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“Currently, there are basically three types of slings available for lifting heavy loads, including steel wire cable-laid slings, traditional rope slings and fiber round slings, all of which have various drawbacks to their designs,” said Mazzacano. We relied on Chafe-Pro® to protect our mooring lines – it never let us down.”, “Chafe-Pro® sleeves perform excellent in chocks protecting HMPE fiber mooring lines.”, “Atlantic Cordage recommends Chafe-Pro® sleeves to all our Tug, Barge and Vessel Operators. It has the same Chafe-Pro® material, but is custom designed specifically for Samson Rope Technologies to have a free-sliding fit. Dealer pricing. “The AGILE Lifting System offers another option for critical engineered lifts.”. These lines are the choice of champions. When you buy Samson, you are getting a lot more than a rope. Direct warranty service from the manufacturer. Agile slings are a clean, easy-to-handle design that can be fabricated in just days. Ship Store Suppliers . It has the same Chafe-Pro ® material, but is custom designed specifically for Samson Rope Technologies to have a free-sliding fit. We have cruised extensively throughout the South Pacific islands this past year where many of our moorings were made to rough edged cement piers. “The AGILE Lifting System is more than a new type of lifting sling that utilizes synthetic ropes,” said Joe Mazzacano, VP Sales and Marketing at Samson. Gift Certificate  |  Recalls  |  Vice President, Atlantic Cordage, – Capt. Heavy-lift slings made of large diameter rope that used to take weeks to manufacture can now be produced in a matter of days using smaller diameter AmSteel-Blue and AS-78, which Samson distributors stock all of the time.”. Chafe-Pro® is pleased to be the manufacturer of the protective jacket associated with the AGILE™ LIFTING SYSTEM, Samson Debuts AGILE™ LIFTING SYSTEM at 2016 Offshore Technology Conference. Free shipping incentives. Outfitting Desk  |  This next generation of heavy-lift slings was developed to meet the unique needs of lifting contractors and lift planners conducting engineered lifts. (FERNDALE, Wash.) — Samson Rope Technologies has announced the addition of Chafe-Pro® FS to its line of chafe products. Directions  |  Ship Chandlers . Contact Us  |  FERNDALE, WA. Seaward Services Ocean Towing Operations, “TAMS have used Chafe-Pro® products on a few different applications to date and have found it to be bullet proof… Chafe-Pro® really is the best option for built to suit, application after fabrication and all problems solved chafe guard on the market.”. Our customers call it peace of mind. Call1: 00971 4 2844848/3243343.

After a 10-month trial at a multi-use operation, inspections revealed no damage other than cosmetic scuffing of the covers, and residual strength tests show that AGILE slings retained 90–100 percent of their rated strength. In particular, because they are 80% lighter, AGILE trumps cable-laid slings that add even more weight to already heavy packages, and can also damage sensitive equipment. The new system is available from 50t to 4,000t MBL. “Samson has developed a streamlined process that includes proprietary configuration software, which factors the lift parameters to quickly and accurately engineer the most effective sling design for the job. Chafe-Pro ® FS provides critical protection for high-performance mooring lines. dealer of all kinds and sizes of:wire ropes* galvanized and ungalvanized steel wire ropes* non rotating wire ropes* elevator wire ropes* wire rope slings* (02)5-310-2943, (02)5-313-5411, (02)8-253-3170, (02)8-243-9083, (02)8-243-9084, (02)8-243-9085

AmSteel Dyneema® AS-78 Single Braid, Sold by the Foot, WarpSpeed™ II Dyneema® Double Braid, Black, Sold by the Foot, WarpSpeed™ II Dyneema® Double Braid, Blue, Sold by the Foot, WarpSpeed™ II Dyneema® Double Braid, Red, Sold by the Foot, WarpSpeed™ II Dyneema® Double Braid, Green, 3/8" Trophy Braid, Green, Sold by the Foot, 7/16" AmSteel-Blue Dyneema Single Braid, Red. Chafe-Pro® removable chafe gear is a cost effective means for preventing chafe abrasion to synthetic lines. Utilizing the high-performance synthetic ropes that Samson is known for, AmSteel®Blue and AS-78™, AGILE is a hybrid product that combines the advantages of both round and rope slings into one lightweight, easy-to-handle rigging system for heavy offshore payloads. Our customers call it peace of mind. Gerald Cooper, Port Captain AGILE also offers advantages over traditional rope slings in some situations, like lifts that require short lengths. Spare Parts . So whether you’re looking for new sheets to trim your composite genoa or replacing the halyards on a traditional schooner, look for The Samson Advantage. For more than 130 years, Samson has led the way in developing high-performance cordage products to meet the most demanding applications in the world. The AGILE Lifting System is designed to match the strength and light weight of Samson’s proven synthetic rope slings, with a form factor similar to smaller-capacity round slings. An industry leader in both consumer and professional audio with two notable brands: Samson, and Hartke.

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