which of the following is assessed by the paced auditory serial addition test?

The minSOA z-scores for Experiment 1a subjects are shown in Fig 3 (blue diamonds).

Mean computer-use scores were 5.27 (1.97), i.e., subjects used computers for slightly more than 2 hours per day. In contrast, the minSOA of the DA-PASAT reflects the subject’s dyad processing ability; subjects who adopt an alternate-answer strategy will show a systematic increase in SOAs. The largest correlations existed between WAIS Performance IQ and WAIS FSIQ and performance on the PASAT's two-second trial. Many studies, using a four-second interstimulus interval, have found that there was no significant difference between those with and without head injury on the task.

PLOS ONE promises fair, rigorous peer review, Sometimes defined as a different attentional subprocess (Mateer, 1999), working memory has been defined as the ability "to hold information in the mind, to internalize information, and to use that information to guide behavior without the aid of or in the absence of reliable external cues." Visualization, In another study by Ruesch (1945), simple visual reaction time and tachistoscopic recognition were most impaired in acute cases of head injury; however, neither age nor severity of injury, likely to be two moderators of performance on these tasks, were controlled. (1991) correlated IQ with PASAT performance on both a four-second and two-second trial.

Lean Library can solve it. Summary results from Experiment 1b are included in Table 2. If you get lost, just don’t say anything. We found significant age-related increases in minSOAs, consistent with previous studies that have shown a significant age influence on PASAT performance at SOAs below 2.0 s [17, 18, 21, 33–35].

In addition, intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) were analyzed with SPSS (version 25).

From this information, the authors concluded that the lowered performance on tasks measuring the ability to shift attention as well as the ability to perform the task in a timely manner, such as the WAIS-R Digit Symbol Subtest, were due to an impaired allocation of the available mental resources, as opposed to a slowing of information processing. Writing – review & editing, Affiliations Mateer (Eds.

In addition, computer-use is associated with surrogate measures of IQ [44], and may be associated with mathematical ability, which is known to contribute to PASAT performance [46–48]. Motor vehicle accidents are associated with a greater intensity of acceleration and deceleration forces on the brain as well as a more severe rotation of the head. Similarly, Tombaugh et al.

In addition, it will assess for factors expected to influence performance, such as the use of sedative and hypnotic medications, psychoactive substances, and alcohol consumption. With mild concussions, focal neurological deficit does not usually appear on MRI or CAT scans; however, patients most commonly exhibit symptoms which point toward damage in the frontal lobe and subcortical areas of the brain, such as irritability, affect inconsistency, and attentional deficits.

(2005) [12].


Mental disorder following head injury. No, Is the Subject Area "Working memory" applicable to this article? Because this task is intellectually challenging, it is also possible that, regardless of concussive history, the task is too challenging and leads to overall poorer performance in populations of lower intelligence. Writing – review & editing, Roles

Previous studies have found high test-retest reliabilities for PASAT total-correct scores when averaged over SOAs (range 0.78 to 0.95) [8, 22, 70, 71] as well as high test-retest reliability (r = 0.94) for the adjusting PASAT [30]. Overall, 42% of malingering subjects showed minSOA z-scores in the abnormal (p < 0.05) range.

Throughout the instructions, during practice trials, and between trials and measures, positive feedback, such as "Good!"

In contrast to the inter-laboratory differences in normative results gathered with standard PASAT paradigms (see Table 1), we found that minSOA z-scores, dyad ratios, and RTs were virtually identical in two control groups.

Journal of Neurosurgery, 66, 234-243. ), Neuropsychological management of mild traumatic brain injury.

the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. For more information view the SAGE Journals Sharing page. Shaded cells show patients with severe TBI. Data Availability: The minimal underlying data set necessary for replication of this study is available in Figshare at the following URL: https://figshare.com/articles/Final_data_from_DA-PASAT/5046799. Resources, (2001) [66] found dyad ratios of 0.72 at 2.4 s SOAs that declined to 0.55 at 2.0 s SOAs, and Walker et al.

Testing terminated at trial 54 for 11.8% of subjects.

