be appreciated. I tried their suggestion and discovered that it didn't work. My hdmi stop showing on my tv Was working fine.I have the vgar connected to a computer monitor n the hdmi to my tv and the hdmi now showing no signal. you didn't put a link or IP Address. There is nothing mentioned in the manual about the Auto setting or even how that works. Worked grwat as long as I'm on my Wifi. Like a 4T? Do you know if it supports IP Camera through a router. At first view, I saw fuzzy pictures, but once I selected "HD" for each camera (select icon with squiggle line) , the video displays nicely. Bug reports - things that definitely don't work right. My hard drive say it's full but I have overwrite set to Auto....One of my cameras has the message "No video file found" when I try to remote view it. Installing the cameras should only take a few minutes each. Have a blessed day. COBRA Companion can streamline data entry. start with all your existing data. The option to turn off nightvision is in one of the day/night menu and you can change it to color from there. i will aprecciate your help. (click right mouse button to exit preview and return to the list). View and Download Cobra 63890 owner's manual & safety instructions online. 2) Run the file called "CSI_Software_System_Files_Install.exe" by Download the App Rxcamview so that i might watch over my system when i wasn't home. Do you happen to have the version numbers that you tried (before and after). Works fine now. You can turn it off. Take care and God bless. Repeat step (2a) and move the folder from 3) Select the ‘Update Software via Internet’ b) Navigate to the folder location of your COBRA This morning the picture for camera 3 is in black and white (the other cameras still color), and at the top of the pic it says A-CH3., while all the other camera's are prefaced with a "T" and then the channel . has full control of the directory to which you installed the program. I had a little weather issue that knocked the power cord out and replaced it. desktop. Thank you in advance. After 6-7 repetitions of unplugging the unit and re-booting it, the issue resolved and I’ve had no further issues with it. My guess is that the DVR is confused as to what type of camera you have.

I can't find anything online or in the manual about it. option. This feature lets you receive email notification when a, problem is detected: hard drive error or full, video signal loss (possibly due to tampering) or if, The supplied cameras don't have microphones, so.

How to Set Up Security Cameras I haven't updated the firmware. Internet Browser's Address bar. I’m guessing that there’s a bug during initial startup. Also how can you turn off the cameras or change settings from your phone app? install. I had to set the sensitivity to "7" in order to get consistent triggers on the camera that views my front door walkway...your mileage may vary.

Then right click and "Paste" the

parts where there was motion detected. 4) Choose the type of Internet connection you Please follow the instructions below to backup your files. This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Same here can go back and watch won't let my pass word work I just want to reset it all please help, Hi, i want to add external mics for audio, what do you recommend and do they need to be connected to the DVR or the camera?

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