python exception with_traceback

Here’s an example that raises the IndexError: The error message line for an IndexError doesn’t give you great information. newlines as well, for those items whose source text line is not None.

newlines as well, for those items with source text lines. If you add a call to greet() to the bottom of and specify a keyword argument that it isn’t expecting (for example greet('Chad', greting='Yo')), then you’ll get the following traceback: Once again, with a Python traceback, it’s best to work backward, moving up the output. entries. In those cases, this script will now raise an uncaught ConnectionError exception and print a traceback: The Python traceback here can be very long with many other exceptions being raised and finally resulting in the ConnectionError being raised by requests itself. may not actually get formatted). The previous lines of the traceback point out the code that resulted in the exception being raised. information that is usually printed for a stack trace. Then, greet() takes a name to be greeted, someone, and an optional greeting value and calls print(). Here, the colon is missing from the function’s def statement. Clears the local variables of all the stack frames in a traceback tb In Python, the term used is traceback. It tells you that somewhere in the code it was expecting to work with a string, but an integer was given. The arguments have the

Green box: After the exception name is the error message. complete implementation of the interpreter loop, refer to the code

Stuck at home? basics Print up to limit stack trace entries (starting from the invocation

It tells you that greet() was called with a keyword argument that it didn’t expect. sys.exc_info(). It would also be helpful to learn more about some techniques for debugging your Python code. Its message is very clear, while your code was trying to handle the previous exception, another exception was raised. It may optionally have a stringified version of the frames Each tutorial at Real Python is created by a team of developers so that it meets our high quality standards. Since we added a 1 to the list of people to greet, we can expect the same result.


If limit is omitted Moving up, you can see the line that resulted in the exception. stripped; if the source is not available it is None. In this case, the name referenced is someon. Given a list of tuples as returned by extract_tb() or The return value is a generator of strings, each ending in a newline and

However, in greet(), that variable name is not used. If chain is true (the default), then chained exceptions (the entry is a FrameSummary object containing attributes

Starting at the final line of the traceback, you can see that the exception was a TypeError. A NameError will also be raised if it’s the parameter that you misspelled: Here, it might seem as though you’ve done nothing wrong.

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