Japanese version, Benton Visual Retention Test, Trail Making Test, visual cancelation task, Symbol Digit Modality Test, and Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task were used as outcome measures.

However, the Arithmetic Subtest is not a pure measure of mathematical ability as it also emphasizes working memory. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 5, 33-40. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of Department of Veterans Affairs or the U.S. Government. The results were analyzed with Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) using CLEAVE (http://www.ebire.org/hcnlab). However, unlike Experiment 1a, sex did not significantly influence minSOAs [r = 0.02, NS].

Interpretation is based on the minSOA z-score after improved three-factor regression (age, education, and computer-use) using normative data that are consistent across different research laboratories, different experimenters, and different control populations. This finding was further substantiated by Potter and Barrett�s (1999) study in which electrophysiological measures were used to detect the relationship between the demands of the PASAT and the allocation of cognitive resources, including speed of cognitive processing. Intellectual impairment in head injuries.

Egan, V. (1988). The DA-PASAT was the twentieth test in the California Cognitive Assessment Battery (CCAB). The authors would like to thank Ben Edwards, Oren Poliva, Masood Younus, Nabeel Rahman, Kerry Hubel, Nerene Lynskey, Kataraina George, and John McKeogh who helped to gather the data used in this report, and to Robert Hink who developed the MySQL database. Each CCAB test session included the following computerized tests and questionnaires: finger tapping [51, 57], simple reaction time [39, 41], Stroop, digit span forward and backward [45, 58], verbal list learning [59], verbal fluency [44], visuospatial span [43, 60], trail making [61], vocabulary, design fluency [62], the Wechsler Test of Adult Reading (WTAR), choice reaction time [39, 42], risk and loss avoidance, delay discounting, the DA-PASAT, the Cognitive Failures Questionnaire (CFQ) and the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist (PCL) [63], and a locally developed traumatic brain injury (TBI) questionnaire. By presenting the digits in this manner, without arithmetical signs, the present study hopes to mimic the way that participants mentally perceive addition facts when taking the PASAT. A psychometric study of identical twins discordant for closed head injury. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0178148.g004. The participants in California were paid for their participation. This reflected the fact that the performance decrement due to malingering was relatively small, as has been noted by others [8, 15].

Lezak (1995) claims that deficits of working memory may be the only notable mental change following a head injury. Supervision,

However, we found that training performance above the bottom quintile was rare in abnormal control subjects but relatively common in abnormal malingerers, showing a sensitivity of 87% and a specificity of 69%. The methods were identical to those of Experiment 1b. PCL = scores on post-traumatic stress disorder checklist. Finally, in the MS Functional Composite PASAT [19], patients are given up to three training sets of ten practice trials, and proceed to testing if they provide two correct answers on any training set. Funding acquisition, However, since correct-but-delayed responses occur frequently at short SOAs, such scoring rules will significantly underestimate accuracy [20].

Listen for the next two numbers and say their sum, and then continue saying the sum of the next numbers that you hear.”. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 5, 163-175. Gronwall and Wrightson (1981) found no significant correlation between mathematical ability and PASAT performance; however, in a sample of young adults (mean age = 16.58 years), Egan (1988) found that the PASAT was strongly correlated with mathematical ability, determined by the Alice Heim 2 Numeric Scale. Among subjects with abnormal minSOA z-scores (p <0.05), 44% had abnormal dyad ratios, and 38% had abnormally prolonged RTs.

When the head injury is more severe or post-concussion syndrome develops, performance on the PASAT can remain below average for a sustained period of time (Stuss et al., 1989; Gronwall and Wrightson, 1974).

Although we found a high incidence of performance deficits among simulated malingerers, z-score cutoffs were relatively ineffective at distinguishing between abnormal subjects in simulated malingering and control groups. To assure that the subjects in Experiment 1b understood the task, we added self-paced practice trials prior to the training trials. Average accuracy during the final 15 training trials was 82.8%.

The PASAT was developed by Gronwall and Wrightson (1974) to evaluate processing deficits in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) [1].

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