poquito mas franchise

The Más® Corazón Blue Mens T-shirt. Now, almost 32 years later, Juanito still works at Poquito Más®. The burrito I ordered was smaller than the one I have ordered before with little to no meat more tomatoes than anything. I have so many people to thank for getting me through those early days with many lonely hours and moments of hard-hitting reality. The first few years in business, I made every mistake an entrepreneur could make. Part-time actor, part-time philosopher, and full-time retail clothing store owner, Dante was part of the fabric of our neighborhood. Enter the Poquito Más® drawing for your chance to win Free Lunch for you and a Friend! It was precisely what I wanted, and at a time when I really needed it. Gary is a trusted friend and has been since high school. Mo and I worked side by side, and she was there for the first official “line to the door” rush.

I cannot imagine those first few months without her. The counter at the City of LA Department of Building and Safety can be a scary place, and when I showed up with my plans for the restaurant (as tiny as it was to be) on a few sheets of paper, it was clear these were not typical of the plans they were used to seeing. Joe and I worked day and night for two straight days, cutting the tile, placing it and grouting it. They pressed me about different aspects of the business, to make sure I knew how to operate a restaurant. To top it of the soda was pure sugar with no gas. I learned that, even for such a tiny location, the plans would have to be reviewed and approved by the Health Department as well. It was a great feeling to finally apply the tile sealer and watch the space come to life. Edgar is The Más®. Please call individual restaurants for large orders or catering. But it was beginning to get busier, with more customers than I could handle. Sylvia walked into the still-under-construction restaurant and asked me if she could buy those pieces of equipment for me. Enter the Poquito Más® drawing for your chance to win Free Lunch for you and a Friend! And he does, every day! After 20 years of trust and hard work, I was so happy for Edgar to become the first franchisee of Poquito Más®.

I worked for her family restaurant business in my early years out of high school. Once I was done with the L.A. Dept. Once we opened, he was also a welcome guest; Dante really loved our Bean and Cheese Burrito. Mo still chimes in on all kinds of details of running The Mas®. Some of the franchises you selected require a minimum cash on hand of $100,000. Posted on December 16, 2014. They went above and beyond to help me get the little place ready, and with just a few minor corrections, I had the permit in hand. Years later, Juanito and I traveled to different cities in Mexico, including visiting his family in his hometown near Mexico city. The Cabo Salad was predominantly romaine lettuce with little else ( quite different than the same salad ordered at the Studio City store). Driving to the produce market every night, stuffing my ’66 Mustang like it was a pick-up truck, proved naïve. Looking back, it’s amazing the restaurant lasted a year. So I called John the Plumber and woke him out of a deep sleep. He opened the Woodland Hills branch first and now has three Poquito Más® restaurants. To the property owners of the original Poquito Más® location in Studio City, who looked at a kid with no credit, no security, barely enough money to open, and took a chance by renting him the space anyway. The steak felt like it had been sitting in the freezer for months and was tough and chewy, and definitely wasn't anything like how their steak used to be. I watched as Lita used a single piece of 8.5 x 11 paper and a calligraphy pen to create the words that helped people understand the food. The equipment guy priced a new unit and it was way out of my range. I hit a water line. Working 20 hours a day, with only occasional breaks courtesy of family and friends, I slept in a converted garage up the street and felt like I could work until I dropped.

Minutes later, John walked through the front door and finished the job. I ordered a salad that came with lettuce leaves that I could see through, less than 1/8 of an avocado when I usually get more than 1/4 to a half, and the chicken was super dry.While I do love this chain, I would not... Cuisines: Caterers, Mexican, Take Out, Latin American, Healthy, Vegetarian, Fast Food, Hamburgers & Hot Dogs, Take Out, The Habit Burger Grill - 9243 Winnetka Ave, Chatsworth, Subway - 9243 Winnetka Ave Unit C, Chatsworth, 9229 Winnetka Avenue # A # A, Chatsworth, CA 91311, The Habit Burger Grill - 9243 Winnetka Ave, Sansai Japanese Grill - 9243 Winnetka Ave.

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