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The police department is refusing to answer questions on why it took so long to arrest Lori and find the children's remains. An autopsy determined that the 51-year-old's died of natural causes but noted that he had the overdose drug Narcan in his system at the time. Investigators reopened the case after learning that JJ and Tylee were missing, as their mother had married Chad just two weeks after Tammy died. Keara Nene Person is on Facebook.

According to my friend [in Avow], she understood that he truly believed those children were [zombies]. Contact us at 480-267-9428 or visit us at 891 E Warner Road, Suite A100, Gilbert, AZ 85296: Summit Physical Therapy AZ - Pre and post surgical care - … He gave an interview in February - before the kids bodies were found - and said it 'wasn't enough' at the time that Lori simply was not cooperating with the authorities. View the profiles of people named Keara Sexton. The announcement came as Chad appeared in court to face two felony charges for destruction or concealment of evidence on Wednesday. Capable of running shallow, deep in the marsh chasing giant gators or with full throttle confidence in open water with sports car performance. ', Chad married Lori less than two months after her children vanished. Should you take a voucher? July 11, 2019: Lori Vallow's husband, Charles Vallow, is killed by her brother, Alex Cox, in Arizona.

Police identify the vehicle carrying the shooter as a Jeep registered to Charles Vallow, Lori's late husband. That's always a poignant moment. December 30: Police accuse Lori and Chad of lying to investigators and say they believe the couple know where the kids are or what happened to them.

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