pigeon breeding boxes sizes

This size of pigeon nest boxes gives enough space for the parent pigeons and their future offspring. I needed help estimating what size I need to build their nest box. As an absolute minimum, you should have a nest for every pair of mated birds, though two boxes for each mated pair is ideal as this prevents arguments between territorial cocks. The design requirements of the breeding loft are simple compared to the race loft. Above all, pigeon nest boxes should be comfortable for your pigeons, as the happier they are in them, the happier they will be to lay! The pigeon nest boxes must be roomy and well ventilated, with a lot of light. I'll have to have 2 nest boxes for every pair then? If you have smaller nestboxes that only will fit one nestbowl then yes, each pair will need two nestboxes. The boxes should be kept closed when not in use, as some old cocks will try to set up an empire of boxes all for themselves! Each of the pigeon nest boxes must be fitted with a suitable front that allows the birds some privacy, as well as allowing you get prevent other birds from entering and interfering with the pairing or the young birds. Newly mated pairs should be kept and fed in their boxes for several days before being allowed into the loft.

This basic loft design can also be built in sections and joined together as new racing loft.

Baby Pigeon. Domestic pigeons are descendants of the Blue Rock Pigeon; these pigeons normally lived in flocks and nested together in caves and holes in cliff faces. Free delivery for many products!

Ok, so they mate in the nest box? I am planning on building a Pigeon Coop and raising a few pigeons for training.

Our modern day pigeons still retain that cave instinct and so we provide modern equivalents for them, in the form of pigeon nest boxes.

It is really much easier on the birds however, if they can have just one large nestbox with two nests because it makes it easier for them to trade nesting responsibilities, protect the babies and eggs, etc. If the boxes are built in sections then … We have seen larger nest boxes, however. Van der Linde Duivenbakken, het adres voor al uw benodigdheden voor de duivensport. This is our main racing loft. The most important thing to remember is that each pair really needs room for two nests. Pigeon Pictures. JavaScript is disabled. http://www.jedds.com/ProductDetail.asp?MainCategoryID=34&SubCategoryID=780&ProductID=3141, http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/showthread.php?t=18575, Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This gives extra protection to the youngsters when they first leave the nest. If you have a fairly large nestbox (24" X 12" X 18" or so) they will just have the one nestbox with two nestbowls in that box. Will N D Quick. It is recommended that you provide a small shelf, about seven or eight inches from the floor of the box, on which to place the nest bowl itself. Article Source: If you have smaller nestboxes that only will fit one nestbowl then yes, each pair will need two nestboxes. If the boxes are built in sections then they can be made a permanent fixture of the loft.

If you have a fairly large nestbox (24" X 12" X 18" or so) they will just have the one nestbox with two nestbowls in that box. He has built many lofts and hundreds of pigeon nest boxes [http://www.pigeonsandracingpigeons.com/pigeon-nest-boxes/pigeon-nest-boxes] for both professional fanciers and back-yard fanciers. 5 Articles, By Eye Infection in Lovebirds - Causes and Treatment, Four Ways to Reduce Aggressive Behavior in Budgies, Pigeon Nest Boxes - Simple Tips To Give Your Birds A Box They Will Love, https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Will_N_D_Quick/656848, http://ezinearticles.com/?Pigeon-­Nest-­Boxes-­-­-­Simple-­Tips-­To-­Give-­Your-­Birds-­A-­Box-­They-­Will-­Love&id=5007700.

Submitted On September 09, 2010. Co-Author: Elliott Lang  |   I guess I am a little confused by what you are asking.

Any ideas for building a Coop? As a rule, nest boxes should be a minimum of about 24 inches by 30 inches in size. The size of pigeon nest boxes should be proportionate to the breed.

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